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Secrets to Make Good Documentations for Web Developers

good documentations

Great documentation is difficult to compose. There are various structures in which documents can take for example, exceptionally broad or high-state diagrams, regulated walkthroughs, or auto-created records. Add this to different clients who may require your documentation – their diverse needs, learning styles, technical expertise – and you will presumably discover there is truly no single documentation format that will work for everybody.

Unlike writing codes for web development, documentation needs to be effectively digested by all. In fact, we need to decipher a machine code into a language that is reasonable to people, which is really harder than it sounds.

Advantage of Good Documentation

Despite the fact that it can be a genuine difficult, composition the documentation is imperative and will convey points of interest for your clients, your partners, and especially yourself.

Advantage 1: Good Documentation is Helpful for the Users

Good documentation helps the users understand how a code functions, clearly. Anyway, numerous web developers make this mistake and they write documentations that are not suitable for normal users. Thus, the documentation may be a very thin material, skirting a ton of the essentials it ought to have contained from the earliest starting point.


In the event that you are sagacious in the dialect, you can make sense of things all alone; on the off chance that you are not, then definitely you are lost.

  • Human friendly words is desirable over specialized terms or language
  • Examples of practical use will likewise be incredibly appreciated
  • A decent format would truly help clients look over every segment of the documentation without eye-strain

Example of Good Documentation: A couple of good examples are documentation for WordPress and Bootstrap.

Advantage 2: Good Documentation Helps Other Developers

Every web developer has his or her own coding style. However, in the matter of working in a group, we will regularly need to impart codes to the next partners. So it is key to have an agreement on a standard to keep everybody in agreement. An appropriately composed documentation would be the reference the group needs.


  • Not at all like end-client documentation, this documentation describes coding techniques like code-naming tradition, demonstrating how many web pages need to be built, and how the API meets expectations alongside the code illustrations.
  • You also need to compose the documentation inline with the code, which is also known as the remarks, to depict what the code is doing.
  • For the situation where you have new individuals joining your group later, this documentation could be a powerful approach to prepare them, so you don’t need to give them a one-on-one run down on your code.

Advantage 3: Good Documentation Helps the Coder

Your documentation can help you! Yes, funny but true. One surprising thing is that sometimes even the web developers themselves don’t appreciate the code that they have composed. This is especially valid in situations where the codes have been left untouched for a considerable length of time or even years.


A sudden need to return to the codes for some reason would abandon one wondering what was going ahead in their brains when they composed these codes. Nothing to be surprised, it is a common situation.

  • By documenting, you will have the capacity to get to the base of your codes rapidly and without disappointment.
  • It saves a lot of your time that can be spent on getting the progressions in.

Secrets to Make Good Documentation

Good documentation depends on several factors.

Factor 1: Never Thinks that Your Users Know Everything about Coding!

Users only know that they need to know! They do not know everything that you know. It is constantly better to begin from the earliest starting point paying little attention to the clients’ capability level.

How everything adds up in the documentation is composed with the point of view of a client, not a developer. Drawing closer your own documentation therefore will issue you a superior viewpoint in sorting out your own piece.

For Example


Factor 2: Follow Standard Structure of Coding

In including documentation that runs in line with the code, utilize the standard expected of the dialect. It is dependably a smart thought to describe each part of the coding, the variables, and in addition the value that is returned by the function. Here is a sample of good inline documentation for PHP.

* Includes custom classes to the array of super class.
* @param array $class Classes for the body element.
* @return array
function super_class( $class ) {
    // A class of web-blog to blogs with more than 1 web developers.
    if ( is_web_developer() ) {
        $class[] = 'web-blog';
    return $class;

add_filter( 'main_class', 'super_class' );

Factor 3: Graphical Documentation also Works Great!

Use graphical components, they talk superior to anything content. These media prove to be handy, especially in the event that you construct programming with graphical interface. You can include guiding components like bolts, circle, or anything that may bail clients toward make sense of where to go to perform the progressions, without mystery. Here is an example of graphical documentation.


Factor 4: Do not Write Comments as Subtitle

It’s anything but difficult to venture your own particular perspective that code is a remote dialect saw just by PCs, and that you are doing the reader an administration by clarifying what every line does in some type of human understandable language. On the other hand maybe you are doing it for the advantage of that non-software engineer administrator who will absolutely need to peruse your code.


See, not long from now, you will have the capacity to peruse code as effortlessly as your local dialect, and other people who will even look at it probably as of now can. By then you will acknowledge that it is so senseless to compose remarks like these.

Factor 5: Do Not Write Documentation as Art Project!

This is a negative behavior pattern spread by code tests in programing books and open source copyright sees that are edgy to make you pay consideration on them.

Web developers love to touch up their code to make it look great when their mind damages and they need something simple to accomplish for some time. It might be an exercise in futility, they wouldn’t be gainful in any case.

Here is an example of artwork that is NOT RECOMMENDED

art work

The inconvenience is that it makes a period squandering support assessment forced on anybody working with the code later on just to keep the really little box in place when the content demolishes the symmetry of it. Indeed, even website developers who loathe these header hinders have a tendency to take the time to keep up them on the grounds that they like consistency and each other technique in the web development has one.

Bottom Line: Finally, review your documentation for missteps and reconsider when necessary. Your documentation would be fruitless to anybody if not consistently redesigned close by your products.