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A Comprehensive Guide to Mid-Market Sales

It’s not a coincidence that sales are often compared to hunting. In both cases, to triumph, you have to study your target and understand it. Furthermore, you can’t successfully approach a deer (small and medium-sized enterprises) with the same tactics that you would use on a rabbit (small and medium-sized businesses) or an elephant (large Read More

Your Foolproof Guide to Using Google Trends for Your Marketing Strategy

Google owns several internet-related services and products and is undoubtedly one of the most significant search engines nowadays. One of their products includes Google Trends, a free tool that allows marketers and entrepreneurs to reach new audiences and nurture current leads through Google Search’s trending topics. Utilizing Google Trends search allows business owners to analyze Read More

9 Niche Marketplaces for B2B Companies

Looking for a niche marketplace to position your products and services isn’t just for the B2C sector. Nowadays, even B2B companies have to consider exploring different platforms in order to reach new audiences and grow. According to Statista, the B2B industry market share amounts to over 31 billion USD. With thousands competing in the industry, Read More