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The Growth of Cloud Computing What to Expect in 2021

The Growth of Cloud Computing: What to Expect in 2021

Cloud computing technologies are the backbone of data-driven, application-based, complex ecosystems of products, technologies and services. The Cloud has revolutionized everything. From web hosting and delivery services, to working and playing from home, it has given rise to a multi-billion dollar economy in which many compete for a seat. With cloud environments businesses have instant Read More

UX Research Methods and Best Practices

UX Research Methods and Best Practices

User Experience (UX) research is the study of target audiences in order to understand their behaviors, observations and needs through various feedback methodologies. It’s a process of designing easy-to-use products that are a pleasure to engage with. With the goals to enhance the entire user experience and ensure that individuals are able to find delight, Read More

A 3-Step Strategy to Help You Increase Sales Volume

A 3-Step Strategy to Help You Increase Sales Volume

Measuring sales volume is an important part of every business. It helps you segment your revenue and assess how your products perform on the market. By monitoring whether items in your catalog meet KPIs you can optimize your marketing and sales processes, improve your campaigns and increase profits. But what exactly is sales volume? Sales Read More

A Guide to Winning at Client Communication

Mastering client communication is a process that requires practice. To attract and retain the right clients, you need to be an exceptional communicator. This is a key requirement for creating a mutually beneficial partnership, where both you and your client’s business can thrive. Winning at client communication, also means mastering the art of negotiation. Great Read More