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WordPress Community Contributions

Over the course of the past 13+ years we have delved WordPress from the inside out, continuously developing our competence in both its technical stack and the community - both integral components of the platform running over 43% of the Internet.


DevriX and WordPress logos

DevriX & WordPress

DevriX is an active part of the WordPress community.

As dedicated contributors to the WordPress community, we actively engage in its development. We submit patches to the WordPress Core, create free plugins and themes, help with WP translation, and provide support in the forums.

Our expertise in using WordPress as a web development framework enables us to build high-scale web applications and tackle large projects. By actively participating in the WordPress ecosystem, we aim to enhance its functionality, accessibility, and user experience for the benefit of the entire community.


Join forces with a dedicated team of WordPress contributors and software engineers.

Our Pool of Free WordPress Plugins

Having built hundreds of WordPress plugins for clients, we are actively giving back through WordPress contribution by submitting some of our extensions to the plugin repository. Here are some of our free WordPress plugins!

Easy Image Gallery
Offer Calc
DX Localhost
DX Delete Attached Media
Mario Peshev
DX Category Reports
Activity Notifications for BuddyPress and HipChat
Stanko Metodiev
DX Plugin Base
Mario Peshev

WordPress Contributions

Our team has in-depth experience with more than a hundred WordPress projects. We contribute back to WordPress โ€“ the Core, themes, plugins, and patches to various projects โ€“ value the code quality and strive for higher technical standards.

WordPress Contributions

Stanko Metodiev at WordCamp Sofia 2023

Driving the Community Forward

We have co-organized WordCamps, meetups and WordPress Contribution Days around the world, participated in debates and round tables regarding the future of CMS and WordPress.

Contributor Days and Hackathons

We mentor new contributors and help business owners and beginner users interested in WordPress. Additionally, we hack together with other activists heavily involved with the development and growth of WordPress.

Contributor's Day

Our Services

  • WordPress Services

  • Business Consulting and Growth

Technical WordPress Development

We build large platforms, media websites, multisite networks, SaaS solutions, extensible plugins and more.

Our WordPress developers ensure reliable infrastructure on a code and server level that could scale grow in the long term.

Design and Front-end Development

Our designers have crafted mockups, logos, banners, landing pages and assets for some of the largest international companies.

Additionally, we’ve authored dozens of fast, secure and beautiful WordPress themes and templates.

Server and Website Maintenance

We cover server management, automation, staging server setup, optimization, scalability, chained deployment.

Ongoing maintenance, monitoring and continuous deployments are also an inseparable part of our retainer plans.

Business Consulting

Partnering up with a full-service WordPress agency allows you to delegate a diverse range of activities.

We assist with business and marketing consultancy, depending on the specific target market and project needs.

Data and AdOps

Taylormade data reports can help you read your analytics better and made proper decisions.

Having an AdOps team at your disposal helps you monetize your content and ensure a proper PPC strategy that suits your needs.

Design and Marketing

Brand positioning. Content marketing. Creative campaigns. Website design. Promotional landing pages.

Extend your internal marketing team with the specific know-how based on our experience with diverse European brands.

WordPress Development Contributions

Over 70,000 web development hours dedicated to making the WordPress Core better.

  • 565 Custom Plugins Developed
  • 50 Open Source Plugins
  • 104 Custom 3rd Party APIs Integrated
  • 10 Software as a Service Platforms
  • 11 WordPress Core Contributors
  • 13 WordPress Community Contributors

Your Long-Term WordPress Partner

Having built hundreds of scalable solutions for small to enterprise clients, our WordPress development company is fluent in WordPress.