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WordPress Software as a Service

6 successful WordPress-driven SaaS solutions built from scratch for clients in the US and Europe since 2011.

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WordPress SaaS Development

We have built from scratch or developed components for various Software as a Service solutions built on WordPress, including: Marketing automation platforms, social network-based solutions, real estate IDX suites, and various hosted networks in different industries. There are different successful business plans based on your business model, your target audience and the type of SaaS that you are interested in launching.

We could revise your business plan and work with you in order to establish a model that works, building an MVP that starts generating revenue in several months, advising you on marketing and joint venture strategies and launching the project with you.

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Completely Unique Admin Experience

State of the art WordPress dashboard experience for your users, custom panels for different user roles, or even REST API integrations for your front-end views - sky is the limit.

High-end Project Roadmap

Defining the high-level requirements and the long-term plan for launching your platform and developing the business strategy further.

The perfect WordPress SaaS is a powerful monster that could handle an unlimited number of users and has hundreds of integrations with all relevant services. However, this would require a significant upfront investment and expensive server infrastructure.

We believe that customer feedback is essential, so we will provide an early beta release for beta testers, connected to our Beta Testers Hub engine, which would generate some user base to start with and initial feedback for the main features required for the official launch.

Minimum Viable Product

Crafting a functional MVP earlier in the process, open to beta testing, and gradually improving the core product over time.

Our MVP will integrate a support desk for early feedback, and our WordPress technical department will split the amount of work between initially planned features and essential additions required by the early customers.

We will also coordinate the initial feedback and customer development activities in order to get testimonials, interviews and actual proof that would improve our marketing strategy and increase the conversion numbers for the following minor version updates. .

Discuss the project goals

Our WordPress team will discuss the project with you and outline the unique selling proposition that is to be built first. We will prepare the technical stack required for running a Software as a Service product, and focus on the most important features for launch.

Plan the milestones

Furthermore, we will plan the next iterations and minor versions, as well as major release dates for future launch events.

Iteratively build the MVP

Once the initial testing is over, we will aim for an early launch with a Minimum Viable Product. This is the stable version that provides the key selling proposition and lets customers use your platform in the best possible manner.

33% of executive’s time is spent responding to crises or problems.

API Integrations

We can integrate with additional services like Zapier in order to allow for streamlined integration with project management systems or CRMs, and extend the potential market use for your SaaS application.

Our WordPress development team has integrated dozens of open and proprietary APIs in order to increase the customer satisfaction. We have integrated all popular social media platforms for our marketing SaaS platforms, including Facebook page tab publishing and Facebook register, marketing and event coordination platforms like Hubspot and Cvent, and numerous additional services for the automotive, education, weather forecast, banking and forestry industries.

Single site or Multisite Development

Your Software as a Service product could be built as a membership or a social network website running on a single WordPress website.

If you prefer to separate the responsibilities and provide more granular access to your customers, we can build a WordPress Multisite network running a single version of your website within a network of unlimited subsites.

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Growth and Revenue Strategies

Each subsites can run independently, providing a different theme and a different set of plugins that power your service core. We have a powerful engine managing capabilities and payment management that would take care of your user management, and we partner with other SaaS providers that could handle your billing or server environment.

You can provide an extra upsell to your customers by integrating domain mapping for WordPress Multisite which would let premium users to use their own domain for their Software as a Service subsite, which would be a better incentive for their promotion activities.

Server Stack Setup

In addition to WordPress development and business consulting, we can work together with you on setting up the right server stack for your WordPress SaaS.

Depending on your needs and the estimated traffic, we could set a VPS or host your solution on Amazon AWS or Digital Ocean, or one of the established Managed WordPress hosting providers experienced with enterprise solutions.

Being able to set up a complete server environment would allow us to build a staging zone for testing changes before pushing them to production, activate different security mechanisms and add several logging tools that would track file changes, server access and resource usage consumption in order to be able to increase the server resources as the traffic goes without service interruptions.

WordPress Add-On

Want to integrate your service with any of the WordPress websites out there?

WordPress currently powers over 26% of the Internet, and integrating with external WordPress websites will automatically increase your exposure and visibility.

Our team of WordPress developers can build a custom WordPress plugin integrating with your SaaS, pulling data through the REST API or embedding your custom forms and views within external websites. Those views could be embedded in a page or a sidebar, or as an entirely custom full-page view at any WordPress website.

Monetization Consulting

Our SaaS ventures use different monetization strategies, and we know what is the best way to monetize a platform based on your model and target group.

There are different way to monetize a SaaS – freemium model, providing paid content, upselling services, different SaaS versions including plugins based on the payment plan, bundling packages and many more.

Our WordPress development agency is focused on delivering value and building solutions in the long run. We will never start a project that doesn’t have a promising pricing strategy from day one, and we have rejected project proposals that wouldn’t be able to generate enough ROI for our customers.

Professional WordPress Development

A team of WordPress Core contributors, plugin developers, proficient PHP and JavaScript engineers. We are full-stack, from setting up and fine tuning server environments to adjusting responsive mobile views and remote API callbacks.

Business and Marketing Consulting

We will work with you and build a strategy that focuses on your ROI. Payment policy integrated inside of the core platform in order not to restrict users from existing features or cause inconvenience by tricking them to pay for services that were free at first.

Ongoing Development and Support

Our WordPress agency believes in long-term business relationships and we will continuously work towards increasing the stability of your system and introducing additional features for you and your users.

WordPress Development Contributions

Over 70,000 web development hours dedicated to making the WordPress Core better.

  • Custom plugins developed
  • Open Source plugins
  • Custom 3rd party APIs integrated
  • Software as a Service platforms
  • WordPress Core contributors
  • WordPress community contributors

DevriX invests in proficient WordPress expertise

Hire the leader in developing WordPress SaaS solutions.