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Mario Peshev

mario-peshev-web-summitHey there!

I’m Mario Peshev, the CEO of DevriX. I’ve been building web applications and software solutions for nearly 15 years now, transitioning between different management and business roles on my way to founding a leading distributed WordPress agency.

On a day-to-day, I wear different hats – work closely with my tech team on innovations and deployments, discuss marketing strategy and partnerships, talk long-term strategy with our retainer customers, or build educational content for our team and the public.

I built my first site in 1999 and keep pushing forward since. I have 30+ patches in the WordPress Core platform, along with dozens of free plugins. I’ve led thousands of hours in training technical courses for companies like VMware, SAP, Software AG, and organizations like CERN or Saudi Aramco.

I manage the internal process and deal with business development, project management and high-end WordPress engineering. I help customers with their growth and technical strategy and manage the process internally.