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How to Win Business Awards for Your Company@2x

Four Tips to Win Business Awards for Your Company

Every company has its own ambitions! And why not? The world is your oyster! You can achieve anything, as long as you have the opportunity and the capacity for it. Becoming a leading company in your industry has the power to bring you credibility and the best clients in the marketplace. When we think of Read More

Six Hot Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Six Hot Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

The digital marketing landscape has progressed a lot in the past decade. Everything moves fast! We’re surrounded by countless technologies that impact the industry and our daily lives. Most recently, we’ve witnessed the growth of influencer marketing, augmented reality, and video content. By the time you’re ready to launch your campaign, a brand new disruptive Read More

How to Find Your Brand Personality

How to Find Your Brand Personality

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your brand has a personality, just like humans do. If you don’t have a defined personality, people won’t be able to figure out if you’re the right company for them. A strong brand personality can be your foundation for boosting brand loyalty and customer retention. It can be Read More

Manage Remote WordPress Team

How to Manage a Remote WordPress Team

Are you considering the benefits of remote work? Hundreds of companies explore remote work opportunities and a lot of them do it successfully. Here is how you can make it work. Our DevriX CEO Mario Peshev spoke at WordCamp Europe 2016 and shared his advice for anyone considering a remote team or those who already Read More