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Tutorial Category: Marketing

Brand Experience A Comprehensive Guide

Brand Experience: A Comprehensive Guide

In a marketplace flooded by companies selling the same thing in different packaging, brand experience is what makes all the difference to the customer. Brands that deliver additional value along with their products, going beyond their features and functionality, are the ones who can retain the audience’s attention and earn their loyalty. What Is Brand Read More

Social Listening Made Easy Best Tips and Tools to Use

Social Listening Made Easy: Best Tips and Tools to Use

Building a strong online presence and following are must-haves for any successful digital marketing strategy. People are constantly online sharing photos on Facebook, posting stories on Instagram, twitting their thoughts on Twitter, and showing off their professional accomplishments on LinkedIn. So, to build a great brand image and strengthen your customer relationship, you need to Read More

The 6 Rules of Successful Brand Consistency

The 6 Rules of Successful Brand Consistency

Although a brand is a commercial entity, people tend to transfer anthropomorphic qualities to it – they perceive it and refer to it as if it was another human being. That’s why in marketing we often talk about brand personality, brand identity, brand voice, and etc. And similarly to communication, people find qualities related to Read More