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Tutorial Category: Marketing


The Secret Power of Smarketing

There is a great love story to tell about sales and marketing. They are two different teams with an odd level of uniqueness between them. When tied together, these two can make bridges and scale walls. An organization can achieve great things with the power of Smarketing. Let us look carefully at how these two Read More

email marketing stats

[Infographic] 24 Fundamental Email Marketing Stats

Email marketing is an invaluable asset to marketers everywhere, and there are stats to prove it. For instance, did you know that for every $1 spent, email can bring in $44? That’s substantial ROI. Campaign Monitor, an email service provider, has created 24 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know which contains helpful and insightful Read More

The Role of Digital Marketing in Building a Better Brand Experience & PR Strategy

The role of digital marketing in today’s fast-changing media environment is considered a threat to many traditional marketers. However, that’s not true. The digital techniques used in marketing and communication are simply faster, more streamlined, practical and versatile than traditional paper-based marketing. This write-up is not about the general benefits of digital marketing. It’s about Read More

marketing automation tools

Top 25 Marketing Tools

The ever-changing needs and preferences of customers nowadays are becoming more difficult to fulfill. One way or another, there has to be something a marketer or business owner can do to cope with these challenges. In the digital world, Marketing Tools could be one of the answers to this problem. The automation of processes in Read More