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Lachezar Gadzhev

Back-end Developer

Hey, Lachezar Gadzhev here, a Backend Developer at DevriX.

My first programming language is PHP, but I am also experienced in JavaScript. As the lead developer for one of the top US-based publishing companies out there, every day of my work is an incredibly dynamic challenge and a great experience at the same time. Responsible for most of the tech and AdOps implementations for these accounts, I gain experience that could only dream about at the beginning of my career. Try to work for a company with more than 9 000 000 monthly views traffic and get bored, I guarantee you – you can’t!

Other than that, I’m trying to be a better version of myself each day by developing React and Laravel based apps, playing tennis, and swimming. My childhood passion in tech, becoming a real career since 2018 after an intensive course at IT Talents, makes me proudly saying “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

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