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Top 5 WordPress PayPal Plugins that Make Accepting Payments Easier

Top 5 WordPress PayPal Plugins that Make Accepting Payments Easier

Payment options are a huge deal, especially when it comes to online shopping. Individuals have different preferences when it comes to payments, and as a merchant, you should be open to exploring these options.

So if someone asks you why you would want to install WordPress PayPal plugins”, you may come up with reasons such as the following:

  • You want to open an eCommerce store
  • You need to process some orders
  • You want to sell your products through your WordPress site.
  • Equipping your WordPress site with PayPal Plugins can lead to converting your customers easier than ever.

PayPal is a popular payment gateway that will give your potential customers access to pay money using it. Definitely, it will increase the chances of getting more sales. With any of these 5 WordPress PayPal plugins, you will be able to easily add this feature to your website with full ease.

There are hundreds of plugins out there that will provide you comprehensive eCommerce solutions, but these plugins are not the best fit for a small business owner. If you want to sell only a couple of products, have just a small-time operation, or just want to maintain a simple site structure, then you can stick to a simplified solution for your process. If you want to avoid the complexity, then hyper-focused PayPal plugins for WordPress would be best for you.

The best thing about these amazing WordPress plugins is the fact that they are free to use and extremely easy to install. Accepting payments is probably the biggest problem every e-Commerce business faces, especially when starting things up. With these plugins, you will be having the perfect solution for your e-Commerce needs. Just select the plugin which suits your needs, gives you peace of mind, and lets you concentrate on your customers more. Let’s dive straight in and find out more about these amazing PayPal plugins for WordPress.

5 Easy to Use WordPress PayPal Plugins

Here are 5 WordPress PayPal plugins that will provide straightforward and easy to use PayPal integration for your website.

#1 Simple WordPress PayPal Shopping Cart

It is all in the name! Simple WordPress PayPal Shopping Cart offers you a straightforward option to add an “Add to Cart” button to your website for the products that you want to sell. This is a lightweight plugin. Once it is installed, you can easily include the button on your posts or pages you want.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart
You can also customize the buttons or create a display box for your products, which easily integrates them to your post or page with shortcodes. Ask your developer to display this shopping cart in your theme so that users are able to see the number of items available in their cart. This functionality will also let customers change the number of their items as well on the fly.

This WordPress PayPal plugin will allow you to sell pretty much all kind of tangible products, services, or even media files that you want from your website. Choosing your payment method opens a pop-up for your customer to log in their account with. When the sale is completed, it will also send your customers a confirmation message providing the details of your purchase, as well as the  download link for your media sales. 

#2 WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

This WordPress plugin will give you another great option for accepting the PayPal payments on your website. Accepting payments for your services, products or even donations will be super easy with this plugin. You can add this in your posts, pages or in your sidebar.

WP Easy Paypal Payment Accept
After installing this plugin, you will be able to create Buy Now buttons as well as embed the buttons using shortcodes. While it is always a good idea to set up different buttons for different products or services, this plugin lets you add choices to your product . You can give the option of choosing variants off the same product or service, like color, size, and flavor. It will also let the users pick an amount they want to pay if you let them, making it good for donations. 

Some of its additional features are that it will let you create payment widget, open payment windows in new tabs, choose between image or text buttons as well as it will let you set up taxes.

#3 Easy Digital Downloads

Many businesses work with arts, scripts, code, and programs. With this plugin, your intellectual property can be published for your e-shop, while protected behind a paywall. No extra inputs from either you or your customers. Just the product, how you want to show it, and who is willing to buy it.

In your dashboard, you can create your downloads, add descriptions, add variant options, and set their price. Then it’s all a matter of setting up a menu or catalog. You can have singles, bundles, variants, and the option to use or skip the cart feature. 

There’s also a way to compile all the sales so that you can see how well your products are selling. It’s also powerful enough to include the option to redownload for already paid items, user agreement terms, and a choice to allow or ban certain payment methods.

These are what’s offered in the FREE version. They offer way more through extensions through paid versions.

#4 WordPress PayPal

This plugin lets you work with simple shortcode for an easy, pick-up-and-pay PayPal experience. All you need is to install, set up your PayPal account, and copy-paste their shortcodes to products you are selling. Once given a name and price, a predefined PayPal button will appear with the necessary information to send to Paypal via their website, where users can fill in the rest of their needed information.

You can set it up quite easily, since all you need is to insert the shortcode onto your page while you’re editing it. You can freely design around these buttons like any other block, and the prices and names are all in plain sight while you set it up. You also choose the type of button from what you copied, be it a subscription, single product, or something you can add to a cart.

Through your dashboard, the plugin will record and display which products are bought by which users using their PayPal account. Very little needs to be done, and it’d still look like trustworthy access to e-shopping.

#5 PayPal Buy Now Button

If you don’t want to bother with shortcode, you can try this plugin. All you need to do is set up your PayPal account and Currency. Using a PayPal Button option while editing your pages, you can have the plugin insert the shortcode for you. It’ll ask for a name and a price, and it’s all set.

Easy PayPal Buy Now Button
Clicking the button sends you to PayPal where the transaction can be completed under the safety of PayPal’s own systems. While it simplifies an already simple process, it also lets you choose in its settings how the PayPal page is called, which style of button to show, and what page to send your customers after the purchase.

It also has a PRO version that expands further this simple plugin into a small e-commerce plugin, complete with a central hub to track your buttons, discount and tax rates, and item quantities for multiple purchases.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of reasons to accept payments through the website. Being able to allow PayPal payments will open you up to more opportunities for increasing sales as well as meeting fundraising goals. These 5 WordPress PayPal plugins will give the options to choose the best plugin for your site.