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DevriX is a team of 50+ founded as a WordPress development company in late 2010 by Mario Peshev as the next step of his freelancing career. Mario started with development as a hobby and built his first websites in 2003. After several years of professional software and web development, he transitioned to full-time freelancing in 2008.

Our Team WordCamp Europe WordPress team

Mario met Stanko Metodiev whilst at the university and they joined forces in 2010, before officially creating the company. They both worked on various projects in PHP, Python and Java, and as of 2011 the agency focused 100% on WordPress development.

DevriX Is Among the Highest Rated B2B Companies in Clutch

DevriX ranks in the top most highly recommended B2B companies in's industry reports by region. We are in great company with awesome agencies offering IT services, web development, marketing and design and the first WordPress Development Agency on the list.

Mario Peshev - DevriX CEO

Mario Peshev

WordPress Architect and Business Consultant

Mario is the CEO of DevriX. On a day-to-day he translates business requirements to technical and digital plans back and forth between clients and the team. His 12 years of development experience and over 10,000 hours of training and consulting activities as well as events allow him to combine the technical perspective and translate it to business requirements and vice versa, which is the key element in the life cycle of any project.

Mario has contributed to several versions of WordPress Core, and conducted over a hundred theme reviews for the Theme Directory in addition to dozens of plugins and pull requests. He is a WordCamp Sofia co-organizer, lead of the WordPress Bulgaria meetup group and a WordCamp Europe co-organizer.

Stanko Metodiev - DevriX Tech Lead

Stanko Metodiev

WordPress Engineer and Technical Manager

Stanko is a shape-shifter splitting his hours between WordPress Development and Project Management. He’s overseeing several of our projects, breaking down requirements and dealing with high-end customization and support work. Stanko has been dealing with all aspects of WordPress – theme and plugin development, support, plugin architecture and deployment strategies.

Stanko is a member of the Moderators Squad, and one of the developers behind DX Lite Slide, DX GitHub Badge and Simple Blog Authors Widget.

Team DevriX Achievements

Inbound Certified

Telerik Academy - Web Development

Sun Certified Programmer

Distributed team with members around the world

Nowadays DevriX is a distributed team with members living all over the world. We have employees and contractors on 5 different continents and clients from Europe, North America, Arabian Peninsula and Australia. Our company consists of 15 full-time PHP and WordPress developers, creative professionals and business reps as well as 10 part-time contractors or employees working together with us on WordPress platforms, providing extra value with system administration and networking, JavaScript profiling, design, marketing, copywriting and testing.

DevriX is openly supporting the management and team work processes that nurture creativity, trust and ownership from everyone on board. We admire the business processes at Automattic, GitHub, Basecamp (37signals), Modern Tribe, Buffer and other progressive and innovative companies that reward results first and don’t obey the 9-to-5 office environments.

Our Work Process

We have a set of moral rules that we adhere to:

  1. we believe in the spirit of Open Source and contribute back to WordPress
  2. we defy corporate interests that take advantage of the common freedoms
  3. our energy and creativity are essential, so we work remotely at a flexible schedule on weekly sprints
  4. the team environment is flexible and transparent, and our company culture is open to experts willing to protect our freedoms
  5. we would always propose the best option to our clients, even if it includes recommending another platform or a competitor's company or product

Why Work With Us?

Learn more about our work culture and policy while working with ongoing clients

1. We are a team.

We are a crew. A big one. This includes marketers, project managers, QAs, content writers, salespeople, SEO specialists, designers and top notch web developers. This ensures that we will not just create a website with a pretty design - even though our designs are great.

We will turn your business inside out, do a market research, optimize your content and deliver the best business solution that will work flawlessly in the long run.

DevriX selects employees based on their skills, experience, work ethics, background, communication style and strengths. We fit like puzzle pieces and everyone is matched to their perfect place. We don’t have jobs. We invent positions for people where they can shine and enjoy what they are doing. This is how we are sure that everyone is giving 100% at their current assignment.

When you hire us, you don’t just hire a developer (although we can lease you one for minor projects). You hire a whole outsourced team that works great together and will take care of every aspect of your digital presence. This way we save you tons of time and money in project management, overseeing, hiring, communication overhead, onboarding, creative, security, marketing, business research.

DevriX is not an outsourcing company, we are your reliable business partner.

2. We are a distributed company

Our superstars are spread all across the globe and we don’t conduct boring long hour office meetings. We work in all timezones - we are active 24/7 - and we have a multilingual expertise.

We will not charge you for long hours of briefing and we are going to be available around the clock if you have any questions or a problem occurs. We are fluent in English, German, Bulgarian, Tagalog, Bisaya, Indian, Bengali, Ukrainian, Urdu, Russian.

Unlike outsourcing agencies, we focus on long-term commitment with our employees as well. Conducting extensive interviews and trials in order to establish strong bonds with new employees, going through an onboarding process until they gain momentum and join a client project.

This builds a stable relationship between DevriX and our staff, allowing us to grow together and work in a happy internal environment.

We preach remote - meaning that everyone works where they feel at their best, finding focus and creativity. No office noise pollution, no exhausting commute required, it’s all about comfort and efficiency. This ensures the quality of the work we deliver is always high and our employees strive to provide the best results.

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3. Our Work Process

DevriX is all made of superstars ;)

Time Efficient Development

We rely on a proven/professional workflow that has proven itself through the years when it comes to starting a project.

We will start with a business consulting session where you will share your vision, goals and needs. We will brainstorm together and outline the general plan. You will then be provided with a specification and a few possible solutions from our side with time frames and rough estimates, based on best practices and quality standards that you can comment on and ask every question you need an answer to.

We will then proceed to next step - assign a project manager and a team of professionals that are best suited for your assignment. We will plan the process months ahead - that will allow for ongoing development, iterations and, most of all - sparing your time.

Management-free Process

No involvement on your end once the requirements are set and the timeframes are scheduled.

You will be updated on the state of the project weekly by your project manager. We will establish roadmaps and take care of everything digital related in-house. No management needed by you or your staff.

However, you will have full access to the latest updates, a staging access to the latest version of your website and your reviews and feedback can be sent at your own convenient time. No more blocking meetings, scheduled calls and wasted time on operative work, just clear and concise reports on anything done today.

Working with DevriX is a bliss.

4. We Have Experience

When you need web development, the company you choose makes a significant difference in the outcome of the final product. The future of your entire digital presence will depend greatly on the skills and expertise of the people you hire, so you wouldn’t want to take chances.

Choosing DevriX as a business partner means that you get a team of experienced professionals on your side. We have a total of 150+ years of combined experience in the IT industry. We come from the enterprise and we have worked in dozens of business fields - from building educational online platforms from scratch through media websites with tons of traffic to custom made SaaS solutions for industry giants.

We have proven results in delivering high end technical and business products and this is the reason our clients choose us as a long term partner. We build reliable and scalable web platforms and not one-off projects. Thus said, we have interest in growing and nourishing your business and do our best to skyrocket your ROI.

We are a dream team with established company name. We will never sell you something you don’t really need and exaggerate things to charge you more. We care to find the right solution for your business. We aim to turn clients to long term partners and the best way to do that is to help your project grow anyway we can.

At DevriX, we believe in partnerships, not work-for-hire.

5. Our Technical Department

Oh, we do love to brag with our tech skills! Our official languages are PHP, JavaScript, C#, SQL, CSS, Java and Python.

We have worked (and did a pretty good job) with every major CMS out there – like Drupal and Joomla. We were software engineers before our transition to WordPress as our main website development platform in 2009 and we have gone a long way since.

We build spaceships on top of WordPress and we are proud of that.

We also help the WordPress community by contributing back sharing our knowledge and skills. We have more than 45 patches to the WordPress core, making millions of sites out there better thanks to our team efforts. We have presented dozens of lectures by our speakers to WordCamps all across Europe and US and we have sponsored quite a few as well. We have built tons of free plugins, themes and a CRM that are all available for free and we have contributed to major plugins and tools in the WordPress community as well.

There are 5 WordPress core contributes currently employed in our technical team. This means we know WordPress from the inside and are up to date with every quality standard there is.

We make custom built solutions made specifically for your business needs. We are not the kind of WordPress “experts” that will install you a premade theme and 50 plugins that don’t correspond to each other. We take security, speed and design very seriously and everything you get is created personally for you, either handcrafted and tailored to your needs or carefully selected from a preliminary verified list of proven solutions.

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6. We will save you time and money.

A LOT of money.

As an agency we have a lot of staff you will otherwise have to hire, onboard, educate and manage yourself. We pick the right person for every job, moreover our team is used to working as such, which avoids all cultural and interpersonal clashes happening with new hires or individual freelancers.

The average industry turnover is 1.5 years and complete onboarding may take 6 to 9 months, until reaching full efficiency. Dealing with the whole process of interviews, HR, training and everything else may slow your growth and sink a lot of money which will jeopardize the future of your business.

We are a full stack digital agency - meaning that we include everything from SEO and smarketing to creative and development in our offer, saving you the additional cost of managing several different teams and searching for subcontractors.

Complete Digital Presence

When we take over your digital presence, we pay attention to every aspect of it and we work together to achieve best results without interfering with each other’s work and targets. You won’t have to be in the middle of developers, arguing with designers who disagree with marketers.

Your business is as important to us as our own. We’re in this together and we’re here to stay. A common problem most of our clients have shared is that they once hired a freelancer that then disappeared and left them hanging in the middle of a launch. Building a website is just the tip of the iceberg. The true growth is happening behind the scenes and true artists build for the long run. Our solutions are designed for large audiences and our process is based on customer needs, support requests and everything else happening after the launch of a website.

Your customers dictate the direction of your business and we would listen, evaluate, assess and implement the valuable feedback, essential to your business growth.

The more your business grows, the higher the importance of a stable, secure, flexible and usable web solution. Growth is a process, not a destination and we are here for you during your journey to success.

We are Devoted to Digital

DevriX takes care of each and every aspect of your digital presence. That includes: creative work for your brand identity, web design and development, server management and extensive business and marketing strategy and growth planning.

7. We Believe in Your Business

Although we really disapprove off-the-shelf solutions that are often compromising security and performance, we realise that there are a lot of really small businesses out there without the ambition to grow in the large pool of sharks in their industry.

Whenever quality is not a goal, we are not the right fit for a business. Time is money and we don’t want to waste it just like that which is why we work with like minded people, aiming for success, productivity, efficiency and progress.

We won’t take projects that do not correspond with our company ethics and values or business models that are doomed to fail. When we’re in that means 100% commitment and dedicated involvement from the entire team.

A part of our internal work process includes brainstorming sessions where we share thoughts, discuss potential risks and realign the processes for best efficiency. This ensures a fresh flow of ideas and personal involvement to all assignments by all of our team members. We encourage proactiveness and make sure that everyone is fully committed to their assignments, where business success is the main goal.

Let's Get to Work

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