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Impact of Being Decisive on Your Website

Whether you are updating the content of your webpage or restoring your existing one, the process of re-creating your webpage based on the current trends as a whole may take up too much of your time, especially if you can’t decide how you want it to be.  This may often result in unproductivity. Before you know it, you have wasted hours or even days in just deciding what you want for your layout and colors for your webpage.


Indecisiveness just doesn’t result in “time waste” but it also can hurt other processes of your business. However, It does not have to be this way. By making a quick yet clear and simple decisions, it is possible to finish your website within a day or at least without spending too much time on it.

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The decision making process is not that easy especially if you are stuck between two or more choices, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Just like what you feel when you are buying a new car or a phone. You know that if you choose poorly you will going to regret it in the end. Same is the case in designing and managing your website. You consider everything by asking yourself questions like: will this be appealing for the readers? What if I was wrong at some point? What if this is not the right choice? However, if you do not decide on what you want right away, you end up taking too much time considering both points and not doing anything.



Remember that learning how to make a quick and a correct decision will not happen overnight. In fact, it was supposed to be taught to us when we were younger. However, it may also be due to the abundance of information offered to us through technology. Some may even have a hard time deciding because they see decision making as “impossible to make” with perfect precision. However, keep in mind that we can never make the “perfect” choice, we can only make the most appropriate choice. Here are some tips on how you can be more decisive:

Enlighten the mind

Educate yourself about the benefits of decisiveness. There are a lot of insightful blogs or webpages that can offer you these type of information. But remember that such posts only attempt to persuade you to become decisive. You have to choose yourself to become decisive. No books or blogs will be able to change you only you can change yourself!

Force yourself to become decisive

Yes, it may sound really cruel but this way works for some people who tend to over think. Instead of over thinking about something and depriving yourself from what you want, why not pursue what your heart wanted in the first place? It is not always about making the perfect choice, but knowing what your heart wanted and going for it.


Setting deadlines in every work you do is important. However, make sure that when you set deadlines for yourself you have made up your mind that you will follow it. In times of procrastination, remind yourself that you have to finish everything before the deadline! You could also give yourself a punishment in case you did not comply with your own deadline.

Analyze the situation you’re in

Ask yourself questions to further help you decide: Why do I need to make a decision? If I make this decision, who will be affected? Will my decision have an impact on someone? What supports the decision that I was about to choose? Try asking yourself next time you are in a dilemma.


If you are really having a hard time coming into a resolution, try asking your family, friends or colleagues that what they think about your dilemma. You can even ask them what they think about the decision that you are rooting for. You never know they might offer you the help that you always needed!

Assess the benefits

Determining the benefits or the rewards that you will receive in making a decision is probably the most effective tip in deciding. Of course, before deciding you will be weighing which choice has more benefits or reward for you! That way, you will know that your decision will be worth it.

Is it the right thing to do?

Ask yourself this question next time you are stuck between two choices. Follow which is more likely right for your rights and beliefs!

Plan B

In case things go not the way you have expected them to be, remember to always have a back-up plan. We cannot always predict the outcome of any decision that we make, so a plan B will always come handy in times like this.

Remember that we will always be making bad decisions, no matter how much we avoid it by taking time to decide. The ability to be decisive comes in two parts – ability to assess and evaluate your options and the courage to endure doubt and uncertainty.



Being decisive does not only help you in making your choices in real life but also in managing your website. How?

You save time

You save time by making a quick choice without taking too much time.

You save money

For those who are working on an hourly rate, this benefit will be for them. However, it can also be applied to those people who are working by projects. By being indecisive about what you wanted for your website, you are more likely to spend more and pay more money. Every time you change your mind and tweak what you have initially said, the web design agency will have to plan and re-do everything that they have started. Remember that taking too much time in this case will result in paying more!

You step up your A-game

Delay in your website means giving your competitors the time to launch theirs and taking all of your potential customers. Thus, the quicker you launch your new website, the better. So instead of deciding what font face to use, choosing the perfect logo design or deciding what special effect to have, step up you’re A-game and decide quickly!

You do not miss any opportunities

There may be times that you will be offered with countless opportunities to improve your website. Should I pursue this or not? What if this is a scam? What if this will be detrimental for my website? By taking too much time deciding, you might not know that you have already let some opportunities pass right before your eyes. Take the risk! However, remember to always weigh the benefits that you will receive or whether it will be beneficial for you and your website!

You give yourself a boost

Do you ever feel a heavy weight was lifted off of your shoulders after you have taken your decision? Or you feel anxious after making one? One of the ways where you can give yourself a pat at the back is when you have realized that you have made the right decision. This gives you a positive feeling that you may be able to carry to future dilemmas. Do not worry if you have made a bad decision since you have a Plan B, everything will be okay in the end.

So if you do not want to waste your time lavishly by sitting in front of your computer, stressing and prolonging a decision wherein the result is more likely be the same, make sure to hone yourself to become more decisive. Making a quick yet clear decision will save you time, money and effort also ensuring that your website is up and well.

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