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Tips to Create Killer Video Blogs

So you are planning to create your video blogs?

Did you know there are more than 40,000,000 blogs out there?

And more than 68% people connected with high speed internet love to visit video blogs or vlogs than regular blogs.

If you are planning to earn from your blog, then definitely video blogging is a cooler idea. Let’s see how you can create killer video blogs.

How to Create Video Blogs?

There are three basic approaches to film your vlog. Also, the first could be similar to this, on a smart phone, and utilize the product and the webcam that accompanies your portable computer or desktop PC at home.

A second approach to film your vlog is to utilize your handheld computerized cam like this. Turn it around and point it at yourself. “Howdy! I’m Mr X, making a vlog for”


A third approach to film your vlog is using your cellphone. In the event that your cellphone has feature ability, again quite recently turn it around, simple to use. For instance, “Howdy, it is Mr X! I worked a difficult day today and something truly insane happened. I’m going to vlog at this time and let you know about it.”

Tools to Create Video Blogs

Some tools can make your task easier than you think! Here are some useful tools and resources to make your journey smooth.

Windows Live Essential: This new suite has 11 essential applications, including Movie Maker, which gives you a chance to record features and include music and representation. You can spare the features as Windows Media records and transfer them specifically to Facebook and YouTube. You can shot, alter, and post your vlog in 10 minutes. The outcome will be fresh and beautiful.

Price: Free

FFMpeg: It isn’t one project however a gathering of free programming, produced for Linux yet that will work with Windows that you can use to record, stream and alter advanced feature and sound.

Price: Free

Jahshaka:This open source video editing software is the 1st of its kind. Utilizing OpenGL and OpenML it permits clients to edit videos, apply impacts, and make composites. It’s still a work in progress and will get to be much all the more full-emphasized later on.

Price: Free

WAX: This video editing tool is the best for the beginners. It is possible to complete general purpose editing with this tool. Clients will discover highlights to make 2D and 3D impacts, and the project can function as a module for other more extravagant programming like Sony Vega and Adobe Premiere.

Price: FREE

If you are ready to spend few more money vlog, then you can try following tools.

Apple iLife: Apple’s new video editing suite, incorporates enhanced iMovie creating software for shooting and editing feature. You can spare features as QuickTime records and post them straightforwardly on YouTube or Vimeo. You can design your vlog like a professional new cast with nifty transitions and twirling animation. It will not take more than 30 minutes to create one professional vlog!

Price: $49

PowerDirector: One of the most powerful applications is PowerDirector that offers a wide range of layouts and embellishments. You can present features specifically on YouTube and Facebook and fare them in a mixture of arrangements. It takes just 10 minutes to make and post vlog. This one is best for those who are very busy still want to spend some time to update their video blogs.

Price: $99.95

Preparation for Your First Video Blog

It is not as simple as brushing your teeth! Making a feature vlog, doesn’t simply incorporate creating substance.


The setup of your video is also very important. Is there a certain zone where you need to shot your video blog? To keep consistency, don’t change where you’re going to film your vlog. Do not make your audience confused.

  • At the point when making your vlog, remember the following tips:
  • Issue it the same title as that of your blog entry title.
  • All SEO Rules of composing an alluring title applies to video blogs
  • Keep your feature title length short – at most 70 characters
  • Include a Meta description of 100 words
  • Leave a connection to your blog entry under the feature portrayal
  • Add some tags, not more than 8
  • The Purpose of your vlog needs to be, to get the consideration of your guests, in the end conveying them to your website.
  • Continuously interlink your vlog by including grapple labels in YouTube or other channel.

Include some questions in your vlog and keep at least one question unanswered to make your audience watch the video again or search for your new vlog to get the answer!

Other most significant component of making your feature site incorporate the tools you are going to use. The tools you use can extend from webcam to video recorder, to sound to even the lighting you’re going to use to make excellent feature video. In case you’re contemplating utilizing your desktop to film your video web journal, consider using Camstudio or Camtasia or any of the above tools, to film on your desktop. The sound of your vlog is key. In the event that your viewers can’t comprehend what you are saying, then you aren’t furnishing them with any quality substance or data. You may lose your visitors. So produce quality vlog.

#Preparation 1: Choose a Theme

First and foremost, you will require a reason, or a subject, or even a theme for your video blog. Your video blog can have a wide range of uses, and can be made for different individual and different reasons.

#Preparation 2: Choose a web host for your Vlog

There are numerous free web benefits that will have your Vlog and rearrange the vlogging methodology. YouTube and Vimeo, both are very popular for video hosting. You can then use the channel page on the feature website as your vlog, or you can make a different site webpage – through WordPress or another administration – to implant your videos.

#Preparation 3: Choose a Name

Though content is more essential than the name, yet having an appealing yet simple to-recollect title can pull in more viewers and hold them returning.

#Preparation 4: Set Up Some Contents

You’ll presumably have the capacity to create a considerable measure of enthusiasm from your group of onlookers at in the first place, however in the event that you don’t include new content consistently people will lose interest and quit weighing in. In this way, before you run live with your Vlog, verify you have sufficient content to keep it going nicely. Editing can make your videos look more professional. Put in titles, credits and music. Also, the best approach to do that is to use free or premium editing software that accompanies most PCs. For instance, on the off chance that you have Windows, you can try Movie Maker. Also, if you have a Mac, you can try iMovie.

#Preparation 5: Post Videos

You can transfer your videos to the web and post them to your video blog. You can enhance the visibility of your videos by including great titles, labels and portrayal. Once you have edited your videos – or even not edited that videos at all – you need to impart it to the world. Now is the right time to transfer it to the internet! There are few separate ways you can do that. You can pick an expansive site with a ton of movement, in the same way as


YouTube has numerous vloggers much the same as you, imparting their considerations to the world consistently. The good thing is you may get a considerable measure of hits – lot of people will get the chance to see what you’re vlogging about.

#Preparation 6: Video Curation

It is the simplest approach to assemble an awesome video blog. You should simply discover features that other individuals have created that will be of enthusiasm to your gathering of people, and post them on your vlog.

#Preparation 7: Promote Your Vlog

To pick up a crowd of people for your vlog, you’ll have to tell the world that it exists!


You can do this through website accumulation locales, site improvement and great dated progression toward oneself.

#Preparation 8: Make Profit from Your Vlog

Contingent upon the contents, and where you decide to host your videos, you may have the capacity to profit from your vlog.


#Preparation 9: Keep it up!

To have a fruitful video blog you’ll have to ceaselessly make and upgrade your contents. In case you’re making videos around a subject that you love, try to make it up-to-date, informative and useful for the viewers.

How to Transfer Video Blogs to Your Laptop or PC?

Once you have recorded your vlog, you have to transfer the data to your PC. In the event that you have vlogged by talking straightforwardly into your webcam on your tablet or desktop, you’re good to go! It’s in there. Anyway in the event that you utilized a cellphone or a handheld computerized cam, you’ll have to join a cam with a cord to the PC. Most ordinarily, you will use a line that goes as a part of the base of your cam or the side of your cellphone, and join with the tablet or the PC through a USB port. Once you have connected your cam or cellphone to your tablet or PC, you will have to drag those documents that you vlogged from your cellphone or cam to your PC.

Bottom Line: Now you have the apparatuses! You are a vlogging master. So take your cam, film yourself, and impart your contemplations to the world.