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Magic Marketing Words to Boost Your Ad Campaigns

Magic Marketing Words to Boost Your Ad Campaigns

Are you a marketing copywriter? If yes, then you probably know that one simple, yet not-so-talked-about strategy to boost the effectiveness of ad campaigns – using magic marketing words that sell.

When it comes to boosting ad engagement and effectiveness, every successful marketing copywriter has some secret weapons up their sleeves. Ensuring that a prospect or a repeated client will notice your ad can be tricky. However, when you use a language that the human eyes and brain can easily spot and understand it becomes much easier.

Implementing copywriting power words in your ad copy creates the same magical experience as the famous “abracadabra” that magicians use. The idea is not to deceive the audience, but rather to draw their attention to the product and service you offer. So when used correctly, such phrases can certainly boost your sales and revenue.

Make Your Words Sell With Power Words!

How are magic marketing words connected to sales and ad effectiveness and what are the right words to use? Here are some of these copywriting power words and how to utilize them to achieve your ad objectives.

Personal Magic Words

Magic Words: YOU and YOUR

“You” and “Your” are two of the most powerful words in the English language. Using them can help make your clients feel like you’re conversing with them specifically and that you care about their needs, wants and preferences.

What is more, thanks to their informal tone, these magic marketing words help build strong customer relationships. By implementing “you” and “your” in your product descriptions or ad copy, you are showing your prospective and current clients that your product/service is specifically designed to solve their problems.

In fact, “you” pronouns make your post agreeable and conversational. It helps all readers feel like you really know them, which, in turn, creates a powerful business to client connection that can definitely boost your ad campaign’s effectiveness.

“You” makes your post agreeable and conversational. It helps all the readers feel like you know them actually.

Tips for YOU: Using names of clients or customers, for direct messages or even mentions, gives more prominent associations with individuals. However, “You” and “Your” are sufficiently viable to use for general groups of onlookers.

Attention Grabbing Words


The initial phase in any advertising methodology is to stand out enough to be noticed. Using the magic marketing words that grab the audience’s attention like NEW, FREE, LAST CHANCE, etc. can help you get prospects to really consider your offer. In fact, these words can indicate that your product/service might be something your customers don’t have, but should get ASAP, so they become curious about the benefits it can bring them.


When people see the word “NEW”, they subliminally think enhanced, updated, something I don’t have, but might need.,. According to a few behavioral science studies, new inventions, novel arrangements, and a feeling of experience attract customers to items with the “NEW” label.

In fact Design Life Hacks, states that there are 5 reasons why people buy NEW labeled products:
To Belong or Be Relevant. People inherently want to be part of the bigger picture and often do so by following current trends.

  • To Be Right or Not Be Wrong. Making a purchase out of pride either to share positive feedback, or wisdom why the item in question isn’t that good.
  • To Fulfill One of the Four Basic Needs. Health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, happiness.
  • To Have Security. When something is new or improved it gives the perception of high quality and less risks for the consumer’s wellbeing.
  • For Loyalty. Buying every product from a favourite brand.


The word “FREE” is an effective enthusiastic trigger and a wellspring of silly energy. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Getting something for free is why people like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet; take all the pens they can get their hands on from events; buy 3 items at the price of 2; and try grocery store samples. The feeling of getting a great bargain because of a free item is a real adrenaline rush for some, and certainly hard to resist by many.

Including the word FREE in your ad copy, and offering a product for free is one of the best ways to get your product to customers and gain their trust. People are more willing to try something new if they don’t have to pay for it. And if they have a good experience, psychologically they will feel some obligation to give back to your business in return. Whether they come back and buy the same or similar product, or recommend it to their friends, it’s a win-win situation for both sides.


Other copywriting power words, that can successfully grab your audience’s attention and help boost the effectiveness of your ad campaign, are words which indicate that the offer has an expiration date. For example, LIMITED OFFER, LAST CHANGE, GET YOURS NOW, etc.

Ad copy words like these create urgency, and nudge customers to convert and make a purchase. They are very effective at attracting first time or infrequent customers, can help increase customer loyalty, and can give you the opportunity to test new products/services that you might be thinking of implementing permanently.

Tips for YOU: Call to action, hashtags, status openings or photographs are the perfect places to use these words. Note that these magic margetic words are very powerful. Be careful to not overuse them, as it might make your customers feel like you’re trying to trick them.

Emotional Magic Words


Guaranteed is a copywriting power word that speaks to customers’ enthusiastic triggers like security and trust. A guarantee made by a retailer to a shopper indicates that the latter will be fulfilled by their purchase.

Studies in behavioral economics demonstrate that people are afraid of misfortune. When buying a new product, especially a high-investment one like a car, house, or enterprise software, there’s always a risk of something not working quite right. So by guaranteeing that your product will do what it’s supposed to and that you will support your customers pre- and post-purchase, they will be more likely to choose your business.

Tips for YOU: If you’re an eCommerce vendor make sure to include the magic marketing words ‘cashback assurance’ and varieties like ‘guarantee’ on your product and FAQ page, as well as in your shipping terms and conditions.

Bottom Line

Do not underestimate the power of magic marketing words in your ad copy. These not only help grab and retain your customers’ attention and boost your ad campaigns’ effectiveness, but they also help build brand awareness, trust and loyalty. So, use them wisely and make your ad copy stand out today.

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