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Our Portfolio

As a technical WordPress development company, we build solutions.

Check out some of our featured case studies and find out how we solve business problems through WordPress.

Boom Battle Bar

DevriX created a powerful digital platform that unifies all subsites of Boom Battle Bar, using WordPress Multisite.

The client obtained a new business and required an adaptable digital platform to meet their latest project. The main objective was to improve the overall booking and planning experience for customers and increase the revenue by creating a subsite for each physical Boom Battle Bar location.


Unified Digital Transformation for Spotlio

DevriX unified Spotlio's digital presence, preserving SEO and enhancing the overall user experience.

Spotlio, a leading player in digital tech for travel, faced a big moment in its growth – integrating its European and US businesses. It wasn’t just about merging operations but bringing together many websites and platforms into one smooth digital setup. We balanced tech know-how and smart planning to make sure the change happened without compromising users experience and operational efficiency.


Building a Lead Funnel in 30 Days for Solar Business

Return on Ad Spend of 300% in one month with coordinated lead generation efforts.

Discover how we accelerated lead generation for a leading European solar energy company in just 30 days. Our data-driven strategies, tailored buyer personas, and A/B testing resulted in increased leads, reduced CPA, improved conversion rates, and an impressive 300% ROI.

Senior Executive

Senior Executive Media is a publishing company that specializes in providing vital resources to high-level executives around the globe.

Since August 2021, DevriX and Senior Executive Media have been working together on a WordPress development retainer plan. In this case study, we are delving into our joint journey over the past year, during which we tackled a range of development, design, and marketing tasks.

Smart Meetings

30+ years of experience on the events market. Awarded with multiple world-class rewards.

DevriX has worked with Smart Meetings since 2015, and we’ve gone above and beyond to deliver a top-class website development and maintenance service. During this time, their website achieved a 350% increase in traffic, and sessions coming from Google increased 4.7 times.

Here is a video case study, where we are talking about some highlights of our partnership and what we’ve accomplished. You’ll hear from DevriX CTO, Stanko Metodiev, Smart Meetings CEO and Founder, Marin Bright, and Smart Meetings Editorial Leader, JT Long.

Obsev is a publishing site that hosts particularly viral entertainment and cultural commentary stories.

In November of 2018, they were doing significant traffic (30MM+ page views per month) and hitting a wall with scaling challenges. With these performance issues limiting their growth it was imperative that we get them through the wall and remove the scaling barrier that was capping their growth and damaging their brand. Fast forward to today and they’ve more than quadrupled the traffic levels that were hobbling the site before.


Density is a B2B company based in San Francisco, that has created an occupancy and space utilization analytics platform.

Their solution tracks anonymously how people use buildings and in-door spaces and is based on deep learning algorithms. Density’s modern infrastructure consists of hardware and software, and an API to further create tools based on data. Founded in 2014, today Density’s customers include companies like Dropbox, Envoy, Sheraton, facebook, Schneider Electric and many more.


Kustomer is a customer service CRM platform built for managing high support volume by optimizing experiences.

Their platform helps brands quickly resolve conversations on all digital channels by automating 40% of interactions via self-service, reducing handle times with intelligent routing, and driving omnichannel experiences between customers and agents.

Kustomer uses over 72 technological products and services including Google Analytics, WordPress, and G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work).

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings is the leading media company and the most trusted resource for meeting professionals in the meetings industry.

Providing best-in-class service, Smart Meetings publishes cutting-edge meetings content in print and digital magazines, hosts world-class networking events, provides thought-leading and interactive webinars, offers a complimentary site-selection service and offers a myriad of digital resources.


The UK publisher recently faced this challenge as it attempted to scale its audience, engage readers and better manage its online advertising.

To help solve these challenges, DailyFeed employed our team at DevriX. We approached the challenge from both a user and reader’s perspective. Here are the top five things we did to help grow DailyFeed’s traffic and support its objectives. As you aim to build out your own solutions to these problems, make sure you keep in mind scalability, a long term view of the content formats and how these solutions will be implemented into your infrastructure.

Scaling Up a Digital Publisher

Monetization increased 8.5 times in one month with WordPress scaling strategies.

The project is a digital publishing platform, based on WordPress, utilizing the programmatic infrastructure and ad operations solution (Taboola and Outbrain). The website features authentic content оn popular topics like wellness, technologies, travel, sports, and entertainment. All articles are original and created by the media’s team of writers.

WordPress Multisite as a Multilingual Blog Solution

The client is a leading creator of screen recording and screen capture software, serving over 30 million professionals around the world.

DevriX was employed to design a centrally-managed blog in several languages by merging content from three independent blogs. We designed the blog front-end, following the brand identity of the company, and built a WordPress Multisite Network in three languages.


More WordPress Work

Additional gigs we've worked on over the years.

RLM Public Relations

We were hired to rebuild the RLM Public Relations web solution with usability and brand awareness in mind. Our team worked closely with the management staff and we built several iterations of the website.

WordPress Projects

Tourism Website With Booking and Maps

We were hired to rebuild an old website in the tourism industry, featured by CNN Travel. Our team was in charge of the WordPress development (both frontend and backend) and we collaborated with a Webby Awards designer and an external project manager.

White Labeled

Smart Funnls

Smart Funnls is a powerful tool for marketing professionals. It provides a complete mechanism for creating unique polls, sharing them with a customer base and easy way to increase your mailing list.



Gloryam is a complete end-to-end Learning Management System. DevriX was hired to build the complete infrastructure and incorporate the WordPress platform with the BigBlueButton video streaming service.

WordPress Projects


BuzzRipple is a fully-functional marketing SaaS for entrepreneurs trying to improve their online presence and increase their lead generation.


Ecole Etre

DevriX implemented a complete backend solution for training courses, workshop management and subscriptions. We have designed a Students database tracking all accomplishments for students, graduating and taking different workshops based on their experience and grades.

WordPress Projects


MemeStack is a powerful lead machine for marketing professionals. It provides a complete mechanism for creating memes, sharing them with a customer base and creating a competition.


Moto Club

Moto Club is a CakePHP-driven web project for a Bulgarian Moto Magazine. We have created a complete solution for new magazine articles, galleries, panels for advertisements, stats tracking, polls. The website is a fully-functional CMS for news.

Web Projects

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