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Tutorial Category: Business

Social Media for Recruiting

How Businesses Use Social Media For Recruiting

The explosion in the popularity of social media, and its continued rise in attractiveness, is not just for personal use. Social media is used in a variety of business contexts, from promoting the business itself to selling products. Social media can also be an effective tool for recruiting if used properly. Recruiting and retaining quality Read More

finding your target market

The Complete Guide to Finding Your Target Market [Infographic]

If you’re not able to find and understand your target market, you can’t expect to grow your business. Every niche today is competitive, and you must be the first to figure out the problems that your target audience face. But finding your target market and providing solutions to people’s problems is much easier said than Read More

Digital Nomad

What You Need to Know About Digital Nomads

Think about your work life and routine compared to your parents or grandparents. Your grandparents may have worked as a laborer of some kind, for example, perhaps working in a factory, or they may have pursued a skilled profession. They may have even been a farmer, working their own land and producing then selling the Read More

elements of a landing page

9 Elements of a Landing Page That Converts

Having a landing page became a marketing prerequisite for any company that owns a website. They can bring more web traffic and inspire users to take the desired action on your page. If you want to have a better conversion for your website, the marketing campaign that you want to start should be supported with Read More

Business and Marketing Podcasts

2018 Best Business and Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen to

Entrepreneurs are busy. Together with marketers, they’re constantly under pressure to perform as best and as quickly as they can to grow the business and reach as many customers as possible. Not to mention the never-ending management process and the constant putting out “fires” in the workplace. Sometimes, as a business person, you want to Read More