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  • Monetize
  • Scale
  • Speed

The WordPress Agency for Publishers

DevriX provides the technical partnership to scale from thousands to hundreds of millions monthly page views.

Focused on building reliable, high-performing and scalable platforms for the publishing industry.

We help our partners maximize their revenue and profit margins, and solve persistent technical challenges. We work fast and we work smart. Our goal is to focus on what we do best - constantly growing your publishing business.

We intervene in some horror stories and fix them up!

Group photo of the DevriX Team

The Dream Ad Stack

We deliver results with ROI in mind

  • Custom Prebid.js builds from scratch

  • Prebid Wrappers optimizations

  • Integration of Amazon A9

  • Lazy loading, ad refreshes, sticky ads

  • Prebid video

  • Prebid server

We deliver results with ROI in mind. As part of your monetization mix, we are maximizing revenue through programmatic ads and header bidding.

Continuous scale of your business results by an advanced method of programmatic ad buying helps to expand ad exchange opportunities.

We have tested dozens of stacks over billions of page views - RTK, Sortable, Ezoic, AdApex, to name a few, but also building and maintaining simple, lightweight and efficient pure Prebid.js implementations.

Speed and Usability

Get a blazingly fast website

  • Industry best Web Vitals
  • Astonishing Lighthouse reports
  • 0.000 CLS
  • Even faster with React.js
  • AMP
  • All that with reduced hosting cost

Anyone can solve the annoying CSS bug on your Contact Page, but what about your real, painful digital struggles?

DevriX is building winning high-performance platforms at scale, allowing you to increase your traffic and results regardless of heavy content and media add-ons.

Pushing your website’s performance to the edge is more important now than ever.

Join WordPress for Publishers

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Our Work

Over 2 Billion Monthly Impressions Served

Over 800 mil.

monthly pageviews

9 Site Rebuilds

with Lighthouse publisher score above 90

4 Custom Ad


11 WordPress

Core contributors

4 A/B Testing


7 Data Reporting


4 Ad Wrappers

implementation optimizations

78 Third-Party


24 Different Page Layouts

3 Custom Trading Functionality Features

Case Studies

Arbitrage or Loyal Readers

Or have you tried both?

  • BigQuery data with real time reporting
  • Engaging layouts for high PPS
  • Quizzes that entice readers and monetize
  • High RPS
  • Improved navigation and search
  • Decreased Bounce Rate
  • SEO for publishers
  • Affiliate, conversions and tracking

You are into securing those short-term profits right away or have started building a brand name in the publishing space - we understand the differences for your business processes and align our strategies and prioritization together.

Based on experience with testing dozens of layouts across different traffic channels, we have a deep understanding of the field of arbitrage players, with plenty of experience in maintaining high RPS and lower CPC, complying with platform requirements.

Working with already established brands on the other side also helped us learn how valuable the understanding of your audience demographics is, and how a proper Google Analytics setup can change the way Newsrooms work.

Ad Ops Team at Your Disposal

Having implemented various A/B testing methodologies - UTM tagging, get parameter, A/B testing within the editor dashboard, utilizing Cloudflare, Google Optimize test implementations - we love to constantly test and improve ad performance.

  • Constantly optimizing with A/B testing methodologies
  • Google Data Studio reports
  • BigQuery data storage
  • Custom Altering System
  • Media Buying Tools

DevriX manages more than 15 high-traffic magazines, blogs and entertainment websites with hundreds of millions of combined monthly visitors. We merge the WordPress Core expertise with Ad Ops services to tackle traffic generation, UX, and profitability.

Our Tech and Ad Ops teams work closely with our talented SEO and inbound marketing experts to ensure each part of your publishing business is covered - from monetization to maintaining and growing a successful brand.

Collecting user behavior metrics while coherent with the laws applied to you, is essential for your advanced tracking processes. With that in mind, our team implements key web technologies such as advanced Google Analytics tracking, BigQuery, the Google Analytics Prebid Module or any other custom tool you might be willing to use in your stack.

Team of Niche Experts

Get access to a diverse team of publishing industry talent on a monthly retainer tailored to your current business needs.

  • Developers with deep knowledge of the media
  • Technical Project Owners you can rely on
  • Designers with an eye for the detail
  • Ad Ops superstars to watch your monetization
  • Extensive QA process
  • Zen PMs to plan and align work

Focused both on boosting your revenue and achieving long-term results, DevriX takes over the entire technical stack and involves a diverse team of talented Ad Ops, Dev Ops, UX, Marketing, Creative, and Project Management experts you can trust.

While building a high-performing web platform is not a one-off project, your team at DevriX takes ownership in your goals dedicated to your continuous growth.

Join WordPress for Publishers and Start Growing Today!

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