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How to Choose the Right SEO Specialist for Your Business

choose the right seo specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a daunting task and hiring a firm that specializes in this field is the easiest way to cope with this problem. However, finding the right SEO services is also a bit of the tricky thing around that is hardly noticed. In fact, when you Google for best SEO firms, you are prompted with a huge list to choose from.  You can’t help but scratch your head as to how to choose the right one among the list. So, you begin tracking down SEO companies’ records to contact the one at the top.

However, contacting the one at the top based on the claims backed by the good record is not really the promising big solution at hand. The fact remains that there’s bare chance that your site will be on the top of the page of Google natural search for a period of time. Search engines algorithms change often and the truth is…some SEO companies may make it while others can’t efficiently deliver the results that you are aiming for. In essence, still, you are having a problem with SEO that you need to find a right solution.

Five Common Myths About SEO Firms

So, how are you going to pick the right one from these two possibilities? First, let’s clear up the few prevailing misconceptions that can sabotage your main goal.

1. The Best SEO Firm has a Good-Looking Website

The truth is not all SEO firms have first-class websites. There are few top-notch SEO firms with websites that are just second-rate. However, if you intend to find SEO firm that can also manage to design a nice website, then you need to consider how their sites look.

2. Big SEO Company With Hundreds of Employees and Making Millions is The Best Firm

This doesn’t significantly relate to SEO service, instead, it shows how this company handles its internal structure and relationship among themselves from leaders to employees. The size of the company and its financial success doesn’t necessarily translate to how it successfully works with their clients in terms of SEO services. There are several surrounding factors that lead to its success that deserve consideration. There’s no such thing as “absolutes” in the business. Things are relative issues which can fluctuate anytime.

3. Filter Search Terms Using Google

The most instantaneous idea that can get into your mind is to make diligent research for the right SEO company using Google. So, you will use specific search terms such as “best SEO Firm “+ your city, etc. to get the desired results. Indeed, you get the list of best SEO firms based on your city’s name. Unfortunately, this can’t fully render an assurance because of the possibility that the best SEO company in your city may not be ranking high in the search engines as they don’t really need it.  They have owned an overwhelming list of clients who are satisfied customers.

The main purpose of having your site ranked high in search engines is visibility to get more and more customers. If a company has achieved this through its top quality service and by referrals, it will most likely skip the work of optimizing its website. To this effect, what may rank high on the search engines is not actually a top SEO company. It is rather a firm with few or no client at all and is, therefore, trying hard in optimizing its website to get clients.

4. The “Top SEO list” is The Key

The pursuit to rank high in search engines is an endless effort.  Also, the agony of being penalized is constantly around the corner even by slight mistakes because of the strictest rules imposed by search engines such as Google. So, to reduce this burden, you will look into the list of the “best SEO.” Sadly, not all SEO companies under the “best SEO” list are indeed best for performance and services.

The real score with the list of “best SEOs” is that some of them are paying to be included in the top list for thousands of dollars per year, or per month. In essence, this list contains both the worst and the best SEO companies and you’ll be therefore in the “hit and miss” business eventually.  You won’t have a clear idea which is the real top performer in SEO field among the list.

4. There’s a “Secret Sauce”

Oh, get away from this kind of belief!

SEO is an open field unlike in the previous days that it wielded lots of secrets. If you encounter SEO company bragging its methodology but refuse to share the details, then you deserve to make a second thought. It is a bad sign and a red flag.

Five Things to Do Prior to Hiring an SEO Firm

1. Specify your needs

Have specific objectives of using SEO firms to clear away the cluttered set of expectations. Don’t be carried away by the pressing concerns on how to rank high in search engines. Identify first your current need and explore the areas that really require more focus. Few of the considerations to look  into are as follows:

  • Link removal
  • Reputation management
  • A one-time SEO audit
  • Link building
  • PPC management
  • Retargeting
  • Content marketing
  • Growing sales by 30% in  12 months
  • Increase leads by 70% in the next six months

Strive to figure out what you really need and make a list of them to guide yourself on how to measure the success of your SEO tasks with the firm that you have to choose.

2. Maximize the free consultation

You should maximize the free consultation offered by an SEO firm to help you out in figuring things that are needed to be done. Do not hesitate to ask their assistance since they treat this opportunity as their valuable chance for creating good impressions on you.  Raise these common questions and note down their answers.

  • Does your company have a research program that determines which keywords will be the target of your optimization efforts?

The expected answer must revolve around great planning and the rationale of its research program.

  • Does your optimization program include an analysis of site’s design, navigation, coding, content and incoming links?

The answer must present the focus task and related issues that can affect SEO and users experience.

  • Will you also analyze my competitors’ sites to determine which is performing well in the same industry and why?

The SEO company must have the ability to make competitive analysis to target your competitors online.

  • Will you be writing your content or will you work with existing content?

The firm’s response should be affirmative, otherwise, you should begin looking elsewhere.

  • Do you have a link strategy for my site and the ability to promote my site through content on appropriate third-party sites (i.e., article directories, blogs, video, images)?

A good SEO company should have a link strategy and white hat search techniques.

  • How are you going to optimize my site and what are your tactics for on-page and off-page optimization?

Although it doesn’t have yet identified what SEO tactics to use unless initial strategy session is conducted, it should have a logical planning at hand to target the right keywords.

3. Ask for a quote and make a comparison

Do this with another two good SEO firms on your list until you meet the right criteria for choosing a right SEO services for your business.

4. Get case studies and references

This helps you to settle your mind with peace and confidence. Check the documented reports about the achievement of an SEO firm. You should be able to verify the authenticity of the records. Most likely, find out clients who had the similar business models and similar “jobs to be done” as yours.

5. Make the firm tell you stories

Seo firm which is confident in sharing its stories starting from its background, the experienced ups and downs of their business is a vital point of consideration to contract with. Its stories can serve as good predictors for what kind of results it will deliver to your SEO needs and the future it holds for your business.

SEO is a tedious job and expensive to sustain if you contract with an SEO firm but you have to commit yourself to do it. A study reveals that there is 93 percent of online activity that starts with a search. Therefore, you can’t displace SEO from the marketing mix but rather properly execute it.  It may not work like a magic but it is a crucial thing for your business.

You can neither underestimate nor overestimate SEO. Stay with the fact that  SEO in real essence is dynamic. An SEO firm can make your site ranked higher on the search engine but you can’t sit and relax afterward. Search engine algorithms constantly change which you should keep yourself on the lookout.


Ranking high on search engine won’t be kept long not unless you work on it alongside with the changes of search engines algorithms. You can hire SEO company to handle this tedious job but you need to prepare money. If you do it by yourself,  you should be committed to honing your keywords. Make a strong determination for a harder search engine ranking position.

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