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Can You Work Within My Budget?

Occasionally we are approached by customers looking for WordPress development services who have a set budget or have researched other offers before reaching out to us.

Since our pricing model is a combination between hourly cost and value, our end goal is providing the best quality possible within a reasonable cost. So this is how we deal with fixed budgets.

I Have a Fixed Budget For My WordPress Project

Given a specific set of requirements, we will assess whether your project could fit within your budget.

Sometimes it is a realistic budget and we can make it. However, if we can’t fit within your budget, there are several options:

  • We can provide an alternative solution that fits your budget
  • We can reuse specific components so that we don’t have to build them from scratch
  • We can cut down some features in order to fit the budget
  • We can build it in phases

or we are not a good fit for your budget constraints.

I Received a Quote From Another Agency, Can You Match It?

Our WordPress development agency operates in a specific way – we combine our engineering background and business development expertise in a way that includes stable WordPress architecture and business sustainable product at the end.

There are lots of agency offering predefined solutions or one-off projects that are tailored to their needs and not yours. And there are the high-end companies that charge a lot, working with experienced industry professionals.

What we do is a solution that fits your needs and follow the quality standards. We do not make compromises with code quality, servers or user experience. If you insist on an idea that does not follow the standards and imposes usability, speed or security risks, we will not work with you.

However, our pricing model is fairly simple and combines the amount of time we need to spend, the duration of the project, the availability we got and your long-term goals. Therefore, we are ready to discuss your quote and take it for a Fixed Budget as discussed above, and take it from there.

I Have Limited Budget, But I Would Reinvest Later

We are interested in long-term partnership agreements since it allows us to learn your business better and advise you with regards to your competitors, business niche, and target audience.

However, we value our skills and time and would not do pro bono work or highly discounted projects, even if we’re interested in your specific project. What we could do is form a partnership that starts with an MVP – Minimum Viable Product, and sign a retainer that builds additional features on a weekly or monthly basis.

This would allow you to get a finished (yet limited) version of your product to start with, and continue developing it on a monthly basis.

I Would Expect This to Cost X, Can You Do It?

The business of building a WordPress website, Software as a Service, plugin or a framework is usually related to a specific process. We have a team of engineers, designer, QA folks and a project manager involved in the process, which results in high quality, better code organization and overall incredible end quality.

When we discuss your project, we could organize a Business Consulting session that goes over your specific needs and requirements, and build a specification sheet accordingly. We will share our process and the required steps and put a rough number next to it.

We would understand if your budget does not fit our estimate, or you are not ready to invest that much yet. However, we work with medium-sized and large businesses who need a technical and business framework that brings higher profits on the table. If you start with a low-cost solution, you will either gain nothing from it, or you’ll outgrow it soon enough so that you’ll end up with having to pay for a serious business solution.

Our frameworks are usually built in a way that scales, and allows for growth further more. Also, we discuss your 3-year growth plan with you and align our technical environment so that you can accomplish your business goals without any technical constraints.

Check out our Work Process or Contact us for more details.