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Tutorial Category: Business

How to Win Business Awards for Your Company@2x

Four Tips to Win Business Awards for Your Company

Every company has its own ambitions! And why not? The world is your oyster! You can achieve anything, as long as you have the opportunity and the capacity for it. Becoming a leading company in your industry has the power to bring you credibility and the best clients in the marketplace. When we think of Read More

How to Find Your Brand Personality

How to Find Your Brand Personality

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your brand has a personality, just like humans do. If you don’t have a defined personality, people won’t be able to figure out if you’re the right company for them. A strong brand personality can be your foundation for boosting brand loyalty and customer retention. It can be Read More

Manage Remote WordPress Team

How to Manage a Remote WordPress Team

Are you considering the benefits of remote work? Hundreds of companies explore remote work opportunities and a lot of them do it successfully. Here is how you can make it work. Our DevriX CEO Mario Peshev spoke at WordCamp Europe 2016 and shared his advice for anyone considering a remote team or those who already Read More

WordPress Retainers 101

WordPress Retainers 101: What are WordPress Retainers

What Are WordPress Retainers? WordPress retainers are the opposite of a fixed-fee project. We have “coined” that term back in 2015 and are happy that is becoming popular across our colleagues and competitors, as our years of experience in the field has taught us that this is the right approach to all high-scale projects. The Read More

3 Header Bidding Gains for WordPress Digital Publishers Header Bidding Explained

3 Header Bidding Gains for WordPress Digital Publishers

The digital publishing industry is perpetually changing. Programmatic advertising is on the rise. According to eMarketer, programmatic advertising accounts for 84.9% of US display ad spending this year, and advertisers will spend around five ad dollars via programmatic. In that respect, publishers are actively looking for better ways to facilitate and improve how they sell Read More

How to Write Ecommerce Product Description Best Practices

How to Write eCommerce Product Description: Best Practices

In the world of online sales, your customers can’t see or touch the products. Hence the good virtual product presentation is your only weapon. Product descriptions are essentials for your online shop. They give information to the customers about your products – their features, advantages or guidelines on how to use them. Apart from helping Read More