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How Can Trendy Articles Serve as a Great Marketing Tool?

Online article marketing can effectively improve organic search results in a number of ways:

  • Improve visibility for your target keyword phrases
  • Obtain traffic for additional (long tail) keyword searches
  • Assist in building awareness and reputation
  • Increase targeted traffic from other quality related websites
  • Helps attract more incoming links to your site
  • Helps make your website more unique and useful

Google’s Panda update showed once again, that it’s important to have high quality, unique content. We recently evaluated a large ecommerce website that was stung by the Panda update. They have a few issues that have probably hurt them, but one of the areas of concern included many articles they had written and placed on various websites, many of which had been devalued in Panda.

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In this article, we’ll cover the steps we take with article marketing. These steps have been developed from years of examining what competitors of our clients have done to become the top ranking and traffic leaders in their industries. Effective article marketing is a key strategy for many of them.

Can’t write or don’t have the time to write articles? Here are some ways to get articles written.

1. Empower Your People

Perhaps some of the people who sell or market your products would just love to write articles. See the Crutchfield site mentioned above. Most of those articles and videos were developed by their product marketing folks.

2. Ask Your Customers

Some of your customers can also write articles such as case stories like “how we use xx” type of articles. Getting in contact with your customers in such a way is also good for getting their valuable feedback.

3. Hire Writers

Ideally, most of your articles should be original but you could hire writers who specialize in your topics to produce useful articles. There are networks of writers who specialize in many topics. You can find some of them while you are searching for article ideas (See the section above).


As you look for article ideas, search on the names of the authors. Many times you’ll discover the author is a freelance writer who specializes in a couple of fields. Contact them about writing for you. It’s best to be honest and include the writer’s name as the author.

4. Use Ghost Writers

There maybe an ethical question involved when using ghost written articles but it is highly effective. Most businesses today believe that it is fine to use a ghost writer (such as a freelance writer who specializes in your field/topic) if you work closely with them, outline your initial thoughts, let them do research for you if needed, oversee the development of the article, work with them to revise the article, and make sure the article is accurate and reflects your knowledge and opinions.


  1. Varun says:

    It really amaze and interest me that lawyers are now into SEO and making an effort to have a social media presence for business. Great Article. Thanks for posting such an informational article. Thus this ways are good tips!

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