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Can My Website Grow As My Company Grows?

Can My Website Grow As My Company Grows

The main difference between inexperienced freelancers or small agencies and rockstar freelancers and a proven WordPress development agency is the project development target.

The first group focuses on the technical requirements of the solution and simply provides a web project. More often than not, beginner freelancers or a small web development agency will focus on specific areas of developing your site, in which they feel most confident in. So, essentially, if you’re looking for a partner who can build a complete, technically proven and scalable website, this group may not be your best option.

The second group, on the other hand, focuses on the business problem and provides a technical solution accordingly. A reputable freelancer and web development agency have all the necessary expertise and experience to provide high quality scalable web development solutions for your business needs.

If you’re still wondering whether your website can grow as your company grows, the answer is YES! And in this article, we will help you understand why and how.

The WordPress Development Misconception

The WordPress Development Misconception

The main target for most inexperienced customers is getting a website online. Just building another website in the Internet space with over a billion websites out there already will not improve your business by itself.

The quality of your website has a strong impact on your business growth and results. Sure, a website is a necessity when it comes to creating a strong online presence for your brand. After all it is the place where most of your customers visit before making a purchase decision. Hence, if you want to have a professional, functional and scalable website you would need a highly skilled specialist to help you achieve this.

Building a WordPress website itself is easy – there is a famous 5-minute install widely available for starting users. However, building a business solution and the technical platform to accommodate customers’ needs is the art that will help you to increase your leads and profit accordingly.

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WordPress Website Requirements

Inexperienced freelancers build websites by composing a combination of plugins, a premium theme and the WordPress core in a final solution. This is often inefficient and doesn’t take into account the business needs of the customers.

A credible web development agency, however, can provide you with much more options. They follow a set of web development standards and their team of web geniuses have the skillset to create custom WordPress solutions to match your unique business requirements and needs.

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To give you more context about what a professional agency can do, part of the WordPress web development process here at DevriX for example is:

  • Identifying the business targets of our customers
  • Identifying the target group of customers – location, social/economical standards, age, and the preferences and online habits of the target group
  • Building a complete WordPress solution
  • Optimizing the WordPress solution for performance and security
  • Picking a suitable hosting option for the WordPress solution
  • Optimizing the media and the content for better user experience
  • Providing a mobile version of the web platform
  • Identifying a common problem related to increasing the user base and the website overflow
  • Optimizing the user experience process based on the target group
  • Connecting the web solution to social networks, analytics systems, and third party applications
  • Adding conversion vectors for social targeting, email capture or other ways to connect the customer to individual potential customers
  • Providing a plan for the social presence, way to communicate with the audience and tools to improve the experience in different social networks

This is only a small portion of the additional factors we need to take into account while building your online presence. This naturally brings hundreds of extra hours of work, but the final result is a fast and usable solution for our customers and their users. This increases the traffic with time and brings more leads which are the main business target of our customers.

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Can I Grow My Website Later?

Can I Grow My Website Later

Business owners should admit that trends in technology change faster than we usually anticipate and to some extent our focus on business changes too. Keeping that in mind, it becomes more important that your website is aligned with the latest technological changes and advancements.

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Website redesign may sound like a useless investment but let us tell you – if done well, this investment is sure to bring in some great returns.

6 Reasons That It’s Time for a Website Redesign

Not only does a new look give a nice impression, but it also highlights the fact that your business takes the online world seriously. Moreover, It also helps engage your visitors and get their precious feedback.

The average industry time for website redesign is between 18 and 30 months (or 1.5 to 2.5 years). This, however, is not a strict rule. Some websites might need a full website redesign every other year, while others could call for frequent refresh when user preferences or business goals change. Nonetheless, redesigning a WordPress website is a normal part of the process.

However, as your website grows and the number of visitors goes up, there are various concerns regarding its performance and security.

Web performance and security are important success indicators for any website. A slow-loading page can lead to a high customer churn and page abandonment. This will negatively impact not only the overall user experience on your website, but also your SEO, since site speed is a Google ranking factor.

Additionally, as technology evolves and the marketplace continuously shifts toward the digital space, it’s become increasingly important for businesses to keep their private and customer information secure. What is more, without a proactive web security and data protection strategy, your business reputation will be damaged, and search engines will likely put your domain on the list, thus warning and restricting your customers from entering your site.

Final Words

At DevriX we plan our technical solutions for three years onward, and we could discuss feature and functional enhancements at reducing costs after the three-year mark is reached.

Working with a simple website package or a cheap solution often leads to complications. If the platform has never been planned to accommodate a huge number of visitors or is unstable in general, then a complete website rebuild needs to be done.

Our engineers are active WordPress contributors and could conduct a code review and assess the stability of your platform and consult you on the way to go. Get in touch and we can review your existing WordPress solution, or plan for a scalable and extensible new platform.