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15 Examples of Facebook Posts That Went Viral

15 Examples of Facebook Posts That Went Viral

There is no exact recipe for making a Facebook post go viral. The reason why the famous influencers slay social media is that they had a eureka moment at finding the right approach to attract and convert their target audience.

We have listed some of the best samples of content that quickly spread throughout Facebook, so you could gather the ingredients (information), sift out the best ideas, and put your secret ingredient (strategy) that would make the perfect recipe for your content.

Analyzing Data

Examples of Facebook Posts That Went Viral

This post is about viral Facebook posts that were created by expert marketing teams that genuinely understand the recipe for viral content.

Here we have included profitable bits of knowledge that these Facebook posts hold. You can apply these to your own organizations and see mind-blowing returns.

Example #1: Qwertee T-Shirt Promotions

Qwertee takes contests on Facebook to a new level. They offer one amazing t-shirt ordinary by facilitating daily contests on their Facebook page. Their daily posts incorporate a picture, an extraordinary inscription, and the essential principles of the contests.

This develops hype and each picture they post has several numbers of shares, comments, and likes – an incredible approach to enhance brand awareness via Facebook. The rules of the contests basically require fans to like, share and also comment to build their chances of winning the contests.

Qwertee T-Shirt Promotions


Create Facebook contests around your products and services. See how you can coordinate the focus of your target audience towards your products and services. Offering awesome merchandise is one approach to doing this. However, you need to execute the Facebook contest. Make it a daily habit if you find it useful.

Example #2: Science Reporting about First Born Children

Science says that first born children are the most intelligent. This post is a decent case of research and science revealing that becomes famous online on Facebook. Each family with youngsters has a first conceived kid, so this exploration will unmistakably speak to a vast gathering of people. The M2 site was investigating a review by Leipzig University, that discovered first-conceived youngsters get an IQ help from teaching their siblings and getting full focus. Information was not accessible on what number of shares originated from first conceived youngsters.

Science Reporting about First Born Children

Share a Science report that can bring a positive impact to your Facebook post. Having supporting data can really make people do a double take and believe what you are saying.

Example #3: DIY Content and Recipes By Oreo

Recipe by Oreo has overwhelmed Facebook. Regardless of whether we are discussing DIY content or recipes and special exercises, there’s a constant hunger for this sort of content. Actually, recipes are the most habitually pinned things on Facebook and Pinterest.

DIY Content and Recipes By Oreo


All things considered, it’s an awesome opportunity for brands who have items that can be transformed into DIY tasks to assemble content that is shareable!

Example #4: Amusing and Clever Post by Buffalo Wild Wings

In this post from Buffalo Wild Wings, the brand perceives what their group of onlookers is occupied with and puts an astute yet interesting twist on it. At the season of this post, one of the greatest soccer matches was going on and Buffalo Wild Wings made a clever post that referenced it.

This is the demonstration of receptive narrating. However, what takes this post to the next level is their capacity to make a clever brand significant message that reverberates with their group of onlookers.

Amusing and Clever Post by Buffalo Wild Wings


Happiness is a standout amongst the most intense feelings that a brand can evoke. In the event that you can make somebody laugh, you can win their heart and make them do anything.

Example #5: State Bicycle Company

This current organization’s Facebook page is evidence that consistency is the way to effective online networking administration.

Their Facebook page posts more than 80 bits of substance every month. This has paid off with their devotees expanding from 4,600 in 2013 to 448,000 at present. They additionally draw in with a gathering of people individuals through fun challenges and difficulties.

State Bicycle Company

One of their most prominent difficulties is the weekly photography challenge that requests that clients send in their best pics in view of that week’s subject. Also, a great deal of their substance is visual – astounding pictures and recordings that tempt and interest clients.


Recognize how rapidly your social sustain moves and post enough to show up on the majority of your fans’ feeds at least once per day. In case you’re not at the forefront of their thoughts, they are less inclined to consider you when making that buy. In the event that you do not have the ability to dole out first-rate content every day, curate it. Applications like DrumUp, Feedly, and Pocket are awesome for sourcing content and motivation for Facebook post ideas.

Example #6: Emotion-Based Campaign by Converse

When you consider your most-loved romantic melody, look into how it demonstrates your feelings. It’s highly likely that it’s not your most adored song due to the lyrics. It’s probable that it is your most cherished track in light of the fact that you connect it with a passionate event in your life. That is the power of music. However, that same hypothesis can be related to the substance you share on Facebook.

Emotion-Based Campaign by Converse


This post by Converse shows their dedication and appreciation for their customers. Content that sparkles emotion is the single greatest distinction between viral content and level content. When you share something that brings musings and thoughts regarding love, individuals connect that substance with their loved ones. In doing as such, they connect that thought of affection with your image and set up a more profound association with your brand.

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Other Examples of Viral Facebook Posts

Example #7: Travel Tip Tuesday

EBags is a manufacturer and seller of bags that understood that a greater part of their clients were travelers. To gain by this, the brand concocted #TravelTipTuesday – a basic and effective approach to give awesome experiences to their watchers. The hashtag holds clients returning for more exceptional tips. To add to this, the brand routinely posts travel tips and articles that give voyagers some incredible exhortation. They have over 280,000 devotees just on Facebook, on account of their extraordinary content.

Travel Tip Tuesday

Example #8: Red Bull Extreme Shots

Putting everything at stake for an exciting or unfathomable accomplishment is something that has given millions amusement from era to era. Offering content that is filled with energy, risk, and excitement is a powerful approach to making content worth sharing.

Red Bull Extreme Shots

Red Bull perfectly captures the excitement in this post. It garnered over 50,000 likes and more than 5,000 shares, which makes it apparent that a lot of people were able to relate to the Facebook write-up.

Example #9: 30 Years Bold Hashtag by Kenneth Cole

To commend a commemoration Kenneth Cole made a hashtag and contest on Facebook urging fans to share pictures identified with the hashtag. The hashtag was intended to resound the brand’s striking style and soul. The subsequent photographs even went into a favor social center and earned the brand important social capital as far as substance and introduction.

30 Years Bold Hashtag by Kenneth Cole

Example #10: Show Your True Colors

The Banana Republic shares their position on equity as it identifies with marriage. While the post may turn away some of their current fans, it will have a positive effect on the individuals who support marriage equality. Thus, the individuals who concur with the Banana Republic will share this content as an approach to show that they support the Banana Republic and marriage equality.

Show Your True Colors

Example #11: Bald Men Are Sexier

Bald Men Are Sexier

This post takes after a comparative configuration to other viral Facebook posts in particular late logical research that will interest a specific group of onlookers, i.e. Bald men searching for consolation. It is a large audience.

Example #12: Human Rights Campaign

The gathering requested that Facebook clients turn their profile pictures red and show solidarity with those looking for equal rights. This brought about viral crusade with more than 45,000 shares and 13,000 likes on Facebook within days. In 2015, when marriage equality was being considered for every one of the 50 expressions, the HRC requested that clients turn their photos red again and this time, they extended their range to Twitter and Instagram, too. The red profile picture wound up plainly synonymous with the battle for marriage equality.

Human Rights Campaign

Example #13: Outside The Box

Thinking different than others has dependably been what separates the brands that emerge and those that mix in. In case you’re hoping to turn into a web sensation on Facebook, accomplish something that is unique. Optical deceptions are an incredible approach to start an expansion in both discussion and shares on your Facebook page.

Example #14: Under Armor

The expression, I Will What I Want, was intended to engage competitors not to sit tight for consent or endorsement and to follow what they need. The Facebook campaign took off when supermodel Gisele Bundchen imparted her own particular picture to the hashtag and got more than 80K likes.

Under Armor

From that point forward, various competitors, over a wide span of time have utilized the hashtag to demonstrate their energy. The hashtag engaged ladies everywhere throughout the world as well as filled in as incredible advancement for Under Armor’s most up-to-date range of products.

Example #15: Women Need More Sleep

Women Need More Sleep

This next post takes after the very same format in covering research famously. This type of post will engage a specific gathering of people. In the long run, there will be a Facebook post with logical confirmation that indicates every propensity.

Bottom Line

Do you want your Facebook posts to go viral? It is all about creative thinking and a good understanding of your target audience. It will help your content become a web sensation.Take these posts above as your inspiration and try creating viral Facebook posts of your own!


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