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8 Business Lessons to be Learnt From “Game of Thrones”

If you are a business geek and looking for the ultimate business plan that will take your company to the peaks of success, there are some important things you can extract from this article. In addition to your enthusiasm for business if you are a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan, this is the article you will not want to miss. Not only will this article refresh your memories of your GOT experience, it will definitely inspire you to upgrade your marketing tactics. You will be amazed to find out how much you can learn from this play in terms of marketing strategies. This amazing series can help you achieve your fantasized business dream.

Conflict avoidance and resolution is the basic theme of the series and you must have observed it quite closely if you are a GOT fan. It’s all about finding a way out of a problem and negotiating through whatever means possible. It pretty much sounds familiar to the norms of a company. You need not to wage a war or run over your competitors with your team. The best way out of any problem mentioned in this article is slightly different from that in Game of Thrones only in terms of execution but the think tank and ideas will be very similar.

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Another key aspect in any organization is its employees and their dedication to the company. Just like a humble and patriotic warrior in Game of Thrones, a loyal worker can do wonders for their company if looked after properly. The only difference is that he or she may not kill their counterparts for the company’s success. The best commonality that does not exist between a GOT warrior and your employee is that he or she may only demand a raise in their salary for such loyalty, an offer which you can deny without risking your life. The warrior may kill to dethrone the King. In a way, it can make you feel like a king.

As to conclude, the following article can help you out with different marketing and business aspects which may not seem a big deal. However, if they are paid attention to and catered accordingly, they can help make an obvious difference to you organization’s performance. We have also compiled reviews and experiences of popular business personalities to further elaborate the importance of these business ethics.

1. Initiate Self Destruction in Your Business Counterparts


Many of the firms who are still finding their feet in the market tend to follow basic marketing norms which lead them into a densely concentrated arena of companies featuring the same products and advertising strategies. They will eventually lead to a marketing competition which may prove lethal to their business. Let these companies fight it out and destroy themselves in the process. As Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf prince stated,

“Your enemies hate each other as much as they hate you”.

This fight will not involve spears and shields but it will definitely involve vicious planning and derailing the counterparts as it did in Game of Thrones. You need not to use any weapons and any labor to take down your competitors. They will eventually self-destruct using their own man power and logistical resources. The only weapon to be used by your side is patience and effective plan of action for the future.

This is the time when the sun is shining and all you have to do is make hay. Try to bring an innovation to your marketing techniques. Reach out to more customers and structure your go downs and store houses. This will help you intrigue more and more customers. You may find yourself the last firm standing in a fight that you never fought. Yet you will be the one with the victorious smile on your face. What else does a company want if there is not one left to compete with?

As much as this sounds soothing, it is a crucial time that your company revisits its weaknesses and strengths and revolutionizes its setup. The worst thing that could happen is that you see this amazing opportunity pass by because you did not plan well enough to avail it.

2. Empower Your Employees

Khaleesi buys a troop of slaves, trains them and they do as they are commanded to. One very important attribute that she adopts is that she gives her troops the freedom and a much needed “Self Esteem”. They feel they are important to her and hence remain ever so loyal to their Mistress. She says it herself

In turn, they seem to be even more loyal to her- by choice- rather than by force.

One key business element to be learnt from this instance is that any employee can be your trump card in any situation provided that they are looked after and given enough relaxation. In this way they will enjoy working in the organization and thereby become more efficient. Treating the employees as friends is more productive than treating them as slaves.

The first priority of any employee will be their job security. Most firms these days demand efficiency from the employees and fire them in case the expectations are not met. This puts additional pressure on a worker where he works for meeting the deadlines as well as saving his or her job. In this process one can definitely lose peace of mind.  Another reservation that an employee will always have is whether there are chances of promotions and progress within the organization. The expectation is rightfully present in their mind as everyone wants to make more money.

It comes down to proper human resource management. A good management will make sure that their employees are being taken care of. To extract the most out of your employees’ performances you need to make sure that their basic necessities are being met. Management should come up with effective financial security plan like for instance, a contract of a minimum of three months where the employee can prove that they are worth a place in the firm. Also, giving incentives to your employees in result of an efficient performance will help you earn their trust as an organization. The more secure they feel the better they work. It creates a win-win situation for both.

3. Don’t Let the Debts Pile-up

Earning more and paying less is the aura of any business setup. This is possible when you keep an update of your debts and never let them heap up. Many business experts believe that reduction of debt is instrumental for any organization as a pile of debts can cost them any time. There will always be episodes of slow and in some cases no progress at all. During such times it is important that the company keeps its employees together. The best way to do so is to pay them on time. This will only be possible when there are no debts to pay. Some of your counterparts may just be waiting for this moment to arrive. Do not let them savor it. It is therefore highly recommended that a company pays its debts on time to avoid any atrocities in future. Remembering the famous lines of the Lanisters?

A Lanister Always Pays His Debts

This is one of the many reasons why the House of Lansiter’s is so famous.

4. Kindness is of Great Help

You will find the queen addressing to her son,

The occasional kindness will spare you all sorts of trouble down the future road.

Although it is never obligatory to show relaxation or kindness to your employees or business partners, it can help you greatly in the longer run. Small kind gestures can save you from big business setbacks. You may make more friends at not a very high cost. All you need to do is show relaxation and be nice to your employees.

To help realizing it, consider what could happen if one of your most efficient employees is planning to resign from the organization just because he was pushed a little too hard to complete his assigned tasks on time. If a relaxation of a day or two could have been made, it should have been granted to him for he is one of the most needed elements in the company. Consider how damaging it could be for you if he joins your competitor’s firm.

Similarly, go easy on your business partners. A mistake or two can be ignored. This can ensure you a long time partnership and you and your company can flourish more. There can be nothing better if you have an organization where everyone is friends with one another. It will surely be a lot more efficient than the one where people are looking for a reason to bring down their colleagues.

5. United You Grow

‘United we stand’ an old saying but it holds true. Unity can help you build power and authority over your business rivals. It’s a simple mantra that holds great importance in any field. A group of united workers can bring down giants. It is the most important element for success of any company. For a business firm it is inevitable to gel its workers as a unit. Much like the King of Seven Kingdoms, Robert Baratheon who once explained how power works. He held out five fingers and then held out one asking the queen which number is greater. Upon receiving the wrong guess from the queen, he explained that power is greater when concentrated at a point.

Professional jealousy among workers is a common issue in any organization. Employees may indulge in activities to degrade their colleagues. It is therefore important for a company to make sure that the basic goals of the company do not go unachieved in the process. It is indeed important that the workers are brought to common terms for the better interest of the company.

The best way to bring all employees on board is to make them believe in your company’s product and motive them. It helps greatly as a dedicated force of workers will always finish any assigned task ahead of the time. The last thing any organization wants is to have workers who do not believe in the company’s strategy and processes. It damages the performance of any company when workers look in different directions rather than focusing on a common goal.

Another way of uniting your team is to introduce activities which force them to work as a unit. Creating a friendly environment can also greatly help uniting your team members. These efforts can help you converge all your powers at a single point which will help your company to prosper. Within months you may observe definite improvement in your company’s performance and it can grow bigger to influence other companies in the circuit.

6. Be Influential


For any business to really prosper in the market, it is of utmost importance that other entities in the market recognize the business. The process is a lengthy one and doesn’t usually come easy. “Varys” from Game of Thrones shows us how to do it. From no one to a person who counsels the king, Varys has made some great advancement throughout his life – and all because of his keenness and manipulation.

‘Being in the limelight’ is necessary to market your product. For that to happen, you need to make more friends. Each new friend means a new connection which can lead you to more such connections. A deal signing with a popular firm or a business partnership with a marketing giant, they all contribute to your company’s graph. Even an overwhelming review about your company or an interview in the newspaper or electronic media will definitely help you get recognized in the market. Once such connections are established, be sure not to lose them as long as they do not hamper your company’s reputation.

As soon as you hit the newspapers and social media, there is a certainty that more people will approach you for your services. It can take a while but your company will gradually start overpowering others in your vicinity. Also there is a need to prepare the employees for this influence. Your workers should be trained enough to handle the pressure of ‘being in the news’. Sometimes sudden fame and popularity becomes difficult to handle and difficult to digest by your counterparts. Keeping your employees with you in such a scenario is inevitable.

7. Sight Your Well Wishers

Trust is never an ignorable element in any business. It is critically important that your organization has loyal and trustworthy workers. It is instrumental to understand the psychic of your employees and judge them well. Same goes for your business partners and dealers. A complete detailed analysis of your partner company is necessary to make sure you are not backstabbed in any situation. It’s more like watching your back in a vast group of people who are apparently your well-wishers.

Just in case you do not judge the people around you well enough, things could happen to you just like they did to Ned Eddard Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’. He trusted too many people and ended up being declared a traitor and beheaded. To ensure you don’t get your business “chopped off” you need to identify your friends and enemies.

Distinguishing the difference can be pretty difficult on some occasions as there will always be people who play by dual standards. Therefore, having an experienced team can help you find out the black sheep from within as well as from outside your organization. Keep a note of how people react to your company’s success or failures. It is probably the best way to filter out the good from the bad.

8. Strategize

Long term planning is a basic ingredient to help your company survive through the good and bad times. A company that includes the possibilities of any natural of financial crisis and prepares accordingly is more likely to survive one. Backup plans and crisis management are essential for a company’s progress. This involves thorough strategic planning which includes market analysis and the future of your company’s product. It may include surveys and public opinions about your company.

Pretty similar is the plot for “Game of Thrones”. A better planner who can predict the possibilities of a catastrophe always succeeds. The ones who don’t are likely to suffer the consequences. In business terms, these consequences can be referred to as crashing of your company. A sudden and unforeseen crisis can also occur for unknown reasons. It is in the best interest of the organization that it foresees that possibilities of any accidents.

On one hand where strategizing against accidents can help you survive, on the other, it can also help you prosper and progress in the market. You can even consult specialists from different fields to help you identify the chances of such occurrences. For instance, if you know the usability of your product in the market has a fixed time span, you can definitely improve and upgrade your product by analyzing the user requirements that may arise in future. This type of planning can do wonders for you in the business world.

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