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WordPress 6.6 “Dorsey” Has Arrived

WordPress 6.6 “Dorsey” Has Arrived

Ready or not, WordPress 6.6 is here! This release is named after Tommy Dorsey, the legendary trombonist and leader of the American Big Band. We are excited to share the latest updates that our beloved CMS has for us, so without further ado, let’s get started. WordPress 6.6: Major Features Enhanced Data Views in Site Read More

How to Check If Your SEO Copy Is Good

How to Check If Your SEO Copy Is Good

Writing a good SEO copy that ranks well is both an art and a science. It’s not just about putting words on a page, nor is it solely about focusing on keywords; it’s about understanding your audience and delivering quality content that meets their needs and keeps them engaged with your brand or service. SEO Read More

HubSpot and GDPR_ Ensuring Compliance for Large Enterprises

Ensuring GDPR Compliance for Large Enterprises with HubSpot

Protecting personal information online is undoubtedly crucial, and this is where GDPR comes in – it is a set of rules designed to safeguard the private data of European Union citizens. Large enterprises that operate in the EU must take the GDPR seriously or risk facing severe consequences, but following all these rules isn’t always Read More

What Content Promotion Strategy Will Do If Your SEO Doesn’t

What Content Promotion Strategy Will Do If Your SEO Doesn’t?

In recent months, the SEO field and inbound marketers all over the world have been shaken up by the latest update to Google’s algorithm. News about leaked documents suggests that Google might be hiding how they decide rankings. Although to be fair, SEO was already extremely tough as available spots are becoming fewer, and competition Read More

Common Pitfalls in HubSpot API Integration and How to Avoid Them

Common Pitfalls in HubSpot API Integration and How to Avoid Them

HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform known for its robust Application Programming Interface (API), which facilitates powerful software integration tools to work together smoothly. These are essential for driving efficiency and streamlining operations by connecting various systems, ultimately enhancing user experiences. However, mastering this HubSpot API comes with its own set of Read More

Effective Networking Strategies for Growing Your LinkedIn Presence

How to Network on LinkedIn Like a Shogun

If you’ve logged into LinkedIn today and got one of those messages saying, “Hey Sir” even though you’re clearly a woman in your profile photo, or if you feel uncomfortable reading comments where employees overflatter their bosses, you know this is Linkedin networking done wrong. This is what we’d call “toxic LinkedIn. Is there a Read More

ChatGPT SEO_ How to Rank in ChatGPT

ChatGPT SEO: How to Rank in ChatGPT

ChatGPT is changing the game on how we find answers online. It’s easy to use – you get instant responses without having to dig through Google results yourself. This shift sends substantial traffic towards ChatGPT instead of Google so businesses and content creators already know they need to optimize their content for ChatGPT to reach Read More

Best Practices to Ensure HubSpot Data Hygiene

Best Practices to Ensure HubSpot Data Hygiene

In modern business realities, data is the fuel that powers the customer relationship management (CRM) engine of any business and is crucial for enterprises. HubSpot is one of the leading platforms driving that engine. The quality of data within this platform can significantly influence the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, sales processes, and the satisfaction of Read More