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Code Review

We can offer you WordPress Code Review services and consult you in several directions:

  • Code review for your existing WordPress project
  • Code review of a plugin or a theme before integrating it in your platform
  • Continuous code review of each commit or iterations before deploying to production

Why Do I Need A Code Review?

Your existing project could be up, but there are various factors that could impact your success, or endanger your business in the long run.

Slow Websites

A poorly written theme or a plugin is probably taking longer to load some data from your database, or load its scripts. This is an inconvenience for your customers, requires more hardware resources and alerts Google that your website is less usable – which affects your Google ranking.

Security Issues

While your website is up and running, is it really secure? As your business is growing, the botnets attacking tens of thousands of websites will target yours, too, and competition could ruin your reputation by attacking your website and bringing it down.

Compatibility Problems

Following the WordPress standards means that your theme and plugins are compatible with the next WordPress updates. You can also install other safe plugins. However, a poorly written WordPress plugin or a theme will cause other features to break, or even lead to a fatal error that would completely kill your website until you solve it on a filesystem level.

You can hire our team for a one-time review and you can ensure your ongoing project safety by requesting a code review retainer from our WordPress developers. We also offer retainers that would keep your website safe and fast – you can grow your business without bothering about the technical stack.