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15 Examples of Facebook Posts That Went Viral

There is no exact recipe for making a Facebook post go viral. The reason famous influencers excel on social media is that they had a eureka moment in finding the right approach to attract and convert their target audience.

We have listed some of the best examples of content that quickly spread throughout Facebook, so you could gather the ingredients (information), sift out the best ideas, and put your secret ingredient (strategy) that will make the perfect recipe for your content.

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Examples of Facebook Posts That Went Viral

This post is about viral Facebook posts that were created by expert marketing teams that genuinely understand the recipe for viral content.

Here we have included valuable bits of knowledge that these Facebook posts hold. You can apply these to your own organizations and see mind-blowing returns.

Example #1: Qwertee T-Shirt Promotions

Qwertee takes contests on Facebook to a new level. They offer one amazing t-shirt daily by facilitating contests on their Facebook page. Their posts incorporate a picture, an extraordinary inscription, and the essential principles of the contests.

This generates hype and each picture they post receives numerous shares, , comments, and likes – an incredible approach to enhance brand awareness via Facebook. The contest rules basically require fans to like, share and also comment to increase their chances of winning the contests.


Create Facebook contests around your products and services. See how you can direct the focus of your target audience towards your products and services. Offering awesome merchandise is one approach to doing this. However, you need to execute the Facebook contest. Make it a daily habit if you find it useful.

Example #2: Science Reporting about Firstborn Children

Science says that firstborn children are the most intelligent. This post is a good example of research and science going viral on Facebook. Each family with s children has a firstborn child, so this research will clearly appeal to a large audience. The M2 site was exploring a study by Leipzig University that found first-born children get an IQ boost from teaching their siblings and getting full attention. Data was not available on what number of shares originated from first conceived youngsters.

Example #2 Science Reporting about First Born Children

Share a science report that can bring a positive impact to your Facebook post. Having supporting data can really make people a double-take and believe what you are saying.

Example #3: DIY Content and Recipes By Oreo

Recipe by Oreo has overwhelmed Facebook. Regardless of whether we are talking about DIY content or recipes and special activities, there’s a constant hunger for this sort of content. Actually, recipes are the most habitually pinned things on Facebook and Pinterest.


All things considered, it’s an awesome opportunity for brands who have items that can be transformed into DIY tasks to assemble content that is shareable!

Example #4: Amusing and Clever Post by Buffalo Wild Wings

In their posts Buffalo Wild Wings, the brand recognizes what their audience is interested in and puts a clever yet entertaining twist on it. This demonstrates reactive storytelling. However, what makes this post to the next level is their ability to make a clever and meaningful brand message that resonates with their audience.


Happiness is a standout amongst the most intense feelings that a brand can evoke. If you can make someone laugh, you can win their heart and make them do anything.

Example #5: State Bicycle Company

This current organization’s Facebook page is evidence that consistency is the way to effective online networking management.

Their Facebook page posts more than 80 posts every month. This has paid off with their followers expanding from 4,600 in 2013 to over 400 000 at present. They also engage with their audience through fun contests and challenges.

One of their most prominent difficulties is the weekly photography challenge that requests clients to send in their best pics in view of that week’s theme. Additionally, a great deal of their content is visual – with stunning pictures and videos that tempt and interest clients.


Notice how quickly your social feed moves and post enough to show up on the majority of your fans’ feeds at least once per day. In case you’re not at the forefront of their minds, they are less likely to consider you when making a purchase If you cannot produce top-notch content daily, curate it. Applications like DrumUp, Feedly, and Pocket are great for sourcing content and finding inspiration for Facebook post ideas.

Example #6: Emotion-Based Campaign by Converse

Example #6 Emotion-Based Campaign by Converse


Converse shows their dedication and appreciation for their customers. Content that sparkles emotion when you share something that brings musings and thoughts about love, people connect that content with their loved ones. In doing so, they associate feelings with your brand and set up a deeper connection.

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Other Examples of Viral Facebook Posts

Example #7: Travel Tip Tuesday

EBags is a manufacturer and seller of bags that recognized that a significant portion of their customers were travelers. To leverage this, the brand created #TravelTipTuesday – a simple and effective way to provide valuable insights to their audience. The hashtag keeps customers coming back for more tips. Additionally, the brand consistently shares travel tips and articles offering travelers excellent advice.

Example #8: Red Bull Extreme Shots

Providing content infused with energy, risk, and excitement is a powerful strategy for creating share-worthy content.

Red Bull perfectly captures the excitement, indicating that many people are able to relate to the Facebook write-up.

Example #9: 40 Years on Purpose Hashtag by Kenneth Cole

To celebrate an anniversary Kenneth Cole made a hashtag and contest on Facebook encouraging fans to share pictures related to the hashtag. The hashtag was designed to reflect the brand’s bold style and spirit.

Example #10: Show Your True Colors

The Banana Republic shares its stance on equity as it s relates to marriage. While the post may turn away some of their current followers, it will have a positive effect on those who support marriage equality. Therefore, individuals who agree with the Banana Republic will share this content as a way to show their support for both Banana Republic and marriage equality.

Example #11: Bald Men Are Sexier

Bald Men Are Sexier

Combining familiar topics with recent scientific research, like addressing the concerns of bald men seeking consolation, and infusing humor can generate engaging conversations and widespread sharing. When accompanied by a specific hashtag, this approach encourages active participation from a wide audience.

Example #12: Unite a Community

The Human Rights Campaign serves as a powerful illustration of how championing a cause and embodying core values can rally millions of supporters. With a Facebook page followed by 2.5 million individuals, they unite a community that shares the vision of a world where LGBTQ+ individuals are guaranteed equality in all aspects of life. By maintaining a clear and consistent message, they effectively advocate for positive change. Their unwavering commitment inspires others to join the movement and strive for a more inclusive society.

Example #13: Outside The Box

Thinking differently from others has always been what sets apart the brands that stand out from those that blend in. If you are looking to go viral on Facebook, do something that is unique. Optical illusions are a great way to start an expansion in both discussion and shares on your Facebook page.

Example #14: Under Armor

The expression, “I Will What I Want”, was designed to engage competitors not to sit tight for consent or endorsement and to follow what they desire. The Facebook campaign took off when supermodel Gisele Bundchen imparted her own particular picture to the hashtag and got more than 80K likes.

Example #14 Under Armor

Since then, numerous athletes, both past and present, have used the hashtag to showcase their passion. The hashtag not only empowered women worldwide but also served as effective promotion for Under Armour’s latest range of products.

Example #15: The Power of Meme

Memes have become a potent force in pop culture, wielding the power to entertain, communicate, and shape societal narratives.

With their ability to spread rapidly and resonate with diverse audiences, memes have emerged as a significant cultural phenomenon, reflecting and influencing contemporary trends.

Bottom Line

Do you want your Facebook posts to go viral? It is all about creative thinking and a good understanding of your target audience. It will help your content become a web sensation. Take these posts above as your inspiration and try creating viral Facebook posts of your own!