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Tutorial Category: WordPress Development

MVP Website

The MVP Website – All You Need to Know

Even the longest trip starts with a single step. And before you step out, you need to create the roadmap, buy some tickets and pack up the most essential luggage. You know that there will be surprises on the road, new and unexpected turns, more tickets and more stuff to buy. But you have set Read More

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website with AMP

The Internet is an environment in which the communities of content creators and content consumers coexist and interact between themselves. Each content ecosystem must provide a flawless experience. One of the most powerful ecosystems on the web is WordPress! When a regular Internet user hears the word “WordPress”, he/she immediately associates it with a blogging Read More

Information Experience

Using Information Experience to Move Consumers Down the Funnel

Today a significant part of the business world is digitalized. Brands invest in designing, developing, and testing websites, applications, and business solutions, but often underestimate the importance of how information is displayed. Although customers decide to try something based on its functionality, they continue to use it according to how smooth the user journey is. Read More