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Do You Already Run a Publishing Business?

Then it is time for you to grow.

We scaled more than 10 publishers in the year of 2018 alone, allowing them to scale from thousands to hundreds of millions of monthly page views, maximize their revenue and cut down on recurring costs. We intervined in some horror stories and pulled through!

Here is a sneak peek of the challenges you will learn about in this email series:

  • Maximizing revenue through programmatic ads and header bidding
  • Setting up industry-grade server environments
  • Automating deployment of changes to production
  • Optimizing layouts for different traffic sources
  • Scaling performance marketing campaigns via quickly adapting to new requirements
  • Building teams of SEO, inbound marketing and WordPress Core experts to maximize affiliate opportunities
  • Streamlining and automating editing workflows
  • Increasing website performance regardless of heavy content and media add ons
  • Improving navigation, search and UX to decrease bounce rate
  • Growing followers to ensure a recurring revenue stream

WordPress For Publishers

Scaling WordPress publishers up to 900,000,000 monthly views.

DevriX manages more than 15 high traffic magazines and blogs with tens and hundreds of millions of visitors. We combine our WordPress Core expertise with our Inbound Marketing partnership with HubSpot and AdOps services for traffic generation, UX, and profitability.

Our Successful Publishers

This is what makes DevriX the go-to vendor for media networks.

Our retainer publishers
Combined millions of views
Hours in media R&D
Recognized WordPress Core contributors

Partner up with us and grow your traffic. Contact us and request a free 60-minute strategy call.

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"The DevriX team truly wants us to succeed."

DevriX consistently delivers beyond expectations. Communication is responsive, immediate, and seamless despite their offshore location. With customer satisfaction as a priority, the team thrives on unique challenges and excels at developing ideas into elegant solutions.

Braden Keith,

Enterprise-Grade Development

Our Value Proposition

As a professional digital agency, we take over when others give up. Traffic peaks, system outages, monetization leaks, cluttered databases -- been there, done that.

Our expertise in enterprise-grade software for telecoms, banks, automotive and aviation companies has contributed to our skill set over the past decade.

Everyone can solve the annoying CSS bug on your Contact page, but what about your real, painful digital struggles?

World-class stability and optimization

Agile WordPress development

UX and digital consulting

Adam Sewall

VP Marketing, Verkada
“DevriX enabled us to deliver an entirely reimagined B2B website in under 3 weeks. From backend integrations to mobile layouts on the frontend, I was continually impressed with the team’s knowledge and, equally important, ability to think like a user. The engineers weren’t just completing deliverables — they were proactively suggesting solutions to our challenges, and filling in gaps where requirements were incomplete or unclear. Communication was clear and effective throughout the course of the project. Highly recommended for teams looking to move fast!”

Matthias Poranske

CEO Balkan Air Aviation
“Mario and his team bring a wide spectrum of experience and the whole process went smoothly. They have an in-depth knowledge and are very professional WordPress Developers. I know Mario and his team as very hard workers, absolutely result oriented with an excellent understanding of the viability. While looking forward to meet Mario and his team in one of our next projects I wish him and his team all the best for his future.”

Julius Solaris

“Working with Mario and his team has been a great pleasure.

It is difficult to find reliable developers that actually understand WordPress Architecture while managing client communication professionally, Mario is one of the few of them. Definitely recommend”

Stuard Frank

“Mario and his team are flat out awesome. They’ve been able to handle the most difficult challenges we’ve thrown at them whilst all the time offering a level of expertise and command of their subject area way beyond that offered by your average freelancer or small agency. In fact, i’d wager you’d struggle to find such committed and skilled workers at this price point anywhere else, putting them easily on a par with some of the leading WordPress dev shops but at a fraction of the price.”

Jimmy Rosén

“DevriX has a very high WordPress competence that is hard to find anywhere else in the WordPress-community. They have helped us when our own team has been too busy and made outstanding technical deliveries.

They are a hard-working team absolutely dedicated to the success of their customers.”

DevriX Is Among the Highest Rated B2B Companies in Clutch

DevriX ranks in the top most highly recommended B2B companies in's industry reports by region. We are in great company with awesome agencies offering IT services, web development, marketing and design and the first WordPress Development Agency on the list.

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