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Tutorial Category: Business

Manage Remote WordPress Team

How to Manage a Remote WordPress Team

Are you considering the benefits of remote work? Hundreds of companies explore remote work opportunities and a lot of them do it successfully. Here is how you can make it work. Our DevriX CEO Mario Peshev spoke at WordCamp Europe 2016 and shared his advice for anyone considering a remote team or those who already Read More

make employees more productive

6 Ways to Make Your Employees More Productive

In light of today’s economic landscape, a successful business doesn’t only mean paying attention to customer satisfaction, but also making sure your employees are well taken care of. An efficient business understands the value of productivity in the workplace. According to research, productive employees boost the core values of a firm while unproductive employees simply Read More

Facebook Insights guide

How Facebook Insights Boost Your Targeting

With the help of social media, you have the power to connect with your target audience. Social networks like Facebook are excellent platforms where you can interact with your followers. But, in order to really form a connection with your fans on Facebook, your targeting needs to be on point. By having a Facebook business Read More

How to Write B2B Case Studies: A Practical Guide

Publishing case studies is one of the oldest and most effective types of content marketing. In the context of business-to-business, a case study is the analysis of a project you have successfully accomplished which identified the problem points, the proposed solutions, the implemented actions and the end result. If done right, case studies should help Read More

best free crm

What is CRM? A Definition by DevriX

For ages, a sales representative was considered a person that spends the entire day in a cubicle, dealing with call logs, spreadsheets and a bunch of sticky notes scattered around everywhere. Imagine trying to find an important piece of information lost in that mess while in the middle of a decisive phone call with a Read More