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Must know about WordPress retainers

What Enterprises Must Know About WordPress Retainers

As a business owner, you are probably occupied with managing your team, daily tasks, and making sure that your company’s goals are met. Each aspect of your business requires your attention, and this is why it’s extremely difficult to be effective everywhere, especially when it comes to supporting the web presence of your company. Entering Read More

web design for sales

How to Win Over Clients and Influence Sales with Your Web Design

Marketing and selling your services can take days, weeks, even months. In the B2B industry, it can take even years! As a company that strives towards success in the marketplace, not converting leads into clients fast enough can lead to a serious inconsistency in your lead and sales flow. You need to nurture and continuously Read More

Why Your Website Traffic Is Down

14 Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Is Down

When a website’s traffic is down, a lot of questions arise. A consistent decline or a sudden drop in a website’s traffic happens to every site and often gives its owners sleepless nights. The reasons for those fluctuations may be literally hundreds. The decline could be a clear signal on how to act in a Read More

AB Testing WordPress

A/B Testing with WordPress: The Definitive Guide

Developing a website is never quite done. Yes, you’ll build a WordPress website with a great design, you can insert some content, a few pages, main menu, graphics, links, until it really good. But believe it when we say that you don’t want a good website, you want a remarkable WordPress website. In WordPress development, Read More

WordPress Migration Mistakes

6 Steps to Avoid WordPress Migration Mistakes

Moving objects from one place to another is easy. Pick it up and place it where you think it’s the best. However, this does not apply to the digital world, especially when it comes to migrating a WordPress website: you need to export databases, import them to a new host, transfer files to the new Read More

WordPress-Powered E-Commerce

5 Easy Steps to Launch a WordPress-Powered E-Commerce Business

The era of online shopping is here as the consumers’ inclination towards e-commerce is a tell-tale sign of its success. Owing to this trend, for the past few years, a large number of businesses have moved to the e-commerce domain, and many of them have succeeded in making a cut. Though there are many elements Read More

PPC Strategies to Follow 2019

PPC Strategies to Follow in 2019 for a Successful Campaign

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive high-intent traffic to increase the sales and revenue of your business. Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC allows you to market your product or services more precisely. The better you can target your potential customers, the better the odds of converting. The Read More

WordPress 5.1 Betty

WordPress 5.1 “Betty” Is Ready! Get to Know the Improvements

Hello WordPress fellows, how’s your 2019 going so far? Alrighty then, it’s been 2 months since the WordPress 5.0 Bebo was released, and in the meantime, the enhancements and the work on WordPress 5.1 made serious progress towards its release that happened yesterday in the afternoon, with its “Betty” version, named in honor of acclaimed Read More