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DevriX is a WordPress development agency building long-term relationships with businesses looking for the reliable digital WordPress partner.

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WordPress Development Retainers

Delegate your technical needs and scale your business

DevriX provides technical WordPress development, consulting, and support to Fortune 1000s, B2B SaaS, global publishers, international brands, and international franchises. We believe in forming a long-term partnership with each and every one of our customers.

  • Back-end Development
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  • Business Consulting
  • Digital Marketing
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  • Automation and AI

What Our Clients Say About DevriX

Jon Reed


DevriX has been able to add sophisticated functionality to while maintaining a very high mobile-first design standard. That’s a tough balance to maintain. One remarkable thing: I have never met the DevriX team. We have never even spoken on the phone or VoIP. Another member of our team has spoken with them, but the point is I’ve been able to get projects done with DevriX that involved complex design requirements without ever talking real-time. That requires an exceptional attention to detail. I cannot recommend DevriX highly enough.

Adam Sewall

VP Marketing, Verkada

DevriX enabled us to deliver an entirely reimagined B2B website in under 3 weeks. From backend integrations to mobile layouts on the frontend, I was continually impressed with the team’s knowledge and, equally important, ability to think like a user. The engineers weren’t just completing deliverables — they were proactively suggesting solutions to our challenges, and filling in gaps where requirements were incomplete or unclear. Communication was clear and effective throughout the course of the project. Highly recommended for teams looking to move fast!

Stuard Frank

Mario and his team are flat out awesome. They’ve been able to handle the most difficult challenges we’ve thrown at them whilst all the time offering a level of expertise and command of their subject area way beyond that offered by your average freelancer or small agency. In fact, i’d wager you’d struggle to find such committed and skilled workers at this price point anywhere else, putting them easily on a par with some of the leading WordPress dev shops but at a fraction of the price. Whether you’re looking for a team to make your next big project a reality or to further develop or stregthen an existing project then you won’t be disappointed with what Mario and the devrix/ team have to offer. Get in contact with them today, youll be in good hands.

Kris Gunnars

Founder, AuthorityNutrition

Before I started working with DevriX, I was having severe stability problems with my high-traffic website that gets over 10 million visits per month. They helped me migrate the site to a new webhost and fixed some code issues. Since then I’ve had a near 100% uptime, with an even faster site than before. The team at DevriX is highly knowledgeable about WordPress coding best practices and they always focused on clean code and fast loading times. I highly recommend working with them if you have a WordPress website.

Tom Murray

Viral Lead Machine

Mario, Stanko and team are great to work with. We’ve worked with them on a number of complex, original applications, and can always count on them to bring extensive knowledge and skill to every project. They’re also very conscientious in their approach – always striving to build the most technically reliable solution. If you’re looking to create a robust software exactly to spec, then I’d highly recommend these guys!

Julius Solaris

Director, SocialCoup LTD

Working with Mario and his team has been a great pleasure. It is difficult to find reliable developers that actually understands WordPress Architecture while managing client communication professionally, Mario is one of the few of them. Definitely recommend.

Custom WordPress Development

Enterprise Development

Building a custom-tailored solution based on your technical specification. You receive high-security standards, faster loading times, a unique look, optimized UX, better business processes, and endless scalability.

Submit your proposal or request a complete discovery session nailing down your requirements and evaluating your business needs.

WordPress Maintenance

Building a reliable website is not a one-off assignment.

Delegate the maintenance of your site to a team of experienced WordPress talents devoted to keeping your WordPress platform running smoothly - from content updates and customizations, to maintaining a great look & feel, as well as the stability of your WordPress solution over time.

WordPress backup and safe updates

Minor updates and customizations

Gradual facelift and modernization

Strategy and Consulting

Veteran WordPress developers and business consultants dedicated to your business success.

  • WordPress integration troubleshooting
  • Plugin and extension development
  • Technical architecture and code reviews
  • Ad-hoc solutions to regressions or traffic peaks
  • Scaling for major events or campaigns
  • Integrating 3rd party APIs and services
  • Building powerful and flexible editorial dashboards
  • Data-driven dashboards for your KPIs

WordPress SaaS Development

We excel in building high-end Software as a Service applications and Multisite networks generating a good amount of traffic and user base.

Our WordPress team will architect proven infrastructure principles that could scale and grow past 100M views. We follow a UX-compliant process for purchasing subscriptions, user sign up, managing different roles, unlocking bespoke features for each of your customers.

SaaS Image

Digital Marketing

We specialize in crafting efficient marketing campaigns that boost brand recognition, strengthen engagement with audiences online, and foster loyal customer relationships bringing business goals to life.

  • Research

  • Strategy

  • Execution

  • Growth

Attract more customers and elevate your digital presence. Our 360 WordPress services will help you achieve the next chapter.

  • Content Marketing
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Research and Strategy
  • SEO
  • Sales Funnels & CRO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Outreach

Let's Work Together

How could we help you develop your business?

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Why Choose DevriX

  • WordPress Services

  • Business Consulting and Growth

Technical WordPress Development

We build large platforms, media websites, multisite networks, SaaS solutions, extensible plugins and more.

Our WordPress developers follow the proven guidelines in terms of reliable infrastructure and impeccable code quality with longevity in mind.

Design and Front-end Development

Our designers have crafted mockups, logos, banners, landing pages and assets for some of the largest international brands.

Additionally, we’ve authored dozens of fast, secure and beautiful WordPress themes and templates over the past 14 years.

Server and Website Maintenance

We cover server management, automation, staging server setup, optimization, scalability, deployment pipelines.

Ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and continuous deployments are also an inseparable part of our retainer plans.

Business Consulting

Partnering up with a full-service WordPress agency allows you to delegate a diverse range of activities.

We provide go-to-market strategy development and fractional C-level services to 8-figure organizations through augmentation and data insights.

Data and AdOps

Taylormade data reports can help you read your analytics better and made proper decisions.

Having an AdOps team at your disposal helps you monetize your content and ensure a proper PPC strategy that suits your needs.

Design and Marketing

Brand positioning. Content marketing. Creative campaigns. Website design. Promotional landing pages.

Extend your internal marketing team with the specific know-how based on our experience with diverse European brands.

Case Studies


Kustomer (now part of Meta) is a customer service CRM platform built for managing high support volume by optimizing experiences.

Kustomer has been working with DevriX on a WordPress development retainer plan since August 2019. Our mutual work was focused on the marketing side: building better looking pages and fixing various visual imperfections throughout the site. This, together with general speed and codebase improvements, which were highly needed, were two of our top priorities.

Major speed improvements across the website

Thorough UI improvements

A gradual reworking of the previous codebase

Obsev is a publishing site that hosts particularly viral entertainment and cultural commentary stories.

In November of 2018, they were doing significant traffic (30MM+ page views per month) and hitting a wall with scaling challenges. With these performance issues limiting their growth, it was imperative that we get them through the wall and remove the scaling barrier that was capping their growth and damaging their brand. Fast forward to today and they’ve more than quadrupled the traffic levels that were hobbling the site before.

Multisite Migration

Impressive RPS achieved

More than quadrupled Traffic

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings is a leading media company for professionals in the meetings industry.

We got in touch regarding a website migration from a custom platform built on top of Zend Framework to WordPress, rebuilding their theme to a responsive and clean layout, breaking their content down to over a dozen post types for different types of information, transferring their custom search tools to WordPress plugins and integrating several 3rd party systems. Our team broke down the migration script into multiple sequential iterations until the entire platform had been migrated.

Database Migration

100,000+ different data entries

Various custom filters implementation


Here is how WordPress retainers proved to be the optimal website redesign solution.

Density is a B2B company whose solution tracks anonymously how people use buildings and in-door spaces based on deep learning algorithms. Our task was to build a brand new corporate site used to present and sell the company's services and products and replace the one published on their domain at that time. Their current site was static and could not be updated easily but our team succeeded to launch the new site’s primary version within three weeks. Shortly after that, we pushed live Webinars and Blog features, tasks like documents (PDF), more advanced work with Marketo forms, the Kustomer's post type, and the Support page.

Corporate website development

From a static website to a WordPress CMS platform

Development work supporting the sales process

WordPress Multisite as a Multilingual Blog Solution

The client is a leading creator of screen recording and screen capture software, serving over 30 million professionals around the world.

DevriX was employed to design a centrally-managed blog in several languages by merging content from three independent blogs. We designed the blog front-end, following the brand identity of the company, and built a WordPress Multisite Network in three languages.

Building WordPress Multisite Network

Media management in one place

New blog design and front-end

WordPress Development Contributions

Over 70,000 web development hours dedicated to making the WordPress Core better

  • 565 Custom Plugins Developed
  • 50 Open Source Plugin
  • 104 Custom 3rd Party APIs Integrated
  • 10 Software as a Service Platforms
  • 11 WordPress Core Contributors
  • 13 WordPress Community Contributors

Your Long-Term WordPress Partner

Having built hundreds of scalable solutions for small to enterprise clients, our WordPress development company is fluent in WordPress.