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WordPress Development Retainers

Long-term development, support, and innovation for your WordPress platform.

DevriX provides technical partnership for SMEs and fast-paced startups. We build WordPress solutions and scale platforms generating up to 900,000,000 page views a month.

Our WordPress retainers let you hire our team and allocate monthly activities related to WordPress consultancy and troubleshooting, plugin development, scalability, performance optimization, security, and more.

When Do You Need a Retainer?

Building a reliable and scalable web platform is not a one-off project.

DevriX helps successful businesses grow further and scale powerful WordPress solutions. You will get a full-stack team determined to solve your problems and increase your revenue.

Our WordPress retainers are designed for businesses that want to offload their technical stack to a proven team of WordPress contributors. Our team of WordPress engineers will ensure that your platform follows the best code standards, and we will keep introducing new features and optimizing the platform for speed, security, and usability. We love challenges and complicated projects.

Professional WordPress development work with iterative enterprise processes

DevriX Is Among the Highest Rated B2B Companies in Clutch

DevriX ranks in the top most highly recommended B2B companies in's industry reports by region. We are in great company with awesome agencies offering IT services, web development, marketing and design and the first WordPress Development Agency on the list.

Partner up with a team of WordPress contributors and software engineers and grow your business.

Our Success Stories

Read about some of our ongoing WordPress clients who have accomplished their technical needs with our help.

Smart Meetings

Zend -> WordPress migration and API integrations


Website revamp, server migration, mobile & services work
Rebuild Obsev


Video Case Study: Obsev and DevriX
Rebuild Dailyfeed


How to scale a digital publisher

Our Retainer Plans

Our standard retainer rate is $180/hr. Discounts are available for long-term contracts.

Standard WordPress Customizations

50h per month Select plan

Development and Reviews

80h per month Select plan
Economy Plan

Dedicated Development Team

200h+ per month Select plan

Service Packages

Here are some of the problems that we will solve for you.

  • Technical WordPress Development
  • Design and Front-end
  • Speed and Stability
  • Long-Term Growth

With 7 WordPress Core contributors, 9 Software as a Service solutions and over 530 custom WordPress plugins for clients, our team has the technical background to build practically anything on top of WordPress. 3rd party API or CRM integrations, extensible plugin and theme frameworks or migration from a proprietary system - that's what we do on a regular basis.

We have authored various PHP-driven plugins for financial management, role and capabilities control for WordPress multisite, a CRM platform, and have expertise with the most popular community plugins.

While our focus is on WordPress engineering, we won't let your look and feel behind. We design clean and stylish landing pages or admin themes, and our solutions are always mobile-friendly, with usable responsive components.

We have designed dozens of custom projects and built custom WordPress themes following the WordPress theme review standards. We use Sass and Foundation, and have built custom projects with underscores and Genesis.

We follow the WordPress Coding Standards closely, which allows us to be consistent in our development efforts. By being proactive in the WordPress development community, we tackle various problems with other PHP, platform and plugin developers, and work together on solving challenging development problems.

Thus, we are capable of improving the frontend and backend performance of your WordPress platform and ensure that the code base follows the code quality standards without falling apart due to inconsistencies and incompatible plugins.

We believe in long-term partnerships since they allow us to focus more on work instead of calling leads. Signing a long-term contract will give us enough time to get acquainted with your business model and technical infrastructure, and build the right solution having the right context.

Those decisions would be aligned with your business goals. We also use numerous tools to ensure that the end product is stable - log analysers, uptime and server management monitors and other scanners that make our team more productive and your platform more stable.

Media Coverage

Some international outlets that have featured DevriX

WordPress SaaS and Enterprise Platforms

DevriX is a leading WordPress platform provider

As an established team of WordPress engineers, we have profiled in building high-scale enterprise and automation platforms for different industries.

Over the past 10 years our developers have crafted a dozen enterprise platforms, SaaS solutions and complex subscription-based WordPress platforms that handle millions of visitors and thousands of subsites for B2B customers.

We help successful WordPress businesses with Enterprise-grade development and scalability.

Why Choose DevriX?

DevriX works with multinational organizations across the world providing technical, creative, business development, marketing, and support services. Here's why we're the right fit.

Technical WordPress Development

  • Software as a Service
  • Multisite Development
  • Scaling Publishers 800M+/views
  • Performance and Security Reviews

Design and Front-end Development

  • Crafting Unique Designs
  • Building Custom WordPress Themes
  • Architecting Theme Frameworks
  • React/Vue Development

Business Consulting and Research

  • Researching Competitors
  • Identifying Innovative Concepts
  • Proposing Monetization Opportunities
  • Business and Growth Hacking Strategy

Marketing Assistance

  • Inbound/Outbound Analysis
  • Inbound Marketing Implementation
  • Digital Positioning And Branding
  • Marketing Automation

Server and Website Maintenance

  • Server Migrations
  • Infrastructure Fine Tuning
  • Improving Website Performance
  • Refactoring and Code Enhancement

Open Source Contributions

  • Building Open Source Plugins
  • Cloning and Extending Solutions
  • Community Exposure
  • Connecting with Other Contributors

How It Works?

Our ongoing WordPress development process depends on your cooperation, here's how it works

Let's Talk

Get in touch with us and share the business background of your existing WordPress project or a specification of your future endeavour.

We will discuss with you the best practices and quality standards accordingly, and provide you with alternative methods for building your solution and maintaining it in the long run.

Plan The Process

We have a prepaid flexible agile model for a minimum of 4 months (up to 5 years and more) that allows for ongoing development, delivery and flexible iterations for your ongoing project.

However, we can also switch to a maintenance model (taking care of your network of sites or clients) or waterfall methodology by defining a certain set of hours per month.

Adjust The Pace

Retainers get more successful with time. The longer we work together, the better we understand your business goals. Thus, we need to agree on a WordPress retainer model that scales, and could be extended for several years. You can focus on your business development and marketing and we'll take on the entire technical stack of yours!

Streamline Communication

WordPress retainers are usually focused around iterations, and we can assemble the best team for your needs. We will adjust to the right medium based on your needs - reporting in Asana or your PM system, sending regular emails or scheduling weekly calls with you or another decision maker on your team.

Your Technical WordPress Partner

Delegate your technical needs completely and focus on your business growth

Responsive Website Design

Full-stack Development

Back-end and Front-end development for your platform, combined with creative and marketing strategy

Our team of WordPress Core contributors, plugin and theme developers will take care of every technical aspect of your WordPress platform.

We will build new features, manage customer development requirements, and improve your website speed and stability as we go.

WordPress web development

No Management Needed

Save from management overhead - we will establish roadmaps and manage everything in-house.

DevriX employs professional project managers and team leaders which makes working with us a bliss.

Unlike freelancers and on-site staff, we can build your entire strategy for months ahead and take care of all implementational details.

Let's Talk

What we could help you with?

  • Please read the Terms under the "How it Works" section above and make sure that our process is clear and we could work together in the long run.

WordPress Development Contributions

Over 70,000 web development hours dedicated to making the WordPress Core better.

  • Custom plugins developed
  • Open Source plugins
  • Custom 3rd party APIs integrated
  • Software as a Service platforms
  • WordPress Core contributors
  • WordPress community contributors