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Top 5 WordPress Project Management Plugins

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform nowadays and the main reason behind is that it is easy to use as well as user-friendly. There is one more reason, you will get open and FREE sources. It comes with the plugin architecture that will allow the WordPress users to extend all the features easily.

The core WordPress platform is very effective, but when you will install the plugins it will make your WordPress site more powerful than ever. It will also add extra value to the users.

To make your project management task super easy WordPress comes with some awesome WordPress Project Management Plugins that will help you to extend the application and help you to fulfill the needs of your project management. Now you need not buy expensive or very complicated Project management plugins for your site.

Before reviewing the existing project management solutions on the market, make sure you confirm the different types of WordPress project management. Aligning your workflow is critical for selecting the right platform.


WordPress is not only good in managing your content but it manages your projects seamlessly – letting you concentrate where it matters the most. The best thing about WordPress is the fact that you can have multiple solutions to any problem and the same implies with project management. You can easily find a handful of good project management plugins online but if you’re willing to spend a few bucks – WordPress can get even better. The bottom line is, no matter what type or scale of business you have, you can find the best plugin for your project management needs. The rest of this article will cover the 5 best, free project management plugins so far.

WordPress Project Management Plugins

Below is a list of 5 recent as well as relevant WordPress project management plugins that will provide you the best project management features as well as functions.

Number 5: iProject Web

This WordPress project management plugin was last updated in 2013. However, this one is compatible with the version up to 3.5.2. Though this plugin is older if you compare it with some other plugins, however, it is very useful for the users as it gives the flexibility to manage your projects. This plugin provides some great features like tracking the status of all tasks, managing the role of all members and much more. It is very easy to use and it has already downloaded 10000 times.

Features of iProject Web

  • Professionally track the status of the status of the task
  • Manage email notifications
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Manage the advanced files
  • Professionally track the history of the tasks
  • Online help system facility
  • Advance data navigating system

Number 4: Orbis

Orbis promises not to disappoint you ever! This is a project management plugin and it was updated on March 2014. This plugin will offer you all the features that you are expecting from your project management tool. According to your business specification, it will also allow you to customize everything. This plugin is compatible with the version up to 3.8.3. Orbis also comes with CRM as well as intranet features. The core features of this plugin include business management, project management, and member management and also comment managements. It is downloaded more than 3000 times and it has got many positive reviews from the users.


Features of Orbis

  • Manage the members of your site and connect them to project and companies
  • Add your projects and tie the projects to the companies
  • Professionally add company intranets as well as add pages and posts to intranet

Functionality can easily be extended with the following plugins:

  • Orbis Tasks – It helps to add tasks to members and connect the members to your Projects
  • Orbis Keychains – It helps to save the passwords in a safe place
  • Orbis Timesheets – It helps to submit time and connect the project time to the projects

Number 3: TaskFreak

It is a FREE WordPress project management plugin. It was last updated in 2014 and this plugin is easily compatible with the version of 3.9.2. It also allows the users to follow the progress bar. It is downloaded more than 7000 times.


This project management plugin will allow you to manage all the tasks individually or even within any company, group, association as well as more. It will also help you to create your projects or even teams. You will be able to easily add the tasks and also assign rights to your users. This project management plugin will allow you to add attachments or even comments to your tasks.

Features of TaskFreak

  • Super easy to install
  • Offers full integration with the users of WordPress
  • Helps to create private or even public projects
  • Helps to integrate seamlessly with the themes of WP
  • All the users are associated with the tasks by the rules of WP

Number 2: CollabPress

CollabPress is also a god choice if you are looking for a FREE WordPress Project Management plugin. It has already been downloaded more than 50,000 times and it was last updated in 2013. This plugin is easily compatible with the versions of up to 3.5.2. It will not only help you to manage your projects but also will help you to manage all the tasks to the dashboard. You will be able to easily assign tasks to your users. It will allow the team members to make comments on the projects that is very useful for the operations of streamlining. It also helps to include group integration, helps to upload files, helps to get email notifications, give you a calendar view, and much more.


Features of CollabPress

  • Unlimited task lists, projects, and comments
  • Supports shortcodes of the front-end
  • Helps to upload files on task, comments, projects and task lists
  • Helps to get email notifications for latest comments and new tasks
  • Offers a great calendar view to gives asks on dates

Number 1: WP Project Manager

It one of the leading WordPress Project Management plugins because it is specifically designed only for project management. It is just like a base camp inside your WordPress site. The current version of the plugin is updated in 2014 and this plugin is easily compatible with the versions p to 3.9.2. It has already been downloaded more than 30000 times. You will get this plugin for FREE and if you need additional features, then you can also buy the pro version of this plugin. The pro version is best for a single site, enterprise site or even business site. Pro version will give you the facility to filter your projects by categories, you will get the support of forums, priority support and much more.


Features of WP Project Manager

  • Collaborates professionally with the team members
  • Helps to control the roles of user
  • Limits the visibility of the projects and assign creators
  • Track the milestones
  • Keeps related files in one place
  • Offers the facility to manage the projects from your site
  • Comes with a Calendar version that gives the users an overview of the list of projects
  • Helps to assign co-workers, managers and also clients
  • Manages project statuses
  • Helps to archive completed projects

Bottom Line: Above are the top 5 WordPress project management plugins, but there are hundreds of other plugins that will also help you to add extra features to your site. However, there is no confusion that these plugins will help you to make your project management task easier.