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Tutorial Category: Marketing

Tools and Techniques to Visualize Data Like a Pro

Tools and Techniques to Visualize Data Like a Pro

In today’s digitized world data visualization technologies and techniques are crucial for analyzing huge amounts of statistics and making evidence based decisions. These enable professionals from many fields to present information and data in a graphical format and pull insights from it. Data visualization enables businesses and organizations to communicate information in a universal manner. Read More

How to Thrive in a Subscription-Based Marketplace

The ‘old’ product economy was all about transactions – shipping goods, getting new customers and charging for one-time exchanges. Today, a new era is taking stage where the spotlight is on building better long-term customer relationships. It’s the rise of a new global phenomenon called the subscription-based marketplace. Subscription business models are rooted in the Read More

6 Tips to Help You Master Marketing Automation@2x

6 Tips to Help You Master Marketing Automation

Automation is a marketer’s best friend. Well, or at least it should be. When thinking about optimizing marketing processes most businesses usually stop at email automation and never look further. But in reality, marketing automation can really boost your campaigns and improve performance. In fact, there is so much more that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Read More