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Make the most of WordCamps

How to Make the Most of WordCamps

The WordPress community is constantly growing. Together with the increasing use of WordPress as a leading CMS, hundreds of people from various industries are involved in WordPress development and eventually join WordCamps. With WordCamps happening all the time all around the world, it is very likely that you could easily attend a camp in the Read More

MVP Website

The MVP Website – All You Need to Know

Even the longest trip starts with a single step. And before you step out, you need to create the roadmap, buy some tickets and pack up the most essential luggage. You know that there will be surprises on the road, new and unexpected turns, more tickets and more stuff to buy. But you have set Read More

Rules of Pop-ups

SEO Wars: The Rules of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are used by almost every website nowadays. They could be quite powerful for lead generation as interstitials are able to grab the viewer’s attention and aim it in the direction that best serves your brand – focusing on your value proposition or campaign. Furthermore, practical business cases have shown that implementing a pop-up strategy Read More

Earn More Money with Advertisements

How to Earn More Money with Advertisements on Your Site

WordPress monetization matters! Whether you want to have additional income or you want to turn your website into a money-making machine, WordPress allows you plenty of opportunities to grow in revenue, especially with advertising. Yes, with the rise of adblockers everything seems skeptical. This is why, if you want to start a brand new build, Read More

Boost customer retention

6 Ways to Boost Customer Retention on Your Site

Yes, increasing revenue and business growth are all about sales, and to increase sales, you need a constant supply of leads and new clients. Everyone needs new clients in the business world. Getting new clients is beneficial and it can grow an enterprise. But, is that the only way to increase profits? What if, let’s Read More