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Watch These Kids as They Learn How to Code from Robots!


Most people who are into tech love robots. Imagine having your own robot and learning how to code from it? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Now thanks to Dash and Dot, you can. These robots are especially designed to teach coding through various interactive game-like activities.

Dot and Dash are adorable little robots that can help your little ones (or not so little!) learn the art of coding. Kids all across the globe are now learning the power of innovation and technology.

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“Dash and Dot are interactive, cute little robots that help kids write computer programs through an app called “Wonder” “.

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Brains Behind the Bot

Vikas Gupta is the brains behind these innovative robots. His inspirational story started in India and took him all the way to Silicon Valley.  Vikas was born in Chandigarg, India, He had always been interested in IT, even from an early age. He learnt how to code when he was in high school. He immigrated to the USA in 90’s. It was at this time that he began mastering the art of coding. He also became the head of Amazon’s web services team. Eventually, Gupta decided to quit his job. He started his own company, Jambool, similar to Bitcoin. The company was later acquired by Google.

After the birth of his daughter in 2012, he and his wife decided to quit their jobs to travel around the world…and create what are now known as, “Robots that make sense”.

These robots are designed to help a child’s creativity by engaging with them emotionally.

“We also wanted it to be something kids could imagine as anything — we didn’t want it to be something they were already familiar with like a four-legged animal or two-legged human — so it has three legs…and one eye.” – Gupta

How Do They Teach Code?

The best thing about these robots is that kids learn coding without actually having to sit down and study it. This means that they learn the basics of coding while playing with the robots. Through an app connected to your tablet or a smartphone, your children can control the movements of Dash and Dot by using simple coding steps. There are hundreds of programming/coding adventures (exercises), kids can try with these innovative bots. These adventures are designed to enhance their coding skills – step-by-step.


With Dash and Dot, you don’t have to worry about expensive batteries – just put them on charge and forget about it the rest of the day.  Dash and Dot are reasonably priced at $250. They have also received the National Parenting Award in 2015.

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