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Tutorial Category: Business

Digital Nomad

What You Need to Know About Digital Nomads

Think about your work life and routine compared to your parents or grandparents. Your grandparents may have worked as a laborer of some kind, for example, perhaps working in a factory, or they may have pursued a skilled profession. They may have even been a farmer, working their own land and producing then selling the Read More

elements of a landing page

9 Elements of a Landing Page That Converts

Having a landing page became a marketing prerequisite for any company that owns a website. They can bring more web traffic and inspire users to take the desired action on your page. If you want to have a better conversion for your website, the marketing campaign that you want to start should be supported with Read More

Business and Marketing Podcasts

2018 Best Business and Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen to

Entrepreneurs are busy. Together with marketers, they’re constantly under pressure to perform as best and as quickly as they can to grow the business and reach as many customers as possible. Not to mention the never-ending management process and the constant putting out “fires” in the workplace. Sometimes, as a business person, you want to Read More

How to Effectively Drive B2B Sales [Expert Roundup]

Everyone that is in business-to-business knows that selling in the B2B space is not a walk in the park. It is a competitive landscape where every potential lead needs to be approached carefully and in a very different manner than in B2C sales. Driving B2B sales is not just about putting out your marketing pitch Read More

Lead Management KPIs

Marketing KPIs to Measure for Better Lead Management

There are numerous and very important elements that you need to measure for a winning lead management campaign. Moreover, there are a few indicators that can provide a comprehensive and high-level overview of the campaign performance. What are these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how can you leverage them to execute lead management successfully? Read: Read More

Manage Remote WordPress Team

How to Manage a Remote WordPress Team

Are you considering the benefits of remote work? Hundreds of companies explore remote work opportunities and a lot of them do it successfully. Here is how you can make it work. Our DevriX CEO Mario Peshev spoke at WordCamp Europe 2016 and shared his advice for anyone considering a remote team or those who already Read More