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Tutorial Category: Business

The 6 Rules of Successful Brand Consistency

The 6 Rules of Successful Brand Consistency

Although a brand is a commercial entity, people tend to transfer anthropomorphic qualities to it – they perceive it and refer to it as if it was another human being. That’s why in marketing we often talk about brand personality, brand identity, brand voice, and etc. And similarly to communication, people find qualities related to Read More

How to Find the Right WordPress Development Company

How to Find the Right WordPress Company?

A company’s website is an important part of its digital image and, to attract new customers, it should be fast, good-looking, and provide a pleasant user experience. To have this, you should invest in professional website development and design. But there are thousands of WordPress freelancers and WordPress development companies out there. How to find Read More

Why Does My Website Development Company Charge Hourly?

There are different pricing strategies for building a website, such as fixed fee solutions, development packages, hourly rates, or retainer models. However, to provide flexibility and a bespoke experience, many WordPress agencies prefer to charge their customers on a web development per hour rate. The amount of work is estimated based on the consulting fees Read More

Market Expansion Risk

Using the Ansoff Matrix to Evaluate the Product/Market Expansion Risk

Business growth is something every company aspires to regardless of its stage of development, whether it be exploring new markets, investing in innovations, improving their products and services, optimizing pricing, widening their target audience, and so forth. However, expanding a business always involves risk, and if it’s not a well-calculated one, the consequences can be Read More

4 Critical Data Protection Considerations on Your WordPress Website

4 Critical Data Protection Considerations on Your WordPress Website

People worldwide, including visitors to your WordPress website, are more concerned about their privacy than ever before. Critically, online privacy differs from its conventional counterpart in that individuals are concerned about the use of their data. As a result, some seek total anonymity, while others simply like to operate online with their details stored securely. Read More