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Next in Innovation How Digital Resilience Supports Business Growth

Next in Innovation: How Digital Resilience Supports Business Growth

In the age of the Internet, businesses that leverage digital tools have a distinct competitive advantage. Digital resilience is one of these instruments, and along with online literacy and cybersecurity, it encompasses all the different ways that companies can use digital systems to quickly recover and adjust to uncertainty. Today’s business environment requires going digital. Read More

How to Improve Sales Effectiveness in a Tech Company

By definition sales effectiveness refers to a collection of metrics that can give you a better idea of your sales team’s overall success rate. It measures performance either against business goals or against revenue and profit, and sometimes it is even used interchangeably with sales efficiency. However, while both efficiency and effectiveness relate to performance Read More

WCEU 2021 Talks & Highlights

WCEU 2021: Talks & Highlights of This Year’s Event

Over 3,200 Registered Participants. 121 Countries. 13 Timezones. 29 Sessions. 18 Sponsor Interviews. 48 Speakers, Presenters, and Panelists. WordCamp Europe 2021 has brought together the WordPress Community to share know-how, expectations, and ideas for the future of WP. It was a great pleasure to meet you there! WCEU 2021 In Numbers Let’s have a look Read More