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Development Services for Local News Sites

  • Seamless editorial experience

  • Publisher-focused SEO

  • Core web vitals optimizations

  • Traffic and audience Optimization

Looking for a full-stack team determined maximize your revenue and profit margins, and solve technical challenges? We are the right fit!


Reliable and Scalable WordPress Platform

Imagine to get a complete hands-off and focus on business growth!

We work fast and we work smart. Our goal is to focus on what we do best –
growing your publishing business at wild scale.

What's In It for You?

Delegate your technical needs completely and focus on business objectives.

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AdOps Team at Your Disposal

Devrix manages more than 15 high-traffic magazines, blogs and entertainment websites with hundreds of milions of combined monthly visitors. We Merge the WordPress Core expertise with AdOps services to tackle traffic generation, UX and profitability.

  • Track

  • Measure

  • Analyze

  • Grow

Having implemented varius A/B testing methodologies - UTM tagging, get parameter, A/B testing within the editor dashboard, utilizing Cloudflare, Google Optimize test implementations - we love constantly test and improve ad performance.

  • Constantly optimizing with A/B testing methodologies
  • Google Data Studio reports
  • Custom Altering System
  • Media Buying Tools

Speed and Usability

Site load times and the ability to handle high traffic

Anyone can solve the annoying CSS bug on your Contact Page, but what about your real, painful digital struggles?

DevriX is building winning high-performance platforms at scale, allowing you to increase your traffic and results regardless of heavy content and media add-ons.

  • All that with reduced hosting cost
  • 0.000 CLS
  • Industry best Web Vitals
  • Astonishing Lighthouse reports

Case Studies

Obsev is a publishing site that hosts particularly viral entertainment and cultural commentary stories.

In November of 2018, they were doing significant traffic (30MM+ page views per month) and hitting a wall with scaling challenges. With these performance issues limiting their growth it was imperative that we get them through the wall and remove the scaling barrier that was capping their growth and damaging their brand. Fast forward to today and they’ve more than quadrupled the traffic levels that were hobbling the site before.

Multisite Migration

RPS achieved

More than
quadrupled Traffic


Here is how WordPress retainers proved to be the optimal website redesign solutions.

Density is a B2B company which solution tracks anonymously how people use buildings and in-door spaces based on deep learning algorithms. Our task was to build a brand new corporate site used to present and sell the company's services and products and replace the one published on their domain at that time. Their current site was static and could not be updated easily but our team succeeded to launch the new site’s primary version within three weeks. Shortly after that we pushed live Webinars and Blog features, tasks like documents (PDF), more advanced work with Marketo forms, the Customers post type, and the Support page.

Corporate website development

From a static website to a WordPress CMS platform

Development work supporting the sales process

All Hip Hop

Greg Watkins, founder of, shares valuable insights about his work experience with DevriX.

We established a strong working relationship with the company in 2020, which lead to us building their new arbitrage-based platform, creating a custom header-bidding stack to monetize paid traffic.

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Development and Reviews

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Scalability and Engineering

Your Long-Term WordPress Partner

Having built hundreds of scalable solutions for small to enterprise clients, our WordPress development company is fluent in WordPress.