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Tutorial Category: Business

7 Ways to Keep Your eCommerce Business Organized

Building your own website and finally starting the business that you’ve been planning is one thing, but keeping it organized is a different story. It can help with increasing your sales, getting new leads, and keeping your customers returning. In the eCommerce world, the so-called taxonomy is used for eCommerce optimization and classification of the Read More

11 Key SaaS Growth Metrics to Track in 2021

The world of software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies is growing at a fascinating rate. The number of initial public offerings (IPOs) by SaaS companies has nearly tripled over the past decade. Moreover, the market is forecastеd to grow to $120 billion in 2021, and expected to reach a compound annual growth of 21 percent. What makes SaaS Read More

How to Boost Your Work Culture in 2021

In a climate of continuous innovation, unpredictable changes and fast-paced social dynamics, molding a high-performing work culture is a step both small and large businesses can’t skip. In particular, a positive work environment, as stated by Harvard Business Review, can lead to huge benefits for employees, employers and the bottom line. A workplace culture is Read More

14 Tips to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

14 Tips to Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment

Does it happen often that customers go through your perfectly planned funnel, click all the right boxes and buttons, and when they’re just about to checkout on your eCommerce website, they just leave? Well, this is the so-called shopping cart abandonment and it’s one of the things all online shop owners struggle to avoid. So Read More