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We offer WordPress support plans for larger platforms. There are flexible support options for our WordPress development team based on your needs.

Emergency support

DevriX can solve an urgent problem for your existing website. Contact us and provide us with a brief description of your problem, and we can take over and solve it. There is an emergency support plan that you could order for server monitoring or resource usage fine tuning, and urgent website fixes.


We will offer a support plan that includes guaranteed hours a month that you could use for updates, technical issues, monitoring and small customization assignments for your project. This is a good fit for WordPress projects that require small updates while maintaining the high code quality and reducing the risk of server failures and interrupted site uptime.

Ongoing WordPress Development

We believe that a project is not complete as long as it brings you value. Ongoing projects keep a high level or visitors, users or customers. We can build a long-term plan for optimizing your website and adding more features to it, or building helper platforms and systems to make it even more robust and flexible. Retainer plans are available based on our work process style.