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How Can I Backup My WordPress Website?

You can check for automatic backups with your hosting provider or use a plugin such as BackUpWordPress for managing your WordPress backups.

A website backup usually consists of three components that could be provided together, or separately.

  • WordPress files and folders – an archive including the WordPress core and all of the themes and plugins installed and managed by the site owner. That includes other relevant folder including the must use plugins, dropins or other configuration parameters for your server setup (like .htaccess, php.ini and so forth).
  • WordPress uploads – the wp-content/uploads/ folder is part of the WordPress folder itself, but larger projects could result in gigabytes or more of media, taking into account all media uploads, featured images, automatic thumbnails etc. Some backup plugins allow for backing up an archive excluding the uploads/ folder.
  • the WordPress database – all of the dynamic data provided from the WordPress admin is stored in the database, including: posts and pages, categories, users, various options across the site. The database could be dumped separately. Some backup solutions dump the current state of the database and archive it together with the WordPress folder since the combination is required if you want to move the same setup to another server (or restore back to a certain point)

Our development and maintenance plans include website backups and monitoring, and our high-end customers could request a server replication for the database and web content that increases the availability in case of network or server downtime in some data centers.

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