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Invoice Your Clients Using WordPress Plugins

If you are earning your living using WordPress as a Content Management System, then you are probably involved with money management in one way or another. You need to report the financial transactions to the IRS.

How do you send invoices?

There are many software applications that allow to create and manage your invoices. Some people also create their own invoice templates using Excel or Word as they are unaware of the fact that WordPress can help them to invoice their clients just as easily, but providing them the same toolkit. You just have to install one of the WordPress plugins that will make it so much easier to deal with your financials.

WordPress Plugins to Invoice

Creating invoices is one of the cumbersome tasks for most of the people – especially small businesses owners trying to wear a dozen hats at the same time. The good news is that you no longer have to create your invoices manually or pay for an expensive separate desktop solution. Read the following post and learn how WordPress plugins can help you create your invoices.

Here is the list of the top 5 WordPress plugins that will help you to create your invoices from within the WordPress dashboard.

WP Invoice

The WP Invoice plugin is one of the popular plugins for creating invoices. It will help you to create invoices with the help of your site admin panel. You are able to easily send emails to your clients with the description of each invoice. Your clients will also get a downloadable link to your invoice. Using that link your clients can easily pay your bill using credit card or even with a PayPal account. After receiving the payment you will also be able to send a notification to your clients. This plugin is good for the SEO consultants, web developers, contractors or anyone who works on or manages WordPress websites and deals with clients.

This plugin also uses a user management database. So it can keep track of the contact and business details of your clients. The control panel of this plugin is very intuitive and user friendly.


Features of WP Invoice

  • Easy WP-CRM Integration
  • Improved invoicing searching and filtering
  • Possible to reassign Invoices to a different recipient
  • Per-defined Items
  • Helps to import invoices automatically from the plugin of Web Invoice
  • Latest user interface
  • Allows minimum payments and Split or even partial payments system
  • Comes with the receipt Page with the invoice log
  • Discount Line Items
  • Administrative adjustments
  • Receipt Templates
  • Custom Payment Entry
  • Customizable Invoice

Sprout Invoices

This WordPress Plugin for invoice management is one of the popular plugins that was designed by Sprout Apps. It is basically designed to assist the operators of business streamline. Both premium and FREE versions are available. The free version of this plugin also comes with tons of exclusive features. It comes with a high class invoice workflow and it also offers convenient payment interface. This WordPress Plugin also supports multiple gateways like PayPal and checks. WP Invoice will give you the flexibility to estimate and invoice for multiple clients. The template is fully customizable and you will also get a large number of management options for your clients.


Features of Sprout Invoices

  • Offers comfortable payment experience for the clients
  • Unlimited Invoices Option
  • Fully customize-able templates
  • Time Tracking as well as Projects Management
  • Easy Client management system
  • Offers awesome invoice and estimate workflow
  • Supports multiple payment system like PayPal, PO and Check
  • Unlimited Estimates Options without restrictions
  • Options to important Harvest, Freshbooks and WP-Invoice
  • Easy Payment management
  • Advanced Reporting System
  • Multi-currency support
  • Fully customizable notifications
  • Nested line items
  • Localization support
  • Deposit payment

WooCommerce PDF Invoice

This one is a professional and feature-rich WordPress Plugin dealing with invoicing customers. It also comes with premium support. This plugin includes some extraordinary features. It is possible to use this plugin for advanced invoice purposes, too.

Invoice documents have to comply with the regulation as well as the standards of accounting. It is a professional invoicing extension that will not only help you to manage your invoices, but also allow you to add additional features. This plugin is able to generate PDF invoices according to the orders of the customers. It provides you the ability to attach a specific email type. This plugin is now available with the sequential invoice as well as custom VAT rates.


Features of WooCommerce PDF Invoice

  • Process New Order type for the purposes of bookkeeping
  • Offers different invoice formats
  • Add the name of your company
  • Helps to upload company logo
  • Helps to add useful info about your company
  • Display customer notes
  • Add the vat rated of the company to display and calculate
  • Helps to attach PDF invoices according to the type of email
  • Sequential invoice numbers
  • For the invoice numbers it chooses starting point
  • Add the slogan of your company
  • Add the address of the company
  • Add the refunds policies
  • Display SKU
  • Translation ready

Simple Business Manager

It is an easy to use WordPress plugin to invoice clients that will allow you to manage your tasks easily. You will be able to track your invoices and keep your finances in order. This plugin also helps to generate letter templates or the clients and allows you to send them letter templates to the customers. It creates the report of a company, so it is possible to see expenses, deposits as well as finances of your company.


Features of Simple Business Manager

  • Creates the financial report of the company
  • Creates letter templates for the customers
  • Helps to track your invoices
  • Helps to manage the tasks in an order

Invoice King Pro

This is one of the popular WordPress invoicing plugins that helps customers to keep track of all of their clients’ quotes and invoices. It will help you to send invoices to your clients and you will also be able to view them like regular pages or posts.


Features of Invoice King Pro

  • Translation ready
  • Helps to track your invoices
  • Sequential invoice numbers
  • For the invoice numbers it chooses starting point

Bottom Line: Use a WordPress Plugin to invoice your clients which will definitely help you to manage your invoices. Now you will be able to save your time and manage your tasks easily.