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Tutorial Category: Business

What Is WordPress 11 Industries Based on It@2x

What Is WordPress: 11 Industries Based on It

What is WordPress? WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) that powers 63% of all websites with a CMS, which equals 36% of all websites on the Internet. As the leading CMS, WordPress enables a whole ecosystem of business opportunities. You can create different types of websites like eCommerce shops, business websites, publishers Read More

How to Develop a Successful WordPress Website Strategy@2x

How to Develop a Successful WordPress Website Strategy

Regardless of the niche that you’re running your business in, a solid web presence is a must. While selling and marketing can go a long way, a website is imperative for greater brand recognition, customer retention, increasing customers’ trust, and generating new leads by promoting your services. That is why a successful WordPress website strategy Read More


10 Reasons Why Most eCommerce Businesses Fail

Starting an eCommerce business at this point in time sounds like a dream. You will source the products from another country, place them on your website, set an urgency discount timer, and voila, you’re a millionaire overnight, right? Wrong! Here are some sobering statistics: 90% of eCommerce companies fail within 120 days of starting up. Read More


How to Improve at SaaS Sales in Eight Steps

The SaaS industry proliferated throughout the years, and will only grow more with a predicted global revenue of $113.1 billion by 2021. TechCrunch even paralleled the growth with the PC, smartphone, and search engine revolutions. In other words, the opportunities are massive, and this is the right time to seize the opportunity and grow your Read More