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What Access Do I Get to My Website?

While purchasing a WordPress web solution, you need to identify the required features and the access level of your website.

Some WordPress agencies can try to lock you in by providing a limited access to your website and no access to your code base. Other companies could leverage the WordPress Multisite feature and add your new website to a network of sites with a limited choice of plugins or themes, as well as other server limitations.

While this may be a part of your agreement, you need to check the following access credentials:

  1. Do I have an administrative account on the website?
  2. Do I own the WordPress hosting account details (with the domain and hosting details and plans)?
  3. Do I have full control over my website – am I able to add new themes, plugins, users, or anything else as a part of the default WordPress functionality?
  4. Do I have FTP access to update my website?
  5. Do I have SSH access to securely access my website from the command line?
  6. Do I have a control panel access to my website, if provided by the hosting company?
  7. Do I have the latest version of the code available?
  8. Do I own all the required licenses for all plugins?
  9. Do I own all the content on the website, and can I update it?
  10. Do I own all accounts related to my website: plugin license accounts, social media accounts, etc.?

Use this checklist to verify if all of your access details are in place. Occasionally, some of the features may not be available in specific cases. For non-technical users, we prefer to send the administrative account to the client, but create another – Editor account, having access to the content management system without having to access all settings or plugins (for usability and security reasons). Our larger projects don’t have FTP due to our deployment strategies and our version control management, which serves as a protection mechanism and code version storage.