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How Long Does a WordPress Project Take?

WordPress projects could vary in terms of complexity, size and development time. While small websites could be standard and could be built in weeks, more complicated solutions usually take months or over a year. Organizations and companies that rely on WordPress for their businesses have dedicated teams who are constantly working on improving their platform – and this could take as long as your business is active.

If you have specific deadline, working with a WordPress development agency could help you split the work among different team members and build parts of the project in parallel. This is not possible in some scenarios, but reducing the development time is possible with right planning.

Small projects usually take between 50 and 200 hours to build, larger ones are in the 200-1000 hour range, and massive platforms, university websites, large WordPress networks or SaaS solutions could use several thousand hours worth of design, development, management, system administration, bug fixing, enhancements and additional iterations.

A freelancer or a company employee can usually dedicate up to 30 hours a week effectively on a project. This varies on their availability and different blockers coming from the client – approving phases of the project, providing required resources or iterating through new enhancements.

WordPress development agencies could dedicate more depending on the number of developers available and the ability to build several modules at the same time. Realistically 60-250 hours a week could be spent by larger agencies which would speed up your project development.

As a rule of thumb leaving enough time for testing, bug fixing and final iterations is always good to ensure the high quality of the end product. We can discuss your specific requirements and let you know what would be a realistic timeline if you have a fixed launch date.

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