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Getting Started: WP Collab User Guideline

WP Collab – Your Project Management Solution.

WP Collab helps small to big organizations, who often have to juggle various projects, with an answer that keeps them organized. There is a wide assortment of PM plugins accessible. However, WP Collab makes project management simpler for its users. It comes with all the features organizations can appreciate.

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Best Features of WP Collab

  • Password protected projects
  • Change Project Status
  • Secure Access URL
  • Provides main settings
  • Advanced Customization
  • ShortCode: Content visible only for authors and website administrators
  • Project notes: It is visible only for authors and website administrators
  • Easy to use

Install and Activate Plugin

Go to DevriX Shop and buy WP Collab. You will get a .zip file.

Pro Tip: At whatever point, installing a WP plugin, ensure you read the documentation carefully before installing.

After downloading WP Collab plugin, you can upload the .zip file to your site and install it from your WordPress dashboard. Do not forget that right now WordPress accepts .zip format for all types of WordPress themes and plugins upload.

Manual Installation 

Step 1: Firstly, you have to get to the WordPress Admin Dashboard.


Step 2: Pick the Upload button at the top of the page. Click to upload the .zip file.


Step 3: Tap on the “Choose File”. Select the module in a .zip format on your PC. Click Install now.


FTP Method to Install WP Collab

This is another strategy that is exceptionally valuable when you can’t install WP Collab using WordPress dashboard. You basically download the WP Collab from DX Shop, unzip it and transfer it to your WordPress plugin library utilizing FTP programming or cPanel. Ordinarily, plugin upload folder is located under wp-content plugins. When you are done transferring the document in an unzipped format, you can just go to WordPress plugin folder under WP dashboard. Activate the plugin. This is extremely valuable for the individuals who do not have the access to install themes or plugins from the dashboard because of server confinement.

It is very simple to manage WP Collab. You should simply go to the WP Plugin folder under the WP dashboard. Activate or deactivate WP Collab according to your needs.

Plugin Activation

Once done, you will get a notification that the WP Collab has been effectively installed from the transferred document. On a similar page, you may click “Activate Plugin” if you want to activate now.

Or, you can go to Dashboard >> Plugins >> Installed Plugins. And simply click on the Active button.


Plugin Removal

If you want to uninstall, tap on the Deactivate button. After this, the Delete button will show up.


A notification will appear, you need to confirm that you wish to erase the plugins and records connected with it, or you can abort the WP Plugin removal.

How To Use WP Collab


Simply buy and install WP Collab once, and never stress over paying monthly or yearly membership fees. There is no restriction on anything. Manage as many projects as you want and add the same number of clients and customers.



You can decide the roles of a user while creating a project. Also, every project has custom access consents. So you can personalize them from the settings tab. You can use the “Custom Field” to set the responsibility of each team member.



You can see the project overview with due, finished, and future to-dos. See which turning points should be finished and who is in charge of each. You can change the due date.


You just have to fill the following fields to create and publish your new project.


It is also possible to add the link of your project to the client area. Go to “Appearance >> Menus >> Links“. Add a new menu with client area URL. Afterward, click “Save”.


Roles and Capabilities

  • Collaborate on Projects

Representatives are frequently given individual projects that are a part of a bigger project that a group is attempting to finish. WP Collab gives workers the opportunity to team up on activities by sharing records, timetables, and status updates.

  • Keep focused

WP Collab lets project managers add a deadline to their projects and tasks they can incorporate into the framework. This deadline alerts all the workers to forthcoming due dates, permitting them to deal with their time properly to finish errands before or on the recorded date.

  • Assign Tasks

As a user, you likely measure the information, aptitudes and capacities of representatives before designating them tasks. Utilize WP Collab to effortlessly assign tasks to the proper workers. By allocating parts in the framework, every representative has admittance to vital data and knows who they can contact on the off chance that they have inquiries or concerns, or need data about a specific subject.

  • Give a Snapshot

At the point when preparing new team members and acquainting them with projects, WP Collab can offer a preview of the project, you can share to get new staff up-to-speed. The snapshot permits you to show workers the new project from beginning to end, give them basic background data and let them know how the new project will push ahead.

  • Track Projects

Monitor the progress of activities with WP Collab. The product will tell you what’s been finished, by whom, and what should be finished. Authors can give updates of what they are working on to the project director and colleagues. The product disposes of the requirement for status updates and messages.

  • Communicate with Clients and Vendors

WP Collab empowers organizations to share and work together with customers, sellers and representatives. Organizations using WP Collab can give their customers usernames and passwords giving them access to documents. Clients can give feedback, review progress, and make edits. Since organizations should be associated with clients and employees, WP Collab is crucial.

Note: If you want to learn more about how client area and admin area look like and if you want to get more information about the front end, click here. Here you will also get information about advanced customization.

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