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Our Team

Our team is distributed across the globe and we are incredibly happy that our remote culture allows us to work with motivated people, eager to learn and apply their skills in high-end projects, internal products and business development.

Mario Peshev CEO
Stanko Metodiev CTO
Radostina Tsvetkova Business Marketing Lead
Rolly Bueno Senior WordPress Developer
Yovo Kolev QA Lead
Bojidar Valchovski Junior Tech Lead
Yulia Oleynik Head of Project Management
Todor Manoilov Backend Developer
Vladislav Abrashev Backend Developer
Martin Mitrev QA
Lachezar Gadzhev Backend Developer
Stanislav Kaschiyski Ad Ops
Emil Docev Backend Developer
Hristina Bacheva Product Growth Marketer
Plamen Georgiev WordPress Technical Support
Kiril Georgiev QA
Iliya Tanev QA
Hristina Dimova Personal Digital Assistant
Stanimir Georgiev Junior Front-End Developer
Nadezhda Tancheva Digital Content Writer
Maya Petkova Content Writer
Anita Nenova Front-End Developer
Mariela Kashukeeva Outreach & Link building
Neycho Kalaydzhiev Backend Developer
Aleks Ganev Backend Developer
Aleksandar Kostov Intern
Evgeniya Dimitrova Project Coordinatior
Monika Todorova Project Coordinator
Nevena Ivanova Project Coordinator
Maria Mincheva Marketing Coordinator
Aleksandar Dimitrov Front-End Developer
Ivaylo Yotov Front-end Developer
Nikolay Yovkov Web Developer
Mario Soltariyski Intern
Martin Nestorov PHP Developer
Hristo Aleksandrov Backend Intern
Antonio Kasabov PHP Intern
Valentina Goranova (Aya) Office Assistant
Milena Velikova HR Assistant
Elena Atanasova Marketing Coordinator
Mara, the beast Community Manager