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Employee vs. Freelancer vs. Agency

Employee vs. Freelancer vs. Agency

WordPress projects are different, and picking the right web development model is not straight forward. Customers have different needs, and depending on the project scope and requirements there are different execution models for bringing your idea to life.

When you start thinking about what is the right web development solution for your business, you might find yourself wondering if it’s best to invest in your own team, hire a freelancer, or partner with a reputable web development agency. Each option has it’s pros and cons, and your decision will be ultimately influenced by a few factors you need to consider.

To make the right decision, you need to carefully evaluate your options. You should review the different solutions they offer, and pick the one that best resonates with your business goals and strategy.

In this article, we have evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of employee vs freelancer vs a web development agency for you, so we make the process a bit easier. Read on for full details.

Overview of The Main Factors Affecting Choicey Content Type


Having an in-house web developer sounds quite attractive from a number of perspectives. If you want to have close control of every aspect of your project and have a professional that really cares about your company, its goals and missions, then the in-house route is the way to go.

This all sounds amazing until you have to factor in all the overhead costs of having a full-time employee. Recruiting top-ried web developers is difficult because they are not so easy to find and you need to offer very competitive benefits and salary.

Non-technical companies and organizations that require larger web development solutions could hire a full-time WordPress web developer to create their website and take care of future maintenance and customization work. This is a safe bet in terms of having someone in-house who is constantly working on your project.

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However, finding full-time WordPress experts in your area could be complicated. Technology is evolving at a fascinating rate making it more and more difficult to have all the skills you may need in one place. More often than not you will end up finding freelancers or agency employees who are not willing to commute and dedicate their full attention to one client.

Those WordPress web developers need to be a cultural fit as well, and you will have to provide some office space, a desk and technical equipment, as well as onboarding sessions, training, new tools, and all of the human resources, legal aspects, and tax bureaucracy behind hiring a new staff member.

On top of that larger projects include technical understanding by a senior member, and several people building your entire WordPress solution. This means that you still need to hire several employees or outsource the project management, design, and system administration to other contractors. Managing a whole team is not easy nor affordable if you are on a tight budget. Moreover, you would need to be constantly involved to ensure that things get done.

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When it comes to flexibility, reliability, and motivation, an employee might not score so well. You may hire a web developer that can give you great results, but this doesn’t mean that they will care about submitting incredible results all the time. They are reliable in providing the work within the specified working time, but they may not be so flexible regarding when and how they can work.


In most aspects, freelancers are the middle ground between a full-time employee and a web development agency. They are a more affordable option, but you should remember that “cheaper” doesn’t mean “cost-effective”.

Starting business owners occasionally look for freelancers to build their online presence with WordPress. This may be a good fit for smaller projects since you can ignore the overhead of working with an entire company or hiring new team members. Additionally, most freelancers in web development are ready to start work right away and come equipped with everything you may need.

There are tens of thousands of freelancers available in freelance networks around the world. It is hard to find the right talent, and all rockstar freelance web developers are usually busy a few months ahead of time.

To begin working on a new project, freelancers would require some initial guidance. They also need to cooperate with a development team or administrators for large solutions, or specialize in smaller projects. However, if you have to assemble a team of freelancers you will have the same experience as building an in-house team. Only in this case you won’t have the perk of gaining new knowledge.

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Freelancers are their own bosses and managers, so the main drawback of working with them is having a single point of failure. They might offer great levels of flexibility when completing your project, however, during long-term relationships, a freelancer could disappear, get sick or struggle with family issues.

A freelancer could be offline for a few weeks or take on a new job which would jeopardize your project development schedule. This is why, if you choose to work with one, it’s important to find proven and reputable freelancers.

WordPress Development Agency

Serious customers who need a business solution that would bring more leads and improve their entire online experience tend to contact a WordPress development agency.

There is a certain level of overhead in terms of pricing. a WordPress development company with a solid portfolio charges more as they know what they are worth, and they require extra costs related to accounting, office rentals and more. However, in the long-run they cost less than an in-house team because you needn’t get involved with all the costs associated with full-time employees. You only pay for the services you need and when you need them.

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A reputable WordPress development agency has a highly skilled team and offers end-to-end project management, which is the exact benefit of working with one. They employ experienced WordPress specialists that can build your solution with all the custom features and applications you need. It’s no longer a single point of failure issue, since team members can help each other, exchange ideas, and peer review their code.

Designers and developers work alongside, and quality assurance experts verify their work at the same time. Moreover, there is a dedicated project manager responsible for client communication and code quality. 

Find out more on our take dealing with larger projects.

It’s the WordPress agency’s job to take care of the team, plan, manage, set goals and objectives, define standards and anticipate glitches. It’s also their job to provide you with an alternative solution when necessary and the option to deal with further maintenance of your projects.
Another advantage is that you can get as much involved with the project as you wish.

Professional web development agencies are reliable both result- and time-wise. Their team of experts are devoted to providing quality work and keen on maintaining relationships with their clients. So you won’t have to go after them all the time to ensure the work gets done.

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Additionally, a credible WordPress development agency will maintain excellent levels of communication. Their team is always available to answer your inquiries, and accountable to complete your project on time and up to standards.

If you are interested in learning more about a WordPress agency’s process, get in touch with us and we can talk about your WordPress project.

And if you are looking for a great web development partner to bring your new project to life, our experts at DevriX will be delighted to walk you through everything they can do for you.