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Webinar Lead Generation A Guide for Marketers

Webinar Lead Generation: A Guide for Marketers

Even if you’re not buried in marketing statistics, it’s quite obvious that in recent years numerous organizations and experts are doing webinars. 73% of marketers and sales representatives state that hosting webinars is great for generating high-quality leads. Without a doubt, video has become the king of engagement. Furthermore, recent studies have found that content Read More

How to Find and Fill the Holes in Your Content@2x

How to Find and Fill the Holes in Your Content

In today’s increasingly competitive digital marketing landscape, online businesses invest millions of dollars in creating sophisticated content marketing strategies and producing enough quality content. The reason for this is simple: content marketing is a proven strategy that can deliver resounding success and help a business get ahead of the competition. Google contributes to that, too: Read More

4 Unobtrusive Monetization Tips for WordPress Publishers@2x

4 Unobtrusive Monetization Tips for WordPress Publishers

When most people think of a digital publishing website, they usually think of a layout filled with DoubleClick and AdSense advertisements that has the sole purpose of trick users for a click. Of course, the digital publishing business is all about providing timely value and integrating the ads in the content for improving the bottom Read More

Four Ways to Improve WordPress SaaS Landing Pages

Four Ways to Improve WordPress SaaS Landing Pages

You’ve developed your SaaS product, and every element of it seems awesome! Your software is ready, you believe in your competitive advantage, and you’ve developed a landing page that will be irresistible to prospects. However, as soon as you launch your SaaS promotional campaign – nothing happens! Few users respond to it, and even the Read More

Google Optimize Guide

The Definitive Guide to Google Optimize

Optimization is vital for reaching the maximum potential of your marketing funnels and campaigns. However, each tweak and A/B testing process on a given website won’t mean that you’ll have an immediate increase in your conversion rate. Entering Google Optimize, one of the most effective tools available for A/B testing and website personalization. Since its Read More

Why Your Backlinks Aren't Being Indexed

Why Your Backlinks Aren’t Being Indexed

Do you find ranking on Google difficult? Struggling to get noticed even after all of your hard work? Even if you’ve put in months of research, outreaching, content writing, it will be really difficult to stay relevant on search engines if your backlinks aren’t being indexed. Getting backlinks from influential websites in your industry is Read More

Summer Jobs for Beta Testers Check These Ten Startups

Summer Jobs for Beta Testers: Check These Ten Startups

Beta Testers Hub (BTH) is an open platform created with the main goal to connect startups with over 1,200 beta testers. It is a completely FREE service that was conceived, developed and supported by DevriX as a contribution to the exciting startup community. Selected startup projects, submitted to the BTH platform, are included in the Read More