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WordPress Development Company for the Enterprise

Our team members are professional WordPress developers with years of practical PHP, JavaScript and SQL experience.

Our company has in-depth experience developing and scaling more than a hundred large WordPress projects. We contribute back to WordPress – the Core, themes, plugins and patches to various projects.

Our WordPress developers value the code quality and strive for higher technical standards, building compliant technical solutions. On top of that our developers work closely with our creative, marketing and business departments in order to facilitate the business growth.

The WordPress development team at DevriX specializes in PHP, JavaScript and SQL development for custom solutions, plugin development and SaaS architecture.

The extensive know-how in other development stacks and environments allows us to provide the best solutions for our clients and increase the customer engagement, bringing more leads and profits while managing the increasing project complexity and development over the years.

WordPress Core

Our team has submitted more than 40 patches since WordPress 3.7 to the WordPress Core - various improvements and features that you can get for free .

WordPress Plugins

Over the past few years DevriX has submitted 20+ plugins to, maintained by our main account or through our developers.

Community Involvement

Our lead contributors have been involved with co-organizing events such as WordCamp Sofia and WordCamp Europe, as well as local WordPress meetups.

Your WordPress Development Company

SaaS, Large Multisite platforms, CRMs, Server infrastructure, WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress SaaS Development and Architecture

We have built and scaled several WordPress-driven SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, building from the ground or extending existing WordPress Multisite platforms for tens of thousands of subsites, each receiving steady traffic. Our lead WordPress developers are responsible for the server management, maintenance and building the technical architecture for your company.

All WordPress plugins are developed with scalability and security in mind. Our innovative solutions could be integrated with numerous 3rd party services, APIs and internal tools.

WordPress Development Workflow

Our WordPress developers use the right toolset for all projects

DevriX has started as a web development company, employing developers with diverse skillset and experience in different programming languages and platforms. This combined experience allows us to build a toolkit of professional tools for web development that leads to more stable code, better performance benchmark, code reusability and less regressions during our development workflow.

Since our Core contributors are deeply involved in the WordPress ecosystem, our WordPress company shares our experience with the community. We talk about WordPress applications, development tools and deployment workflows that we use for our larger retainer accounts.

Code Review

Code Reviews

In-depth review of your existing WordPress platform for stability, scalability and growth.

6 of our DevriX developers have contributed to the WordPress Core. All of our developers have built dozens of WordPress plugins and participate in code reviewing activities for our long-term accounts.

The success in each and every project is driven by a great idea and impeccable implementation. Building your product according to the official standards and best practices is a must and our development company will help you improve or rebuild your solution accordingly.

Code Review

Virtual Team Management

Delegate your entire technical department and focus on your business.

Signing a WordPress retainer is just like hiring a remote CTO in your team. Our technical lead developer would manage the process internally by assigning each component to the right developer, providing technical insights as needed, discussing the project progress with you or your delegated manager.

We have been working remotely since 2011 and our process is designed entirely for remote workers and virtual teams without compromising the product quality or delivery success.

DevriX provides WordPress development for SMEs and startups receiving millions of page views.

Media Coverage

Some international outlets that have featured DevriX

WordPress Plugin Development

High quality code optimized for performance and security

WordPress Plugin development is a very demanding field due to the endless possibilities of the core platform. Our expert WordPress developers provide the most innovative services in the field of WordPress plugin development such as integrating 3rd party APIs and services, building extensible plugin frameworks and scalable enterprise platforms.

We have even built an Open Source plugin development framework being taught at some universities and technical courses. Also, check out our Shop selling some of our custom plugins.

WordPress Product Consulting

WordPress development and business consulting - the right way

  1. Product Management – setting the right and realistic goals for your WordPress project, explaining the internals of the infrastructure and the various ways to accomplish the desired goal.

  2. Product Architecture – with our WordPress contributors on board, we could collaborate with your team or take over building the skeleton of your product/application. Our architectural decisions would take your business goals and user needs in mind.

Let's Connect Services

The WordPress Company's Toolkit

A WordPress development company profiling in enterprise-grade projects can benefit from three types of tools:

  1. Web development tools for the staff working on and implementing WordPress projects for the enterprise
  2. Tools suitable for larger projects or platforms (DevOps, migration platforms, monitoring apps, etc)
  3. Project management, product management, sales and marketing tools on the business side of things

Web Development Tools

The technical and creative teams at DevriX are free to pick and use the tools they like for development, design, deployments and the like - as long as they don’t cause side effects or any problems for the rest of the team.

Our development company is platform-agnostic when it comes to hardware or operating systems. We have Mac, Windows, and Linux users (different flavors) which helps us identify issues for various environments as well.

Here are some of the tools that we’re using as IDEs or text editors, deployment platforms, software environments, etc:

  • Eclipse PHP Development Tools
  • NetBeans
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sublime Text
  • vim
  • VVV - when synchronizing environments or deploying project setups altogether
  • Docker - deploying some internal containers or environments for dashboards, web and programming activities
  • git - for GitHub and Bitbucket
  • Gulp
  • Various browse extensions - AwesomeScreenshot, Wappalyzer, Password Generator, Screencastify, Styler, Hover Zoom
  • Adobe XD
  • Sketch



That’s a lengthier topic as our devops/systems engineers use plenty of packages, tools, or services depending on the case. Here are some of the general, high-end examples or those that we use often, along with some generic ones for monitoring the statuses/uptime of our projects:

  • New Relic
  • Zabbix
  • Ansible/Chef recipes and cookbooks
  • capistrano for some deployments
  • Jenkins/Travis CI for continuous integration
  • Uptime Robot
  • Ganglia for monitoring clusters and grids
  • Snort (for security)
  • Sucuri for security monitoring/alerts too
  • BrowserStack
  • RabbitMQ for messaging
  • Logstash/Loggly for logging

We also use tools and libraries like Redis, memcached and others for caching layers or non-persistent storages as a part of our standard WordPress stack; nginx as a reverse proxy or occasionally Varnish on certain environments.

Project Management/Sales/Marketing

  • Asana/TestRail - we love Asana but we collaborate with other teams as well
  • Slack/Skype/Telegram - we use Slack on our end but also use alternative chat/collaboration tools
  • Google Apps - Docs & Spreadsheets, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Analytics, Adwords
  • Dropbox
  • Moqups for wireframes, sketches, or mockups
  • GanttPRO for gantt charts
  • DX Sales CRM - we’ve developed a free CRM plugin for WordPress for small and mid-sized businesses and have released a couple dozen extensions for different use cases. Hence, we use our own CRM though it’s common to leverage other tools as well.
  • MailChimp/Aweber/HubSpot and many other tools we have experience with for email list management
  • Buffer/Tweetdeck for social media sharing, scheduling and management
  • Zapier/ITTT for automating certain tasks in-between
  • SEMrush/BulthWith/BuzzSumo for creative ways to find competitors or prospects

Why Choose DevriX?

Our WordPress development company employs a range of niche experts. Here's why we're the right fit.

Technical WordPress Development

  • Software as a Service
  • Multisite and Platform Development
  • Building Plugins and Frameworks
  • Performance and Security Reviews

Server and Website Maintenance

  • Server and Platform Migrations
  • Infrastructure Fine Tuning
  • Website Performance Improvements
  • Refactoring and Code Optimization

Open Source Contributions

  • Building Open Source Plugins
  • Cloning and Extending Solutions
  • Community Exposure
  • Connecting with Other Contributors

Design and Front-end Development

  • Crafting Unique Designs
  • Building Custom WordPress Themes
  • Architecting Theme Frameworks
  • Corporate Identity Design

Business Consulting and Research

  • Competitor Research
  • Identifying Innovative Concepts
  • Proposing Monetization Opportunities
  • Business and Growth Hacking Strategy

Marketing Assistance

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Production/Planning
  • Inbound Marketing Implementation
  • Marketing Automation

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WordPress Development Contributions

Over 70,000 web development hours dedicated to making the WordPress Core better.

  • Custom plugins developed
  • Open Source plugins
  • Custom 3rd party APIs integrated
  • Software as a Service platforms
  • WordPress Core contributors
  • WordPress community contributors

Core WordPress Expertise

Over the years our WordPress development company has helped large businesses and organizations in different fields, including large corporations providing services in the airline, automotive, educational, finance industries.

WordPress is a proven secure and stable solutions used by Fortune 500 companies that scales well with the right team behind, and allows you to focus on your business growth.


DevriX builds and scales complex WordPress applications

Having built hundreds of WordPress plugins for clients, our WordPress development company is actively giving back and working closely with the WordPress community.