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WordPress Migration

Whether you want to move your existing WordPress website to a new host or if you want to migrate from a third-party or a proprietary content management system, our team of experienced engineers and developers can help you.

With background experience in Java, Python, .NET and other languages and platforms,
over the years we have helped Fortune 500 companies migrate to more powerful hosting environments as well as built WordPress-driven solutions to power their businesses.

Migrating Your Website from Third-Party and Proprietary CMS to WordPress

Thanks to our diverse programming background, we can help you convert your platform to WordPress. Depending on your current platform, we will suggest a plan to migrate it to WordPress. As a part of this process, we can transfer the existing content to WordPress or we can rebuild the entire platform from scratch, keeping the best coding practices in mind to ensure your new WordPress website is fast, stable, and secure.

Database and Server Migrations

Our team of backend engineers can handle migrations across databases, easily moving your data from one database management system to another while preserving all your entries and maintaining the integrity of the database.

If your existing server cannot handle the website’s load, we can handle and execute a server migration and move your site to a VPS, dedicated server, or a cloud server. We do so by analyzing the resource usage of your existing website, identifying bottlenecks, and suggesting a viable hosting plan.

Migrating to a New Hosting Vendor

Our team can migrate your existing website to a new hosting vendor if you’re not happy with their service or if their existing packages don’t meet the demands of your site. Before migrating your site, we will examine your site to determine the exact needs and move it to one of our reliable hosting partners.

An Example of the Migration Process

One of our projects involved migrating a custom platform built atop Zend framework and originally developed in 2005 to WordPress. The project involved migrating the database with close to 100,000 entries from PostgreSQL to MySQL as well as rebuilding the platform entirely in WordPress.

After initial discovery calls, our development team analyzed the existing database and migrated all the entries to WordPress, reassigned new users to existing roles, and ran hundreds of tests with sample data to find the proper algorithm. This was followed by multiple sequential iterations, to allow for reverting of any given step in case of a mapping error. ID mapping and attachment allocation tasks were done in between steps or as additional patches after the migration has been completed entirely.

The project also involved migrating to a new server, a process that allowed us to implement various optimization techniques on a server level as well as a custom toolset for monitoring traffic and data consumption, analyzing logs to ensure a smooth user and website experience for both the visitors and the website owners.

Best Practices for Successfully Migrating Your Site

Our team can take care of your hosting setup, WordPress migration, and optimization of the site for speed and security.

1. Initial Discovery Call to Determine the Scope of Migration

Before we begin working on your project, we will conduct the initial discovery call to determine the scope of migration. We will work with you to establish the size and popularity of your site as well as determine where your current platform is failing in terms of performance.

2. Executing the Migration

If you require a database migration, we will analyze your current database structure and your existing platform and recommend the best possible solution.

For server migrations, a few of the deciding factors such as site traffic and size will determine whether a VPS, dedicated server or cloud server would be the best choice.

And if you need a new hosting vendor, we will recommend a trusted provider experienced with the type of setup your website needs.

3. Taking Care of the Hosting Setup

Throughout the project duration, we will take care of your hosting setup. Our technical team will recommend one of three possible solutions, depending on the needs of your website.

A Combination of Regular Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting for Smaller Sites

If you have a smaller website that doesn’t receive much traffic, our recommendation is a combination of managed WordPress and regular hosting. This type of hosting includes several optimization techniques necessary to improve site speed and user experience while providing its users with high-security protection.

Highly Optimized And Secure Servers for Medium Websites

If your website needs more than what is provided on a shared hosting plan, our team will collaborate together to build a server stack for your site, using VPS or cloud services.

This will allow us to ensure your site is hosted on a powerful server able to handle a significant traffic load but also to set up a staging area where we test all the changes and updates before pushing them live to your site. We also implement custom monitoring services to ensure your site has the maximum amount of resources available whenever possible.

Dedicated Servers or Cloud Services for Large Websites

For clients that have large websites, we recommend a dedicated server or cloud services. As a part of our process, we dedicate a significant amount of time to plan, setup, and configure your infrastructure as well as provide management services and best coding practices to ensure security and stability.

When your site requires scaling, we can employ load balancers and mirror servers to ensure your site is always accessible.

4. Advice on Business and Marketing Strategy

Throughout the project duration, we can advise you on your business and marketing strategy and help you drive more traffic, generate more leads, and achieve the best possible ROI.

5. Maintaining Your Site with Ongoing Updates and Support

Once your platform has been successfully migrated, we can assist you with ongoing support and development to ensure your platform remains secure and scalable while providing your visitors with the best possible experience. We believe in a long-term business relationship so we will continue to work on your platform to provide you with additional features and speed optimizations.