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Magic Words to Boost Your Ad Camping

Are you a marketing copywriter?

Every successful marketing copywriter uses some secret weapons to boost ad camping.

Some magic words have been characterized by late studies in behavioral financial matters, brain research and neuro-economics to engage buyer’s primal nature. These words effectively draw in customers at a subliminal level and build retailers chances of making a good deal.

You just have to do nothing but inject these magic words into the description of your eCommerce product and marketing copy.


In 2014, Social Media Marketer reports that 92% of organizations who expanded presentation in online networking, got 80% expansion in their web traffic. This demonstrates how imperative social networking is for organizations. What’s more, power words can bail them receive the best in return.

How are magic words connected in online networking and what are the right words to utilize? Here are some of these power words and how to utilize them to attain to your promoting objectives:

Personal Magic Words

Magic Words: You and Your

These two words are the most intense words in the English dialect. For most advertisers, these are more powerful than words like “Cash” or even “Porn” Your clients need to feel like you’re conversing with them specifically and “you” shows improvement over some other word.

Whether we like to let it out or not, we’re all somewhat egocentric. At the point when special promotional copy like item portrayals or advertisements, concentrate straightforwardly on us, a very powerful connection is made subconsciously.


In the event that you are excessively formal, and narcissistic, you won’t draw in a great deal of devotees. You can turn the tide by approaching your customer by utilizing the words “You” and “Your” on your substance. In opposition to convictions that these words make your post stooping, “You” makes your post agreeable and conversational. It helps all the readers feel like you know them actually.

Tips for YOU: Focusing the names of clients or customers, for direct messages or even mentions, gives more prominent associations with individuals. However, “You” and “Your” are sufficiently viable to use for general groups of onlookers.

Attention Grabbing Words

Magic Words: NEW, FREE and FAST

The initial phase in any advertising methodology is to stand out enough to be noticed. Using the words New and Free gets individuals’ consideration. You offer something they don’t have, so they get inquisitive in the event that they can profit them.

When you see “new” you subliminally think enhanced, energizing, and that the thing I need. As per a few behavioral brain science studies, new items, novel arrangements, and a feeling of experience attract customers to items with this “new” label.

“Free” – it is an effective enthusiastic trigger and a wellspring of silly energy. You realize that inclination you get at a smorgasbord, where you’re full yet you continue eating in light of the fact that it is free? Then again maybe each one of those free pens you took at the exchange demonstrate that you won’t utilize however you took them anyways? Intense stuff the word FREE is.


The words “Fast” and “Instantly” offer answers for individuals’ issue making it just as capable words.

Tips for YOU: Call to action, hashtags, status openings or Photographs are the perfect places to use these words. Note that these words very powerful as swords. Advertisers have misused these words, that it seems like a trick or fake when utilized excessively, so utilize them carefully!

Emotional Magic Words

Magic Words: Guaranteed

Guaranteed speaks to customers enthusiastic triggers like security and trust. It’s a security net – a guarantee made by a retailer to a shopper that they will be fulfilled by their buy.


Studies in behavioral financial aspects demonstrate that people attract misfortune. When you buy something there is the possibility of detecting the thing for some reason. Ensuring their buy lessens the likelihood of misfortune. In the event that they don’t care for the thing, they can return it.

Tips for YOU: eCommerce vendors ought to infuse their marketing copy with ‘cash back assurance’ and varieties like ‘guarantee’ on their item page.

Bottom Line: Do not underestimate the power of magic words. Besides satisfying them, it likewise enhances your online image. It represents your organization in a lighter range to support your internet marking.

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