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Summer Jobs for Beta Testers - Check These Ten Startups

Summer Jobs for Beta Testers: Check These Ten Startups

Beta Testers Hub (BTH) is an open platform created with the main goal to connect startups with over 1,200 beta testers. It is a completely FREE service that was conceived, developed and supported by DevriX as a contribution to the exciting startup community. Selected startup projects, submitted to the BTH platform, are included in the Read More

How to Optimize CAC Payback Period to Boost Growth

How to Optimize CAC Payback Period to Boost Growth

Customer acquisition and retention are important for any business, however, they are crucial for companies that operate on a subscription-based model. What makes their case different, is that it takes much longer for them to start making profit from a customer. These companies invest resources in attracting leads, nurturing, and converting them, the same way Read More