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DevriX is a WordPress agency that specializes in WordPress development for growing businesses and profit growth through lead generation strategies.

WordPress Development by DevriX

We do Software Development for the Web – replicating the user experience of using a desktop product in a web environment. Our team has former experience with other programming languages and platforms, but over the years we’ve settled with the growing and active WordPress community and the extensive platform that powers over 23% of the Web.

Professional WordPress Development

We have WordPress Core contributors, plugin and theme developers, network and marketing experts profiling in WordPress-based business solutions.

Multisite SaaS

We have several WordPress Multisite projects behind us that generate profit and bring new customers for our clients. Extensive WordPress role management, integrating payment processors and JV services, CRM development or stats management for thousands of network websites is what we do on a daily basis.

Plugin Development

WordPress is a modular system and DevriX is a portmanteau of “Development with Bricks”. Naturally, we have built hundreds of plugins for our projects, including extensible premium WordPress plugin platforms. Additionally, we contribute back to Open Source plugins and collaborate with other authors.


4 plugin frameworks and 5 theme frameworks behind us. Several technical architecture designs for startups, too!

Platform Architecture

Our WP Commit brand is all about plugin architecture. Server setup and management, architectural design of your project, integrating WordPress with other Open Source or corporate plugins along the way, monitoring and data analysis.

Framework Architecture

If WordPress is the body of your platform, we can build the heart and the soul of it. Together with all the required connections to the other relevant parts. Framework architecture for your entire platform or a massive membership plugin, extensible theme framework or event management core – we’ve done it all.

We help successful businesses grow even more and partner with creative or marketing agencies in order to provide complete solutions for our customers.

Read more about our projects or tell us more about your platform request.