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The Ultimate Business Website Guide

As professional web developers familiar with all business and technical aspects of a WordPress website, we strive for educating our clients on all things WordPress. You will find our training materials on building a WordPress-based website online and how to pick the right solution for your business needs.

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The Cost of a Website

The Cost of a Website

What is the average price of a small, medium, and large WordPress website professionally built with a custom design and theme?
Website Cost Breakdown

Website Cost Breakdown

What are some of the required and regular costs for maintaining a website - hosting, domain, development, maintenace and more.
How to Find the Right WordPress Partner

How to Find the Right WordPress Partner?

There are hundreds of thousands of freelancers and agencies offering WordPress development services. Finding the right quality is close to impossible - here's what you need to know while looking for a partner.

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Fixed Quote or Hourly Rates?

Fixed Quote or Hourly Rates?

WordPress agencies usually provide fixed-fee estimates, or hourly rates. Find out what's the difference between both strategies and what are the benefits of relying on an ongoing hourly model for best results.

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The difference between a $500 website and a professional WordPress solution:

  1. Performance - custom-tailored solutions don't have tons of bloated code that interferes with the load time of your WordPress website
  2. Stability - the more refined and compact the code is, the longer it would last across ongoing updates and additional features
  3. Security - themes and plugins helping out with sliders, visual builders, custom engines are complex and hard to maintain - and can open various security loopholes used by hackers
WordPress multisite development

DevriX Is Among the Highest Rated B2B Companies in Clutch

DevriX ranks in the top most highly recommended B2B companies in's industry reports by region. We are in great company with awesome agencies offering IT services, web development, marketing and design and the first WordPress Development Agency on the list.

ThemeForest/Envato Sites

ThemeForest/Envato Sites

What is the core structure behind a ThemeForest theme and how does that affect your business in the long run.
Building a Custom Theme

Building a Custom Theme

What is the process of building a unique custom theme for your website - requirements and actionable steps.
Big Companies Outsource

Big Companies Outsource

Why do big companies outsource and what is the rationale behind offloading your technical infrastructure to a digital partner?
Added Costs for Agencies

Added Costs for Agencies

Why do WordPress agencies charge more than freelancers? What are the additional costs for a company and what is the added value for a business.
Agile WordPress Development

Agile WordPress Development

How to implement iterative development that allows for shorter milestones, regular feedback and flexible change sets - enter Agile.

Free Email Training for Website Owners

18 chapters of Website Profficiency for non-technical CEOs

A business owner can hardly differenciate a simple WordPress install from a professional solution. We have designed a business-friendly training for onboarding website owners.

Our FREE email training goes over the concepts of the Web, SEO, professional solutions compared to off-the-shelf websites. We talk about user engagement, servers, performance and the opportunities of WordPress in a user-friendly manner, no BS and less jargon. Get up to speed with the latest trends and learn more about what makes a WordPress website awesome.

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The Main Challenges for Growing Businesses

What are the main bottlenecks for WordPress customers outgrowing their platform?

Reliable Website Support

The so called "Lego solutions" are heavy and modify numerous aspects of the WordPress Core cycle. Combining more of these together leads to unexpected regressions if not supervised, which causes odd behavior as the website traffic and user base grow.

User Experience and UI Improvements

Premium themes are pre-configured for various combinations, but fine tuning isn't always easy to achieve. Visual builders can also interfere with your speed and stability, which gets challenging as your business gets more dependable on your digital solution.

Technical and Business Consulting

Growing WordPress solutions require specialized adjustments depending on the business needs. Design patterns are to be applied depending on the business plan, and clients need a reliable partner that can guide them through the technical path.

Mobile-Friendly Website

More than half of the traffic online comes from mobile devices. Your website should not only be accessible from smartphones and tablets, but optimized for mobile user experience.

People browse differently on desktop and mobile, given the browsing experience on each technology.

Scope Creep and Never-Launching Projects

Scope Creep and Never-Launching Projects

Endless change requests and scope creep can turn even a simple project into a nightmare. Find out how to prevent scope creep early in the process and communicate clearly with your technical provider.

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What is the Best Technology For My Website?

What is the Best Technology For My Website?

Websites could be developed in many programming languages, but what is the best tool for the job? See our analysis of the most popular programming languages and platforms out there.

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A Business Plan for Your Website

Your digital presence requires careful planning

Relying on a platform that would empower your business requires time, planning, research and effort. It's not a simple wizard that generates money by itself.

Successful WordPress websites out there are built by businesses that carefully plan technical stack, user experience, conversion rates, content management and marketing strategy. Success is a journey, not a task.

How to Plan a Website Project?

Here's how DevriX plans the entire WordPress development process from scratch.

Discovery Meetings

We will coordinate a set of email exchange conversations or calls in order to analyze and understand your company needs better. Our WordPress developers will collaborate with our business and marketing analysts while building the complete business case.

Business and Market Research

We have an established process of analyzing your business through external sources, together with your competitors in order to define the right service proposition and the customer personas. This detailed business plan will be used in all creative and development onward.

Building a Project Roadmap

After the business plan is clear, our WordPress team will start your project roadmap. This incorporates the project sitemap, defining customer roles, UI and UX mockups and a list of the essential components for your Minimum Viable Product.

Establishing Protocols and Milestones

When the production plan is clear, communication protocols and delivery expectations shall follow. Think of: how and when we will communicate and report, what is your availability, when would we ship demo versions of our work to date.

Building a UI Concept

The User Interface concept would be based on your logo or existing corporate brand, as well as the market standards for your industry. We will design a homepage + a few landing pages for starters, and take it from there.

Creating a WordPress theme

After a sign-off on the design concept, our WordPress developers will initiate building a custom-tailored WordPress theme for you. This will follow the UI concept and incorporate the right marketing strategies for higher conversions.

Building WordPress Plugins

When the WordPress theme is ready, our software engineers will proceed with building the required WordPress plugins following your business needs. The custom logic will be integrated in the set of proven and reliable plugins when needed.

Performing Migrations/Setup

When building a new platform replacing an existing site, we will build migration scripts for moving the data over to your new setup. Additionally we will write an installment plan for your WordPress solution for the coming launch.

Setting Up Hosting

For best performance and security server work is needed as well. Based on your business needs and traffic expectations, we will fine tune your server setup for ongoing scalability and run a series of test samples.

Integrating Marketing/Analytics

Ongoing maintenance is required for best results - including your marketing and data analytics needs. We will coordinate your targets and ensure your traffic and user base growth for your company's website.

Launch and Campaign Planning

Once the platform is ready to go, we will coordinate both the launch plan and the campaign strategy for going live. Deployment will be as seamless as possible and campaigns can be scheduled right after the website is fully available.

Ongoing Support and Development

The launch is just the beginning. Once the WordPress website gets some traction, we will continue to analyze data and incoming traffic and keep in mind customer feedback. This would allow us to continuously improve and extend your platform for success.

DevriX provides long-term web development and design

Having built hundreds of WordPress solutions for clients, our WordPress development company is fluent in WordPress.