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Agile WordPress Development Services

Agile WordPress Development Services

Our technical WordPress development agency has embraced, from the beginning, the agile WordPress lifestyle – from our distributed work model to our daily standups to bi-monthly sprints and ongoing communication through Asana.

While we offer fixed-fee WordPress solutions, our primary focus is building long-term business partnerships with our customers. This provides us with the unique opportunity to learn your business process and suggest development strategies, growth tactics, marketing opportunities and potential revenue plans.

DevriX’s Main Focus

Agile Management

Our team of WordPress developers builds WordPress solutions “the agile way”. Our project managers will work closely with you toward building your business plan in an iterative way.

By planning for agile development, you will be able to plan out your long-term resources and be the owner of your WordPress-driven solution. We will invite you to participate in our Asana project and plan the upcoming iterations based on our backlog.

Our progress is available for you to review and comment on – being hosted on a staging server with limited access that’s only accessible to you and our development team.

Benefits of Agile Development

Agile Development

Based on our backlog, your feedback and tickets from beta users testing the platform, we will allocate a monthly number of hours and assign the right team based on your specific needs.

We have creative, development and systems experts (in addition to our management and marketing staff). Iterations can be mixed – requiring both creative or development work simultaneously, or niche – focusing purely on development, business planning or marketing.

Our manager will plan each iteration with you and assign skillful team members who will be in charge of each iteration, building the features on the roadmap and set up a version for you to review before the next iteration.

Reliable WordPress Setup

Due to the nature of the ongoing agile development plan, we will propose different options for each new feature. If you want to test a specific concept first before investing in a flexible and scalable custom platform, we will install a plugin that provides the functionality first. Your beta testers can interact with your solution and comment on its usability and efficiency.

Based on the feedback, we will decide whether it’s better to fine-tune the existing product or build a custom solution from scratch that is more flexible and scales with time.

Additionally, we will build automated tests for your agile WordPress solutions. As it grows over time, we will intercept a large number of internal code calls and create test reports after each sprint. If regression occurs, this will make it possible to catch it in a timely manner. Our team of WordPress engineers can build an extensive suite of tests for your agile process – unit, functional, UI, integrations that would ensure that the product is stable and the main features are still useful after introducing a new layer in the platform.

We can integrate these tests with our Continuous Integration server and combine them with other code quality testing tools which could drastically improve the stability of your platform.

Scalable Server Infrastructure

Since your project will grow over time, we can provide a server setup for your agile process that is affordable yet stable. We will monitor it with our automated server analyzers. Instead of building an enormous server infrastructure, we will start small, watch closely and upgrade your server resources as needed.

Our server monitors can track all of your server resources – CPU usage, RAM, hard drive space, and internal interactions with the database and other services. Depending on your traffic plans, we could implement a solid technical layer at first, or provide the backbone, focus on development and integrate the caching and performance layers as the project and agile principle grows.