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Environmental, Social and Charity

At DevriX, we understand the importance of social responsibility in creating positive change for our community and planet. We proudly support a variety of social and environmental initiatives that make an impact today, tomorrow - and beyond!

Initiatives we’ve supported


DevriXians say ...

Hristina Bancheva

Head of Marketing

I feel truly inspired by having the opportunity to regularly give back to the community and the planet. At DevriX, we actively organize and participate in different social and charity activities and this makes me believe I’m mostly surrounded by like-minded people with strong social values. Recognizing my personal contribution to a cause I support makes me feel good at the end of the day.

Nikolay Yovkov

Web/Graphic Designer

The monthly Charity Kitchen is my favorite initiative at DevriX.
It’s an amazing in-house activity. As a volunteer, it is very important for me to help those in need and support different causes, I find so much value for myself doing that. Plus, I’ve got a colleague that prepares the best cheesecake I’ve ever tried, so I simply can’t think of a better way to support charity initiatives.

Vladislav Penkov

Executive Assistant

DevriX’s charity events, workshops, and contributions were some of the biggest factors that solidified my decision to work for this company. I’ve always actively volunteered and take part in charities, so having that in-house saves me time. Furthermore, developing new skills through workshops and then giving back to the WordPress Community is of paramount importance, as we’re using open-source software, and as a community, we should take responsibility for sharing knowledge and keeping it up to standard. I spend most of my day in the office, so it’s great to have all of these initiatives here!

Radostina Tsvetkova

Product Manager

DX is a culture and a community of like-minded people, and all our team initiatives showcase that. From growth and learning in our internal and external workshops and meetups, to contributing back to WP. From keeping the sense of goodwill and compassion via our monthly charity markets, all the way to helping interns and tech students via mentoring and hackathons. I love the sense of belonging and togetherness we manage to bring to what we do. And huge thanks to everyone in the team that regularly enables all our events to happen!

Emil Docev

Back-end Developer

Feels great giving back to the community and helping those in needs as a team!

Elena Atanasova

Marketing Specialist

Working at a company that invests in team activities and charity initiatives is so rewarding and motivating. I love the feeling that I’m part of something that’s making a positive change in the world. Moreover, I am often part of the organization of those events, which makes it even more exciting.

DX Charity Kitchen

DX Charity Kitchen is a monthly initiative aiming to support different social and environmental causes we believe in.

Every month, we use the power of tasty homemade food to give back to a clause or charity organization carefully selected by the team! Our colleagues bring homemade treats and everyone is invited to join and treat themselves in exchange for a donation. It's an easy (and delicious!) way for us to show our support and make a difference - one bite at a time!

12+ causes

Made 1000+ people happier

Ate dozens of cupcakes

Book Markets

Our team embraces one of the company's core values - "Never stop learning".

A true DevriXian tirelessly looks for ways to improve. We are here to learn and always get better. That's why we organize book markets in the office once in a while - giving colleagues the opportunity to learn from each other while helping those who need it most. A part of all collected books is sent out as charity donations, making sure knowledge spreads far beyond DevriX’s walls!

100+ books exchanged

Tons of shared knowledge

Plenty of recycled paper

Christmas Market 2022

Our internal Christmas Market aimed to support “Operation Teddy Bear” - a Christmas campaign for making children’s dreams come true.

“Operation Teddy Bear” is the largest Christmas campaign in Bulgaria. Its main goal is to make the wishes of unprivileged children and youth come true. DevriXians prepared delicious Christmas meals for the market. But the most exciting part was that the kids of our colleagues also got involved in the initiative, crafting special gifts and selling them at the market.

Made 15+ children happier

Dozens of fulfilled dreams

100% happy team DevriX

WordPress Contributions

DevriX has been an integral member of the vast WordPress community since its inception.

Our team is dedicated to helping build high-scale solutions using WordPress - the world's most popular development framework. We show our commitment by contributing in various ways, such as submitting patches and fixes for WordPress Core updates, building free plugins & themes, translating foreign versions of WP, and providing support on forums and events.

10 WordPress Core contributors

13 WordPress community contributors

50+ Open Source plugins

ELSYS Partnership

DevriX is a key partner and one of the sponsors of ELSYS - the Technology School “Electronic Systems” associated with Technical University – Sofia.

The ELSYS community is close to our hearts since many of our colleagues - including our CEO Mario Peshev - graduated from the school back in the day. DevriX actively supports the school through meaningful activities like student mentoring, internship programs, career advice for new grads, tutorials, and workshops at the school as well as participating in various hackathons and other events hosted there!

Organizing yearly internships

Mentoring young IT talents

Supporting yearly events

Our initiatives

Look at some of the initiatives that we support. You could find your favorite cause and join us in spreading kindness.
Ole Male

Ole Male is a Bulgarian foundation, whose goal is to help mothers of disabled children to live actively, working and earning support themselves. They offer them physical, financial, and emotional support. See how you can support Ole Male here.


Redom is a nonprofit organization that takes care of abandoned and homeless animals. Their mission is to fight animal cruelty by providing educational materials on animal care and promoting castration. Support Redom here.

Bulgarian Red Cross

The Bulgarian Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross Movement. It is a voluntary organization that supports vulnerable people in disasters and crises. Here are the current causes of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

One in 8

One in 8 is a foundation that helps women detect breast cancer early and reaches out to women with a diagnosis by providing free information, and psychological, emotional, and practical support. Learn more about their cause here.


HepActive is a national hepatitis association founded in 2009 by a group of patients and their relatives. They provide educational and medical materials on hepatitis, organize screening campaigns, offer online consultations, and protect patients' rights. You can support them here.


DMS is the platform through which you can support good causes by donating online or sending an SMS to 17 777. On their website, you can find a huge collection of causes, to which you can donate.

The Happy Pet Familia

The Happy Pet Familia is a nonprofit organization that takes care of abandoned and injured cats and dogs. They provide the animals with shelter and with the care they need. More about their mission here.

The SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library

The SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library is the national library of Bulgaria, situated in Sofia. The institution organizes different projects and campaigns that need financing. On their website, there is information on how you can make a donation. is a platform for collecting donations. The website contains various charity campaigns in one place and offers the opportunity for online donations. See here.

DevriX in Numbers

  • 13 Charity Causes Supported
  • 11 WordPress Core Contributors
  • 13 WordPress Community Contributors
  • 10 Software as a Service Platforms
  • 50 Open Source Plugins
  • 565 Custom Plugins Developed

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