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Tutorial Category: Business

What You Need to Know About Long Sales Cycles

What You Need to Know About Long Sales Cycles

In the B2B world, long sales cycles are a common and quite stressful phenomenon. Sales from one business to another are less straightforward than selling to a single customer. On the one hand, there are more stakeholders involved. On the other hand, the products/services being sold are usually more complex, involving larger costs and long-term Read More

A Guide to Customer Lifecycle Management From Leads to Loyal Clients

A Guide to Customer Lifecycle Management: From Leads to Loyal Clients

With strong customer lifecycle management, organizations can build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with their audience and power business growth. It’s a practice that leverages powerful insights to help businesses cautiously improve and increase the value and satisfaction of their clients. Customer lifecycle management (CLM) represents a set of tools and practices that help brands provide Read More

User Testing_ Why, When and How

User Testing: Why, When and How?

User testing is a technique of having end-users and prospective customers test your product, website features, or prototype. It’s the process where test subjects use the item to identify any positive or negative attributes so that the business can iron out the wrinkles in their product before it goes to market. With user testing mothods, Read More