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Vital Signs Your e-Commerce Site Needs a Revamp

Does your e-Commerce site need a makeover?

Not sure? Well, consistently eCommerce stores add flare to their sites to show they are in the occasion spirit. This is a simple approach to boost their sales. It also helps to get them more traffic. A right-fit makeover will definitely catch the attention of your customers.

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But how do you know your eCommerce site really needs a revamp? Here are some vital signs that will give you the answer.

5 Signs Your e-Commerce Site Needs a Revamp

Beyond giving leaflets of items, organizations need to cultivate different purchasing ventures crosswise over channels. They should focus on utilizing content to drive engagement and creating a good relationship.

Not all eCommerce websites are there yet. It’s the ideal opportunity for many eCommerece sites to take a medication. The following are some signs that your eCommerce site requires a revamp.

Number 1: Your Rival’s e-Commerce Site Looks Better Than Yours

The opposition can decide when your site needs a makeover, essentially on the grounds that they have a superior looking site than you do. Also if they have new components that customers really love, then definitely you should think about a revamp.

Your competition is dependably a decent sign of how well your business is getting along. It is an awesome gauge for you to pit yourself once more. Your competitors give you a look at how the business sector is getting along. It is hard to mislead yourself that you are essentially losing activity since “It’s not the right time for me,” or “The economy is awful,” when your opposition is making good sales. So if your eCommerce site looks sad, it is the ideal opportunity to do some makeover!

Number 2: Not Mobile Friendly

As per, about 66% of the U.S. populace has a smartphone with Internet access and they utilize these gadgets to direct the lion’s share of their online hunts.

A Google overview found that:

  • More than 74% of guests will probably come back to portable sites
  • 61% were prone to leave if a site was not portable, and
  • 67% will probably purchase at an eCommerce site that is mobile friendly

In Sizmek’s yearly Global Benchmark Report, the shift towards more versatile inviting organizations utilizing HTML5 is basically emphasized as a standout amongst the most vital changes in computerized promoting during 2013. However, in 2016 the ratio is high enough.


Progressively, your customers are not sitting front of laptops and desktops. Rather, they are on the go, and they are getting to your site from their cell phones.

What does that mean for you? On the off chance that you do not give your customers what they need, they will go somewhere else.

Number 3: Old Programming

Old is gold – but not always! Right click on your site and select the View Source. Does your site still utilize shortsighted codings like tables and HTML? Does your site appear as though it was outlined in the 1990s? On the other hand, would it say it was truly outlined in the 1990s and you have practically allowed it to sit unbothered all these years?

Despite the fact that HTML is still the essential programming language for all coding, there are strict style and code constraints that HTML basically cannot do. It is beyond past the programming limitations. More up to date programming languages take into consideration

  • More adaptable sites,
  • Better site design, and
  • Navigation and a more alluring interface

This is one of the best and most exceedingly awful parts of the Internet. On one hand, quick development implies that you defeat new technology readily available at all times. Then again, it implies that you must be really mindful of new upgrades to tech all the time and exploit it when you can.

In the event that your e-Commerce site still keeps running on tables, frames, and HTML, then you unquestionably require a makeover. Your site also needs a restorative upgrade as well.

Strategy 4: You Are Not Engaging Your Customers

Whether they will, at last, make their buy online or offline, today’s clients require considerably more than the 4 P’s to settle on their choices , In Addition, 70% of buyers settle on these choices on the web. The old value, spot, advancement, and bundle equation no more cuts it. Clients need to know the story behind their item or how it can fit into their way of life. As Forrester’s Jeff puts it so fittingly:

“Individuals do not get tied up with your item. They become tied up with your way to deal with tackling their issue.”


A convincing eCommerce site ought to encourage engagement with the item before the deal. Furthermore, that implies tending to the higher need of the customers and clients. Also, content Marketing has at long last come to the eCommerce space. Whilst a few retailers just see the advantage for SEO, others have comprehended that the far greater advantage of Content Marketing lies in achieving clients prior to their purchasing cycle. It is also important to position your eCommerce brand as a trusted counselor.

Strategy 5: Web Traffic is Declining

Are you losing your customers? Don’t know why?

Your investigation reports are showing that client drop-off has spiked and deals are going down. This implies you have to pinpoint the issue and makeover the site detail.

An expert web developer can not only patch up the look of your web page to give your clients and customers a fresh experience, additionally, helps you pinpoint the drop-off causes. It could be an orphaned page, deadlocks, dead connections or just a site outline that no more attracts the customers.

Your web developer can help you modernize a more established site or redesign a tasteful site into something breathtaking.

Other Common Signs Your e-Commerce Site Needs Makeover

  • Slow Response

Does your site take a few moments to load every web page? In the event that your load time is longer than three seconds, your site should be redesigned. Your customers do not have enough time to wait for your page. They need a quick response.

  • You Are Not Being Social

Facebook, Twitter? What’s that? If you have not got an online social presence, then you are missing chances to communicate with your clients and customers. Fortify discussion with the customers through sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. Give your image a voice and consider discussions with clients.

  • High Bounce Rate

Did your site once produce heaps of leads and currently nothing? This is another flawless case of an out-dated e-Commerce site. High bounce rates run as one with the loss of leads. It may be the case that the content of your site is outdated or unappealing.

  • Your Content is Back Dated

Your site needs to have the most upgraded data on it. Backdated content will not only hurt your SEO, it will not engage new guests.

  • It’s Been More Than 5 Years Since You Fixed Your Site

Preferably you need to redesign the content on your e-Commerce site every six months to a year. However, for a site that does not change much, you can redesign it every 3 years. In the event that it has been any more than that, then it is the ideal opportunity for that revamp!

Bottom Line: What used to be the latest e-Commerce site configuration could now be just a blemish. Your site is the life of your online business.


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