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Web development security is an important aspect of the life of a web project, and our web development company takes good measure when it comes to protecting the intellectual data of yours.


Our WordPress Architect Mario Peshev is a Certified Secure Web Application Engineer and has given security courses in Bulgaria, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. The WordPress team here will take care of your infrastructure.

We offer two different WordPress development services related to security: Security Review and Security Optimization.

WordPress Security Services

By reaching out for security services, you will get the following:

Platform Security Review

We will go through your platform – your server and network infrastructure and your existing setup, and ensure that everything is intact. If any services need to be updated or you are using an insecure host, we will point this out in our review and propose a reliable and secure alternative.

There could potentially be other services or platforms on your existing hosting. These may as well be other attack vectors that hackers could exploit and get access to your main website.

Security Code Review

Our team will go over your WordPress website, your theme and your plugins as well. We will investigate, run automated tests and read the code in order to find potential holes that could be exploited by attackers. We will outline them and propose a more secure alternative if needed, and our WordPress developers could also implement the necessary strategies for strengthening your WordPress platform.

A vast majority of the off-the-shelf plugins are not optimized for security and can be attacked by malicious hackers and experts which could lead to bringing your website down, stealing data and affecting your reputation.

Security Setup

We will install several scripts and tools that would keep you safe in the long run. This includes some internal tools that we have build and existing solutions protecting your login, your file system, escaping different fields and text inputs and reporting possible attacks.

Ongoing Monitoring And Security Reviews

We incorporate security optimizations and monitoring in our retainer and maintenance plans. We will do a full review of your existing setup, and then ongoing reviews on your updates and additional plugins and integrated services.