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How Much Does a Website Cost?

As professional web developers familiar with all business and technical aspects of a WordPress website, we strive for educating our clients on all things WordPress.

Find our training materials on building a WordPress website and how to pick the right solution for your business needs.

What is Included in the Cost of a Website

How much should your WordPress website cost depends on many factors, starting from the expertise of the WordPress agency you hire, the complexity of the solution you need, design, functionalities, additional services, and more.

  • Domain and Hosting

  • Website Design

  • Front-end Development

  • Back-end Development

  • Other costs

How to Pay for Your Website?

Hourly Rates vs Fixed Fee

Charging at hourly rates is a common model for many web agencies. When you need a team of developers, designers, project managers, testers and other people involved in the technical process, there are different costs related to the WordPress project development.

WordPress Retainer Plans

The WordPress Retainer model allows combining back-end and front-end development with creative and marketing strategy. As a result, you delegate your technical needs completely and focus on business growth.

WordPress Website Pricing

We believe that each WordPress project is unique, and so should be the costs of building a website. The best bet is for you to invest in a solution that incorporates a server architecture with a web development product, together with maintenance, SEO optimization, marketing consulting and additional optimizations for your project.

Our Work Process at DevriX provides solutions for regular WordPress website development and small eCommerce development projects, as well as for SaaS work, CRMs, and more complicated online solutions including custom modules, high-level technical consultancy, server networking, and infrastructure management.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Development Agency for Your Business

WordPress is an excellent CMS for any business, and whether you want to create a brand new website, or reinvent your current one, finding the right WordPress development agency is key.

With so many factors to consider, it is important to have a list of criteria that you can use when selecting an expert WordPress development agency for your next project.

How Much Does a Custom Website Cost?

Get a Free Guide on How to Prepare your Website Budget.

How Much Does a Custom Website Cost?

How to Pay for Your Website?

What is Included in the Cost of a Website?

Hourly Rates vs Fixed Fee Estimated Project Costs?

WordPress Retainer Plans

Sample WordPress Website Prices

Website Cost FAQ

Top Questions to Ask a WCM Platform Vendor

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Website Cost FAQ

DevriX has been working on a Retainer-based business model since 2014 as it’s the best way to build lasting customer partnerships and scale huge websites and WordPress platforms. Occasionally we are approached by customers looking for WordPress development services who have a set budget or have researched other offers before reaching out to us.

Here are some of their most common questions:

Q: I Have a Fixed Budget For My WordPress Project

Given a specific set of requirements, we will assess whether your project could fit within your budget.
Sometimes it is a realistic budget and we can make it. However, if we can’t fit within your budget, there are several options:

  • We can provide an alternative solution that fits your budget
  • We can reuse specific components so that we don’t have to build them from scratch
  • We can cut down some features in order to fit the budget
  • We can build it in phases

or we are not a good fit for your budget constraints.

Q: I Received a Quote From Another Agency, Can You Match It?

Our WordPress development agency operates in a specific way – we combine our engineering background and business development expertise in a way that includes stable WordPress architecture and business sustainable product at the end.

There are lots of agencies offering predefined solutions or one-off projects that are tailored to their needs and not yours. And there are the high-end companies that charge a lot, working with experienced industry professionals.

What we do is a solution that fits your needs and follows the quality standards. We do not make compromises with code quality, servers or user experience. If you insist on an idea that does not follow the standards and imposes usability, speed or security risks, we will not work with you.

However, our pricing model is fairly simple and combines the amount of time we need to spend, the duration of the project, the availability we got and your long-term goals. Therefore, we are ready to discuss your quote and take it for a Fixed Budget as discussed above, and take it from there.

Q: I Have a Limited Budget, But I Would Reinvest Later

 We are interested in long-term partnership agreements since it allows us to learn your business better and advise you with regards to your competitors, business niche, and target audience.

However, we value our skills and time and would not do pro bono work or highly discounted projects, even if we’re interested in your specific project. What we could do is form a partnership that starts with an MVP – Minimum Viable Product, and sign a retainer that builds additional features on a weekly or monthly basis.

This would allow you to get a finished (yet limited) version of your product to start with, and continue developing it on a monthly basis.

Q: I Would Expect This to Cost X, Can You Do It?

The business of building a WordPress website, Software as a Service, plugin or a framework is usually related to a specific process. We have a team of engineers, designers, QA folks and a project manager involved in the process, which results in high quality, better code organization and overall incredible end quality.

When we discuss your project, we could organize a Business Consulting session that goes over your specific needs and requirements, and build a specification sheet accordingly. We will share our process and the required steps and put a rough number next to it.

We would understand if your budget does not fit our estimate, or you are not ready to invest that much yet. However, we work with medium-sized and large businesses who need a technical and business framework that brings higher profits on the table. If you start with a low-cost solution, you will either gain nothing from it, or you’ll outgrow it soon enough so that you’ll end up having to pay for a serious business solution.

Our frameworks are usually built in a way that scales, and allows for growth furthermore. Also, we discuss your 3-year growth plan with you and align our technical environment so that you can accomplish your business goals without any technical constraints.

Check out our Work Process or Contact us for more details.

Q: Why Do WordPress Agencies Charge More Than Freelancers?

As a WordPress agency, we sometimes  get compared with  freelancers working on WordPress and asked why our prices are higher Here are some XX good answers:

1- WordPress Agencies Are Not for Everyone. There is a certain additional overhead when hiring a whole company that is significantly higher as compared to an individual – a solopreneur or a freelancer – that should be taken into account. 

Agencies are a better solution when the project requires over 150 hours of work per month. Small businesses – non-profitable sites, businesses that just started up or marketing portfolios – may not yet be in need of a professional solution that performs better and scales further.

2- Freelancers Have Fewer Expenses. Freelancers are suitable for minor customizations, longer projects that don’t require active development, helping out a team with a specific module, or building a new component for a system. Most freelancers can afford to work from home, a co-working space or a coffee shop. They don’t invest in marketing and don’t have certain expenses that larger teams have.

3- Agencies Invest in the Ongoing Professional Development of Their Staff – front-end and back-end developers in the WordPress field. They implement different strategies that improve the skills and the code quality of their staff in multiple ways such as training courses, seminars, researching innovative technologies. Working with many engineers on the same team helps toward solving a large group of problems

4- Agencies Provide Better Security and Higher Code Quality, having more people able to tackle an assignment. Team leaders and project managers oversee the work, make sure that it’s implemented effectively, distribute responsibilities to team members, coordinate code reviews, and navigate the quality assurance process with testers.

5- Effective Use of Skills for Problems. The web industry is ever-growing and nowadays consists of dozens of high-end specialties, each one having a large group of specific skills that a single human being cannot understand and implement efficiently at all times.

Working with a WordPress agency that employs creative staff, developers, marketing experts and other professionals could offer a complete solution for a profitable business that wants to bring their venture to the next level.

Q: Why Do Website Development Companies Charge Hourly?

There are different pricing strategies for building a WordPress solution. Some website development companies charge hourly – the amount of work is estimated based on the consulting fees that the development company charges by, and the final amount is worth the time spent on building the solution. Here are six reasons why hourly projects are better than a fixed price:

1- You Get a Better Project by making the best decisions throughout the project. In a fixed price project, you are usually making all your decisions at the start of the project – that’s the time when you have the least information available.

2- Reduces Risk in 2 ways. First, hourly projects allow flexibility so that you can better estimate future costs and secondly it’s easier to track the work in progress rather than just waiting to see the deliverables at each milestone.

3- Helps You in Prioritizing Your Work because in a fixed price job the client wants you to spend quality time on the project while the company or a freelancer wants to spend the minimum time on the project since everything has already been decided.

4- Allows You To Do Important Things First. In an hourly contract, it is easier for clients to ask for the completion of a particular part of the project first.

5- Hourly Contracts Are Cheaper because they are flexible, allowing clients to compare their spending with the budget.

6- Website projects charged by the hour are easier to manage by the development agency. In the process of website development, there are other activities that take time, such as building documentation or user guides, emails, phone calls or video chats with the product owner, which cannot be measured upfront. 

There are website features that may require more testing and refining. Some customers need to validate separate phases and send feedback that has to be implemented in the next iteration. Some of the deliverables from the customer are not formatted or presented in a way that is usable for the website, and they need to be refined after a long discussion with both parties.

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