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WordPress SaaS

We build successful WordPress Software as a Service solutions from scratch for clients from all over the world since 2011.

Our WordPress developers will provide the reliable infrastructure on a code and server level that could scale and grow with time, and a UX-compliant process for purchasing subscriptions, signing up, and managing different roles and features for each of your customers.


WordPress SaaS Development

Our high-end SaaS applications generate a huge amount of traffic and a user base.

We revise your business plan and work with you in order to establish a model that works, building a revenue-oriented MVP, advising you on marketing and joint venture strategies and launching the project.

We have built from scratch or developed components for various Software as a Service solutions built on WordPress, including marketing automation platforms, social network-based solutions, real estate IDX suites, and various hosted networks in different industries.

The Core Pillars of DevriX


The ongoing stability across updates and as the traffic grows

Scale and Performance

Site load times and the ability to handle high traffic


Secure and safe environment with data protection in place

Partner up with a team of WordPress contributors and experienced software engineers.

What Comes with Your WordPress SaaS?

Completely Unique Admin Experience

State-of-the-art WordPress dashboard experience for your users, custom panels for different user roles, or even REST API integrations for your front-end views - sky is the limit.

High-end Project Roadmap

Defining the high-level requirements and the long-term plan for launching the perfect WordPress SaaS platform and creating an adequate business strategy for your further development.

Minimum Viable Product

Crafting a functional MVP that will support desk for early feedback, will be open to beta testing, and set to gradually improving the core product over time.

API Integrations

Integrating with additional services like Zapier in order to allow for streamlined integration with project management systems or CRMs, and extend the potential market use for your SaaS platform.

Server Stack Setup

Depending on your needs and the estimated traffic, we can set up a VPS or host your WordPress SaaS on Amazon AWS or Digital Ocean, or one of the established WordPress hosting providers.

Monetization Consulting

We offer various monetization strategies - freemium model, paid content, upselling services, different SaaS versions including plugins based on the payment plan, bundling packages, and many more.

WordPress Add-On

We can build a custom WordPress plugin integrating with your SaaS, pulling data through the REST API, or embedding your custom forms and views within external websites.

Ongoing Maintenance

DevriX believes in long-term business relationships and we will continuously work towards increasing the stability of your system and introducing additional features for you and your users.

Core WordPress Expertise

DevriX Is Among the Highest Rated B2B Companies in Clutch

DevriX ranks in the top most highly recommended B2B companies in’s industry reports by region. We are in great company with awesome agencies offering IT services, web development, marketing, and design, and the first WordPress Development Agency on the list.

We are focused on delivering value and building solutions in the long run. You can have a website that scales well with the right team behind it and allows you to focus on your business growth.

Let's Work Together

We'll help you to develop your WordPress SaaS solution and establish multinational digital presence.

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Single site or Multisite Development

Your Software as a Service product could be built as a membership or a social network website running on a single WordPress website.

If you prefer to separate the responsibilities and provide more granular access to your customers, we can build a WordPress Multisite network running a single version of your website within a network of unlimited subsites.


Growth and Revenue Strategies

  1. Each subsite can run independently, providing a different theme and a different set of plugins that power your service core.

  2. We have powerful engine managing capabilities and payment management that would take care of your user management.

  3. We partner with other SaaS providers that could handle your billing or server environment.

  4. You can provide an extra upsell to your customers by integrating domain mapping for WordPress Multisite.

  5. Let premium users use their own domain for their SaaS subsite, which would be a better incentive for their promotion activities.

Our Services

  • WordPress Services

  • Business Consulting and Growth

Technical WordPress Development

We build large platforms, media websites, multisite networks, SaaS solutions, extensible plugins, and more.

Our WordPress developers ensure reliable infrastructure on a code and server level that could scale and grow in the long term.

Design and Front-end Development

Our designers have crafted mockups, logos, banners, landing pages, and assets for some of the largest international companies.

Additionally, we’ve authored dozens of fast, secure, and beautiful WordPress themes and templates.

Server and Website Maintenance

We cover server management, automation, staging server setup, optimization, scalability, and chained deployment.

Ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and continuous deployments are also an inseparable part of our retainer plans.

Business Consulting

Partnering up with a full-service WordPress agency allows you to delegate a diverse range of activities.

We assist with business and marketing consultancy, depending on the specific target market and project needs.

Data and AdOps

Taylormade data reports can help you read your analytics better and make proper decisions.

Having an AdOps team at your disposal helps you monetize your content and ensure a proper PPC strategy that suits your needs.

Design and Marketing

Brand positioning. Content marketing. Creative campaigns. Website design. Promotional landing pages.

Extend your internal marketing team with specific know-how based on our experience with diverse European brands.

Case Studies

Years of experience in finding scalable WordPress SaaS solutions for our international clients.

The Cost of a Website

Smart Funnls

Smart Funnls is a powerful tool for marketing professionals. It provides a complete mechanism for creating unique polls, sharing them with a customer base and easy way to increase your mailing list.
The Cost of a Website

My Store Locator Plus

Having a strategic location for your business is one thing, but making it easy for customers to find is another. Statista, one of the leading statistics companies on the internet, shared an interesting statistic on how location-based technologies can improve the shopping experience. It shows that 25% of internet users in the United States would Read More
The Cost of a Website


MemeStack is a powerful lead machine for marketing professionals. It provides a complete mechanism for creating memes, sharing them with a customer base and creating a competition.

WordPress Development Contributions

Over 70,000 web development hours dedicated to making the WordPress Core better

  • 565 Custom Plugins Developed
  • 50 Open Source Plugins
  • 104 Custom 3rd Party APIs Integrated
  • 10 Software as a Service Platforms
  • 11 WordPress Core Contributors
  • 13 WordPress Community Contributors

Your Long-Term WordPress Partner

Hire the leader in developing WordPress SaaS solutions.